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Romance Stories

Our romance section is for the true romantics among us who love stories and books where a heroic character conquers emotional hurdles and physical threats to be with the person they love.

Sub-genres in this category include regency, historical and contemporary romance, the primary focus always being the developing relationship between the hero and heroine.

In most cases stories culminate in a happily ever after ending.

Unwelcome Encounter

Confronting the aftermath of a violent encounter, Jeremy seeks guidance from his best friend Dale.

Chapter 3: Unwelcome Encounter As Jess and I stepped into her cozy apartment, the sound of laughter and muffled voices immediately caught our attention. We exchanged puzzled glances, trying to decipher the source of the commotion. The noise seemed to be c...

Diffusing Tension

Jess's past comes back to haunt her and Jeremy must navigate his emotions.

Chapter 2 The morning sunlight peeked through the curtains, gently rousing me from my slumber. As I stretched and yawned, my senses were immediately assaulted by the persistent buzzing sound coming from Jess's phone. Curiosity piqued, I turned to her, con...

Her Name Is Jess

Lonley, shy man, Jeremy is not ready for this woman.

Chapter 1 Nestled in a dimly lit corner of the bar, I found myself alone, seeking solace in the soft glow of warm, amber lights. The flickering illumination danced across the weathered wooden counter, creating intricate shadows that seemed to tell their o...

I woke up that clear, crisp Saturday morning. Immediately, four words fired across my consciousness: It's my wedding day! A cup of coffee later, I noticed it was almost ten. The wedding wasn't till five and I had to be at the church probably an hour prior...

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To a flower You are the fragrance And for poetry You are the refrain Something left from a dream Has taken time in place And the Now is only your face like a sea before my eyes Your beauty overflowed my thoughts And wrecked my sails And then, I look at yo...

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When people think of me they think of food. They say I have a relationship with it, almost as if I’m married to it. I confess it bothers me. It’s Ed I’m married to, and some people in this neighbourhood would do well to mention that a little more. I don’t...

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Winter's Hope

Shy young man is uncertain of his choice of location for a first date

The river, smooth as a land-locked pool glows silver below us, and the snow crunches under our feet as we stroll towards the mid-point of the bridge. So many times, my searches for nature’s gifts have led me here. But never in winter. And never with a wom...

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With whispers of cornets leaves shaking from trees ticklish poems of Autumn falling in a gentle breeze of dawn's twilight as if a colorful rainbow holding hands with nature listening to wind chimes as they dance the coquette with whispers of cornets

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Cold Comfort Love

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting. ― William Shakespeare, King Henry V

With no breeze, the glassy lake reflected winter back on itself. Though, in that chilling mirror, the bare trees were even better defined, seemingly less shrouded in mist. That was so very different from the previous time Selene had hiked to the isolated...

In an instant, without warning, a feeling of unrelenting suffocation drops in the pit of my stomach. An intense twisting and turning, swirling like a category five hurricane. My breath shortened, gasping, looking for a means of escaping this internal agon...

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Seeking and Finding

Young man seeking memorial finds unexpected relationship

APRIL 1918 Loose soil, mud and clay, dropped from his head and face as he raised his shoulders and chest. Legs still buried, he struggled to free them. Dirt-blurred eyes viewed devastation. Slowly, ears reached beyond a ghostly silence, to take in harsh d...

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A Red Umbrella

Mark becomes curious about the umbrella that appears each Sunday

Rain rattled on his large black umbrella, as Mark Dexter leaned over the promenade wall. It had pelted down non-stop since early that Sunday morning and looked set in for the day, accompanied by a gusty breeze. Below him, the sand was hardened all the way...

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Saving Time

Lady journalist helps school with extra complications

Yorke Millen sat back and viewed the letter on the desk in front of him. How, in the present circumstances, was he going to manage the next few months as temporary head teacher? Being deputy head was fair enough, the buck didn't stop with you. But now, he...

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