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Romance Stories

Our romance section is for the true romantics among us who love stories and books where a heroic character conquers emotional hurdles and physical threats to be with the person they love.

Sub-genres in this category include regency, historical and contemporary romance, the primary focus always being the developing relationship between the hero and heroine.

In most cases stories culminate in a happily ever after ending.

In an instant, without warning, a feeling of unrelenting suffocation drops in the pit of my stomach. An intense twisting and turning, swirling like a category five hurricane. My breath shortened, gasping, looking for a means of escaping this internal agon...

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Sheets beneath shadows of shadows in the twilight enchantment sparks magic in the dark of love with the sound and heart's red rose touching without sight keeping secrets of passion longing for our souls to sleep in our romance of dreams with kisses over t...

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Seeking and Finding

Young man seeking memorial finds unexpected relationship

APRIL 1918 Loose soil, mud and clay, dropped from his head and face as he raised his shoulders and chest. Legs still buried, he struggled to free them. Dirt-blurred eyes viewed devastation. Slowly, ears reached beyond a ghostly silence, to take in harsh d...

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I felt the touch of many years willow the down of the pillow was white, not yellow and the windchimes were memories odd mellow, odd mellow - I felt the touch of eleven September when you were splendor and I was your fellow and time was a charter member od...

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Naked as a flower growsin the barren landssilent as a sparrow's wings With stems of fingerslike petals caresspulled with strings In shadow's of a love nestas if whispering magnoliasof elegance With acoustic notesand sweetness of baritonesnaked as a flower...

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With your lip, as soft as lily pads, in a pond of golden koi, echoing love, as reeds of oboes whisper lust, like Sandpipers soaring, on wings of gliding kites. As the autumn moon dance in the shadows, and you with blossoms in your raven hair, dressed in a...

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A Red Umbrella

Mark becomes curious about the umbrella that appears each Sunday

Rain rattled on his large black umbrella, as Mark Dexter leaned over the promenade wall. It had pelted down non-stop since early that Sunday morning and looked set in for the day, accompanied by a gusty breeze. Below him, the sand was hardened all the way...

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Saving Time

Lady journalist helps school with extra complications

Yorke Millen sat back and viewed the letter on the desk in front of him. How, in the present circumstances, was he going to manage the next few months as temporary head teacher? Being deputy head was fair enough, the buck didn't stop with you. But now, he...

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If I could,I would paint the rainbowthe color of Easter eggsand put them in a scrapbooknext to the autumn moon's flambeauIf I could,I would sing you a song of sixpencerepresenting the sun and moonby singing you a songIf I could,I would blow the wind happy...

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Twice Upon A Time

Ageing man seeks memories of his youth

A bright, warm May afternoon, and 79-year-old Jack Turnby stood on his drive viewing his 2002 Toyota, contemplating whether he might outlive this scarred vehicle. Purchasing a newer model had much appeal. His imminent rebellion against the so-called ‘care...

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Her story. She knew their time together would be brief, she knew he would one day join the evanescent group of lovers that had once visited her life, she knew he would give all of himself in the spiraling madness of orgasm and take it all away once this w...

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In tears of the dark stainon night's canvas before touching dawn with shadows of the soul we kiss the dew then close our eyes feeling the pain of mascara rain feeling your nearness exploding as we join the storm within us without breath forgetting all tea...

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I woke to the sound of bird-call. The clock told me it was eight-thirty, that’s late for me. I turned to see an empty pillow, he’s up. I had better get up, he’ll be waiting for me in the kitchen, no doubt. He must have snuck out of bed, he usually wakes m...

In the twilight, gloaming waltzing with shadows of the Widow's Tears fading with the sun's tiara with a fragrance of clime beneath the veil bewitched by the Autumn leaves listening to the song at midnight of the Widow's Tears

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Caressing your soft breastsmy raven hair angel listening to the sorrows of the wind lifting the veil a sweet symphony of cyanide of bitter almonds falling like resin as twilight descends with cellos crying melancholia tasting death in waiting... letting g...

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