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A Second Chance. The conculsion

Loni wandered around her modest apartment taking inventory. The living room furniture while old was in excellent condition as was her bedroom set. The kitchen table and chairs were from a second-hand store but also in great shape for their age. All had been purchased when money was very tight.

She took a seat and poured herself a glass of wine and began to inventory what the moving company would have to haul to Florida; the list was longer that she believed, and she threw her pencil down in disgust. The idea she had earlier came back to her, this time, she spent a longer time weighing all the pros and cons.

After her classes on Friday, she headed to Dan's place where she continued to pack and label what he had started last night.He arrived shortly after six with dinner for two from the local KFC. While they ate dinner, he went over his departure schedule. He would spend his last night at the Holiday Inn by the turnpike and planned to leave at 8:00 AM on Sunday morning.

"Did you tell your Father about your leaving?" he asked.

"Yes, I told him."

"He wasn't upset? I remember he didn't like me much," Dan stated.

"That's because you were an older guy sleeping with his innocent little girl. Turns out he was never happy with my decision to marry Brad."

"So how long before you join me?"

"Not sure, but I'm working on it. Just don't leave until I show up to say goodbye."

"You're not going to spend the night with me?"

"No. I have school work to do so I'm pulling an all-nighter."

Finally, the last day at the station had arrived. They threw a going away party that started when he was on the air that continued for a few hours afterward. The movers had arrived early that morning and began to load his things into the moving van; they had finished when he left for work.

Dan bribed the moving company to load his precious Harley on the moving truck which is normally forbidden, so they loaded it first. That way it was concealed by the other furniture in case they were stopped.

He was as ready as he would ever be. He left the station for the last time and headed to the Holiday Inn. His stay for the night was on the house because of all the free publicity he had given them over the years.

He tried to call Loni but got no answer. So he headed to the lounge and had a few drinks and thought about this new chapter in his life about to begin. He returned to his room about eleven and tried Loni's again; there was still no answer.

He was up before the alarm rang and made coffee as he wolfed down the leftover pizza he had the night before. He tried Loni's again and once again there was no answer.

"Maybe she chickened out," he said to himself as he headed to the bathroom to shower.

He thought about it as he dressed and packed his backpack. Maybe she had decided that calling off her engagement was a mistake and had second thoughts about living with him, it wouldn't surprise him.

At 7:45 AM he headed to the lobby where he turned in his room card and then walked to his SUV and to his delight he saw Loni leaning against the fender of his vehicle. She looked great in her t-shirt, jeans and boots.

She kissed him warmly and deeply, and he returned it.

"I tried calling last night and this morning. I didn't think you were going to show, he stated.

"I was busy. Now I need to ask you something one last time," she responded.

"So ask."

"Do you really and truly want me with you?"

"Yes I really and truly want you with me," he answered.

"Good," was all she said and asked him to wait a moment as she walked away.

A minute later she reappeared in her car and pulled up close to the rear bumper of his vehicle. Dan noticed a top-of-line tow bar affixed to the front of her vehicle.

"A going away gift from my Father," she said when she saw the surprised look on his face.

The interior was packed with clothing and misc items. She opened the trunk, and he saw that it was also was packed full.

"These are the things I cannot live without."

"What about your furniture?"

"What about it? I traded it for my security deposit".

Without further words or questions, he attached her car to the ball on the back of his SUV. He then held open the passenger door for her so she could enter. She placed her hand on his and smiled as he moved the shifter into first gear.

Less than five minutes later they were headed South to a new life and a second chance at happiness.

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