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Cat Lover: Gratitude or a Shade of Red?

His appearance raises a lot of questions, but what about him staying in her home?

With not much to do inside a building, Jynx would lay outside on the balcony and soak up the warmth of the sun while in the physical form of a cat. Hearing the click of the door knob from inside her apartment his head bobbed up to look. Turns out Mill just got home and slouched herself onto the living room couch.

"Such bad timing..." he spoke before stretching out his feline body then padding his way towards Mill. "You don't look so happy to be home".

"Actually I'm very happy just forgot that you're here..." she mumbled while stroking the bridge of her nose.

Jynx did not appreciate her sarcasm before quickly nipping his fangs towards her ankle. A yelp came from Mill as she sat straight up. "I like it better when your angry" he snickered.

"You stupid cat!" out of anger she threw one of her couch pillows at his little body.

He ran off into the bedroom suddenly peeking his human self out the door afterwards, "What is your problem?"

"You bit me, alright?" Mill was rubbing her ankle, biting her lip and hoping there wouldn't be any sign of penetration marks.

Walking out of her bedroom half dressed and slipping on a long sleeved shirt, he sat beside Mill on the couch. "I nipped at your ankle, idiot. There's a difference," he replied while leaning back against the couch, lifting his arm to rest near his head.

"Whatever. I have more problems than you anyway," she sighed frustrated. "My landlord stopped me out in front and practically lectured me over you."

"That is about me you moron. How does he even know I'm here anyway?" Jynx had a concerned tone in his voice while staring at Mill. Thing is she seemed pretty annoyed from being called a 'moron'.

"Obviously, he meant about you being a cat and staying here in my apartment. Moron." Feeling even more annoyed she slumped her body even further down the cushion seat to a point her legs were completely on the floor. "Where am I going to get the extra cash for this?" she sighed.

"Extra cash for what?" he became curious at her need.

"It's a pet fee, Jynx. The only way I can be allowed to have a pet here is if I pay the fee or you will have to find a new home" her eyes rolled over to Jynx and gave him a glare. "Unless you do have somewhere else to go?"

"If I did, I wouldn't be staying here would I?" he scoffed. "Besides, your the one who said your taking me into your care" his head turned away to yawn and look at the balcony window.

"I've been wondering about that..." her voice trailed off as she lifted her body upward to sit on the couch beside Jynx. "What are you exactly?"

"Meaning?" he replied while returning her gaze.

"Are you human or an animal?" It was as if her mood suddenly changed from anger to curiosity while practically searching for an answer in his soul. Although there wasn't much to find in such cloudy pupils.

"Don't know." He bluntly spoke and turned away his face from hers.

What an odd behavior he presented, "Seriously? I mean you raise a lot of questions based on your appearance alone. Also, why are you named Jynx anyway?" The questions were poured out of her mouth like water in a tap.

He had to shut her up somehow. In a split second he turned her way to nip his teeth at the tip of her nose. A small pitched scream caused her to lean backwards, grabbing her nose. "Serves you right."

"Ugh you stupid cat!" she cursed under breath.

In a mere moment, her chin was lifted to meet his gaze up close. "Let's just say I'm an animal okay? No need to make this any more complicated as it already is." his fingers let go of her chin and he stood up from the couch.

The grip he had was a little too firm and she rubbed her chin, "That doesn't answer anything at all".

"Can't say I have a good memory of what exactly I am, Mill. I've been physically a cat for so long, I forgot." He kept on staring outside. Seems the subject was a sensitive one.

Mill felt she crossed the line and stood up from the couch, "Fine." She walked towards her bedroom and left behind Jynx, whom did not seem to care if she was present or not.

The situation was so awkward he did not want to leave it at this between them. This young college girl went out of her way to rescue him from illness and to live inside her home. He could at least give some kind of answer for Mill, with this thought he walked towards her bedroom door. "Listen Mill, I seriously don't remember much but I'm glad you took me in anyway. For what its worth, thank you," he spoke in front of the closed door.

Surprised at his attempt to lighten the atmosphere she sort of smiled from his gratitude. "I get it, alright? Don't have to say anymore. Also, your welcome," she replied from the inside.

In that moment of peace, Jynx shattered the calm mood in the air by opening the door to walk in on Mill. She was in the middle of dressing into more comfortable clothes and did not have a shirt on yet, just her bra. "For crying out loud! Get out!" she screamed.

"Geez, its nothing I haven't seen before, idiot!" he yelled back as she quickly struggled to slip a shirt onto herself.

"What the hell does that mean?" embarrassed she couldn't help but shield her body in a self hug.

"I'm always around when you get dressed, besides you see me naked half the time!" he mentioned with an annoyed expression.

"Whose fault do you think that is? Ugh get out of here!" she began to push Jynx back outside her bedroom door. Both grunting while pushing each other to stay in the bedroom door, Jynx tripped onto the floor hallway. Mill quickly shut the door behind her and covered her red face.

"Ugh. Stupid girl," he mumbled while rubbing his rear bottom.

Mill felt so exposed, she nearly died of embarrassment. On what planet does a young lady let a young man or animal into her room just to see her half naked? It was unheard of in her books. Though Jynx felt like it was nothing that big of a deal since she behaved normally around him as a cat most of the time. Despite the sudden incident, Jynx really did feel appreciative towards Mill for taking him into her home. Somehow he would pay her back to show his gratitude. Hopefully one day the awkward moments will die down between them.

But what exactly was Jynx really, a cat or a young man?
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