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Cat Lover: Tinge of Happiness

All worried, Mill can only see the grey until Jynx comes home with a surprise!

Finally, no classes for the weekend. Mill laid herself along the couch seat, reading a monthly magazine called 'Flow' that included editor letters of love advice and local concert information in downtown bars. Jynx wasn't home today. Explaining to her of needing his space, he would head out from time to time but return late at night. All Mill had to do was leave her bedroom window open. Her apartment was on the main level facing towards the back alley

Slapping the magazine onto the floor, she let out a loud sigh. "Maybe I'm being too soft?" asking herself out loud.

Her mind was flooded with thoughts of Jynx. At first, it seemed like a good idea to secretly keep a pet since she stayed alone in her apartment. Now there were too many questions if she should continue keeping him. A decision needed to be made whether he was human or not, she needs the extra help to feed them both.

"Why do I even care?" her thoughts started to become outspoken. "The guy just comes and goes as he pleases. Even returned with a personal bag of clothes!", she held her breath before exhaling.

Wrapping her slim arms around her knees, Mill still felt bad for Jynx regardless of her situation with the pet fee. Finding him on that rainy day was a depressing memory. The poor cat was all muddy and practically thin from starving. She could never imagine he was human either after picking him up as a stray but took him under her roof from the bottom of her heart. Suppose it was the other way around, she would want the same in return.

Moments later, the top of her head felt an object tossed then tumbled its way onto the couch beside her. "Hm?"

"There. Satisfied?" Jynx had asked from the hallway.

Mill popped her head upwards, "Wha- When did you get home?" the expression on her face was in shock. There he stood as a human, and she did not hear one bit of sound at all.

"Few minutes actually," he shrugged his shoulders before pocketing his hands.

Mill wanted to question until she looked down to see a ball of rolled up money, tied with a hair band. "Money... Where'd you get that from?" she asked with a hint of worry. Did he steal this?

"I stole it." he bluntly replied.

Her body jumped upward and stood in a firm stance as her hand began to wave the money around, "What the hell! Are you crazy?".

He could not help but burst out laughing. "As if you idiot," he chuckled and raised an arm in front of his mouth.

Mill felt so mad; she tossed the ball of money towards him. Though the hope of impact failed, as Jynx caught the ball instantly. "I almost believed you!", she crossed her arms.

"Relax. I did some odd jobs to pay off that stupid pet fee of yours." Jynx walked over towards the couch and placed the money on top of the seat. "Now you got nothing to worry about" he smiled at her before turning around by the heel of his foot, heading into her bedroom.

Unbelievable. Mill was so lost for words as she picked up the ball of money and watched Jynx leave the hallway. Turning away towards the kitchen, she felt relieved that their dilemma had been solved. "Nothing to worry about huh...?" she whispered to herself before walking to her bedroom.

Jynx laid himself amongst her bed and had been staring at the ceiling. In his mind, he figured she was definitely satisfied. Just then he heard her feet running their way as he sat upward to see her jumping onto his body, "Oh what the-!".

Landing on top of Jynx, Milly gave one of her rare hugs of thanks. "Thank you so much!" she practically giggled as her arms hugged him tightly.

He was baffled. Never seen this side of her before he was too weirded out to hug back. "Not that big of a deal Mill..." his voice trailed off for a second there. Jynx could smell the scent of her hair up close as it gave a hint of his own satisfactory on the inside, he turned his head away.

Removing her arms from around his figure, she sat in front of him with a smile. Jynx couldn't help but feel surprised at the bright smile curving her lips. It's been a while since he saw that happy smile of hers. "This calls for a treat" she spoke.

"A treat?" he asked with a blink of his eyes.

Mill nodded happily, "Wet food or catnip?" she suddenly asked.

His expression dropped to a disgusted look but shamelessly nodded his head in agreement. "Wet food sounds good..."


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