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Cover to Cover - Chapter five

The news came on at 6:00 but we agreed that I would get there early and help her with dinner. I knocked on the door at 5:30 and Karin opened the door. Karin is a pretty woman in her own right. She stood there blocking the door and looking at me. She was wearing a low cut blouse and I could not stop myself from looking. She smiled and stepped aside, but as I walked past her she whispered, "If things don't work out for you and Alex, give me call."

I looked at her to see if she was joking and was unable to read her face.

"I'm not sure there is anything between Alex and me, but if there is, are you suggesting that it won't last?" I asked.

"Oh no, in fact I've never seen Alex act this way about a man before. I guess there must be something magical about pulling a woman from a burning car."

Karin meant well, but she only strengthened my suspicion that Alex only feels as she does because I saved her life. If she doesn't like me for who I am, then her feelings for me will eventually wither away.

"Alex is upstairs, I'll let her know you're here," said Karin as she started up the stairs. "Have a seat; she'll be down in a moment. Oh, and by the way, that reporter from KTLA was waiting for Alex when she got home and they spent about an hour together. The reporter wanted more time but she had to rush off to meet her deadline. I think you'll find it interesting."

I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. It was a large screen HD and I recognized the box as FIOS, I had one in my place as well. The picture was crystal clear.

“Nice TV,” I said out loud, thinking I was talking to myself.

“I’m glad you like it,” said Karin as she stepped off the stairs. “I bought it with my bonus from work.”

“Oh, you get bonuses, how nice,” I said. “What do you do?”

“I’m a financial analyst for Smith Barney in downtown.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. I seem to be surrounded by intelligent, accomplished women lately.”

“Really,” she asked, “how impressed are you?” She leaned forward over the edge of the sofa with her hands on the arm, looking down at me with a teasing look on her face.

“Ok, back off girl friend, I saw him first,” said Alex as she descended the stairs.

I stood up and faced her and was again taken by her beauty. She was wearing a summer dress, cut low, but not as low as Karin’s. She came up to me and put her arms around my neck while my arms slid around her waist. This time I initiated the kiss. We hugged briefly and I pulled back and looked her up and down.

“You know,” I said, “you are so beautiful, I bet guys drop dead with broken hearts every day because of you.”

“Oh stop it, you’re making me blush,” said Alex.

Alex turned and started for the kitchen.

“We don’t have time to get dinner ready before the news comes on, why don’t we have a salad, watch the news, then you can barbeque some salmon I bought. You do barbeque don’t you?” she asked.

“I do indeed, in fact if you have the ingredients I make a pretty good rub.”

“Why don’t you join me in the kitchen and I’ll show you what we have.”

I found everything I needed and began mixing the rub. Alex opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses, then began working on the salad. By 6:00 the rub was on the fish and we were sitting before the TV with salad and wine. The news anchor was announcing the stories they were going to cover and then went to the weather.

After a few minutes the camera cut to Elizabeth Espinoza standing in front of my house.

“Behind me is the home of Nick Connors, a true American hero. Nick was driving down the 405 freeway north of Grapevine when he saw that an accident had just happened. People had pulled off the road and were standing in a circle a safe distance from a car that was upside down with fire coming from the engine. While everyone else was staying back expecting the car to explode, Nick pulled over and ran to the car to rescue the woman trapped inside. We have footage taken by one of the bystanders.

They cut to the video of me running to the car and looking in, then running around to the other side and kicking in the window.

“I don’t know if I can watch this,” said Alex. I don’t know how you got me out of there before the car exploded. I’m scared for you just watching this.”

“I know what you mean,” said Karin. “It’s like watching a movie only it really happened.”

I sat there in silence watching myself on TV. It was almost unreal. I had been there, but it was like having an out of body experience seeing myself on TV.

“That reminds me,” said Alex, “I owe you a new jacket.”

The network cut back to Elizabeth and showed her knocking on my door, then me answering. Then they cut to my interview.

“What kind of person pulls someone out of a car that could explode any second?” she asked.

I thought about it for a moment. “I don’t know if I’m a ‘kind of person’, I just saw her there and I had to get her out.”

“I saw from the video that you followed the ambulance when it left. Did you go to the hospital?”

“I did, I wanted to make sure she was ok, and I wanted to make sure she had a way to get home. As it turned out I drove her home.”

“Have you seen her since then?” asked Elizabeth.

“Yes,” I said, “a couple of times. I didn’t realize it that first day, but she is a strikingly beautiful woman, and very intelligent. She also, as it turns out, has a wonderful personality. If I had not pulled her from that car the world would have lost a treasure.”

“Oh lord,” said Karin, “it’s getting deep in here. Where is my date, he should be here by now.”

Alex looked at me. “That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.”

”I find that incredible,” I said. “Every word is true; surely I’m not the first guy to notice.”

We looked back at the TV as Alex’s face appeared on the screen and her interview began.

“Ok,” said Alex, “I need to get dinner started.” She got up and went into the kitchen.

“What’s it like being pulled from a burning car?” asked Elizabeth. “You must have realized that if Nick had not done so you would have died when that car exploded.”

“I’ve thought about it many times,” said Alex. “I owe him my life and he acts like it was nothing. All those people were standing around and many of them had more time than Nick but he was the only one brave enough to do it. It was incredible.”

“I met Nick earlier today,” said Elizabeth, “he’s a very good looking man. He also lives in a nice house in an upscale neighborhood. Apparently he makes pretty good money. Have you had any thoughts about him, you know, romantic thoughts? It would seem only natural under the circumstances.”

“How could I not, he’s the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.”

My mouth dropped open.

“This is too much for me,” said Karin, “I’m going to wait outside for my date.” She went out the door and closed it behind her.

I sat there staring at the TV, wondering if it was just the gratitude or if she really felt something for me.

I turned off the TV and went into the kitchen. Alex was standing there looking out the window.

“I’m sorry Nick; I hope I didn’t embarrass you. I didn’t know what else to say, the words just came out.”

“Did you mean them,” I asked as I moved closer to her.

“Every word, I can’t stop thinking about you. I hope you’re not going to break my heart.”

“That’s not very likely,” I said, “I’m nuts about you.”

I kissed her and squeezed her tight for several seconds. As we hugged our bodies came together and the situation was clearly becoming sexual. I looked at her, smiling, then kissed her again.

“I think I should get the barbeque going,” I said. “I think you will like the salmon, most people love my rub.”

“Maybe later you can show me how good your rub is,” she said, teasing me.

After dinner we spent the evening talking and drinking wine. The discussion slowly became more intimate and we began kissing and caressing each other.

“Why don’t we go upstairs?” she suggested, then stood and grabbed my hand. I followed her swaying hips up the stairs, already aroused at the thought of what was to come.

We stood next to her bed, kissing, hugging and caressing, and then I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. As I suspected, all that was left was a thong. I held her at arm’s length as I surveyed what to me was the most perfect body I’d ever seen. Her skin was flawless; I couldn’t even see a freckle. Her nipples were large and erect, and she was breathing deeply as she watched me devour her body with my eyes. She began to pull my shirt up and I helped by grabbing it and pulling it over my head. By then she was already working on my belt. I kicked off my shoes and was soon standing before her as bare as she was.

We embraced as we kissed and I was conscious of every part of her body that was pressed against me. I had never been so excited and filled with anticipation.

Our lovemaking was soft and tender, and then became urgent as our desires overcame us. For the first time in my life my I never reached a point where I did not want more. It wasn’t until she fell asleep with her head on my chest that that our lovemaking finally ended. When I awoke the next morning we were in the same position; her body draped over mine and her head on my chest. I lay theregoing over the previous night in my mind. I didn’t think I could find a more perfect woman for me.

That day was Saturday and Alex had a meeting with the people from Cosmopolitan. I went home and began working, making up for lost time. Alex and I had a date for dinner and while I was anxious to see her I found my mind clear and focused and I got a lot of work done.

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