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The Dollmaker

A lonely 17 year old doll maker who creates a doll to be his companion and their struggles.

Year xxxx. Central Tech, the center of surrounding cities. Rain began to pour from the grey; cloud filled sky. Within the confines of the city's tallest building, a mature featured boy had set himself down in a chair, body parts surrounding him. Goggles placed over his eyes; he glides a hand over pale, supple skin. The boy tinkers around with a heart, closing up the chest after becoming satisfied. Small children peer in from the outside, awe-stricken. He holds up blue strands of hair for the children to see. They smile and nod, watching quietly. He waits patiently beside the body in front of him.

White eyes open slowly and take in their surroundings. The boy lifts his goggles, coming into view, a smile on his face. The eyes blink several times, being tilted to the side, filled with curiosity. He grabs a notebook, writing something down and holds it up.

"Can you read this?"

The eyes move in a nodding motion, looking over the words.

"Oh good. Is your voice working okay? Can you speak to me with your mouth?"

A blue haired man, attached to the white eyes, reaches up to touch his own lower lip.

"...Yes? I think?"

His voice wavers slightly. The boy smiles, releasing his red hair from its scrunchy.

"Perfect. It'll take a bit to get used to your voice, but you'll be fine."

The man pokes the boy's lips.

"...What...about your...voice?"

"Oh, mine? I was born without one. I 'll never speak as you can."

He runs his fingers over the other's lips.


He makes a face as he tries to figure out how to express his feelings.


The boy smiles.

"Don't worry about it for now. I need to give you a name."


"Yes. A name is something that is unique to one person."

"What's...your name?"



"That's right."

He stands to grab clothes for him, helping him into the clothing.

"Now, your name."

The man picks at his clothes curiously.


He looks up to the written name.


"I'm giving you the name, Carmen. That's your name. Now, and forever."

"Where am I?"

"Central Tech. In my shop at the very center of the city."

"...How'd...I get here?"

"I made you."


"Yes. You're a living doll. I finally finished your features a few minutes ago. You look so beautiful, Carmen. My best one yet."

Carmen fiddles with his fingers.

"...So...not like..." 

He pokes the boys' chest.

"...not like you?"

"Not entirely. You function like we do, but your heart is mechanical."

He giggles at the touch.


He moves to say more but looks at the radio as it plays music and quickly moves over to examine it with childlike curiosity. Nova watches and turns the music up, dancing to the beat a bit. Carmen nods his head to the beat and can't help beginning to twirl in time with the music. Nova stops and watches, smiling at Carmen. The bluenette laughs softly as he loses himself to the music. Nova sits back down and goes over his paperwork while Carmen enjoys himself.

The next song starts, and Carmen pulls the boy up and away from the desk as he dances with him. Nova goes along with it, eyes filled with happiness and amazement. The doll dips the boy as the song ends with a giggle. Nova holds onto him tightly. He pulls him back up to his chest, the next song starting, giving Nova a little twirl. He laughs, spinning around and coming back to Carmen. 


Carmen swings the smaller upper body as he dips him again, continuing the dancing. Nova gives a silent squeak, turning the radio off in passing. He slows as the music stops, looking at the smaller.

"What was that?"

"I turned the radio off for a moment." 

He intertwines their hands. Carmen looks down, becoming fascinated by their intertwined hands.

'That's your hand. And mine."

"How did you..." 

He wiggles his fingers and uses his free hand to explore, smiling at him, overcome with joy.


Contributing Author;  Lillie

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