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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Eight

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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When I got home yesterday, mum had gotten the hair dyes that I had kindly asked for, bright purple, blue, pink and orange. I dyed it straight away so I could have it for TAFE today. It`s like in a rainbow cascading down my to my lower ribs. It`s amazing! I`m still heaps excited for TAFE too. I`ve been waiting for today to come for ages, and It`s finally here.

When I got on the bus, I went to sit next To Vie, but instead she put her bag on the seat. Well, I guess I`ll have to wait and see if I can sit with her on the bus to the city that our TAFE courses are in. All the courses that the school caters for are in the same city so that they can drive us there and back. If your course is out of this city, then you have to find your own ride in and out; which would suck.

I sit by myself and think for the whole half an hour about sir and me, Violet, Chris and how today is going to fan out. When the bus reaches school, I jump off and walk in. I walk up to the girls and show off my hair and get compliments back whilst leaning on the table, so I`m still standing.

I feel someone`s presence behind me, so I turn and see Mr Jacobs. I haven’t seen him since we were sitting at the table together and nearly kissed. Maybe he wasn’t even leaning in, and it was my imagination, I hope not.

“Jess, I love your hair. It suits you,” Mr Jacobs tells me warmly while taking some into his hand and twirling it gently. Oh, my god! I`m trying not to hyperventilate right now. With that he walks away, not even addressing the other girls that surround the tale. Maybe it wasn’t in my head that he was leaning in. I have to find out.

When the bell rings, we line up in front of the school`s small bus, there`s a lot more people doing TAFE this year than there was last year. I wonder if we can all fit in. Heather and I leave the line to go quickly to the toilet before it`s time to depart. We run there and back, so we don’t waste time when we get back, though, everyone is already on the bus. That means that all the good spots are gone.

Heather jumps on first, and then I step up onto the first step and look for a vacant seat. There is none, and I mean literally not one seat left over. Heather took the last one. Come on! How much bad luck is that? “Urgh!” I sigh dramatically out loud. Heather looks up sympathetically at me.

A teacher; the female driver, comes up from behind me and asks for me to hurry up and get a seat, “I would if I had a seat to sit in,” I reply, a bit annoyed.

“Oh, sorry Jess. Um,” is all she returns with while she looks around for a solution.

“I`ll take her,” Mr Jacobs says from behind me, solving the problem. But isn’t he needed here at school?

“Ryan, but you`re working today?” the driver asks for both of us. Ryan is Mr Jacobs first name, it`s sexy isn’t it?

“Nah, something important came up in Jarada (A/N a place that I made up). I`m needed right away. If you want Jess, I could give you a ride there and back,” he replies to the teacher then turns to me at the last part. Yes, I defiantly want to be with you in a car for an hour I say in my head. Also, Jarada is where Sir lives and is the city where TAFE is taking place.

“Yea thanks, you’re a life saver. But does it mess with your plans?” I ask a bit worried that I might be making things difficult for him. He smiles in return and tells me that it will work out fine. I`m not messing up anything after he finishes talking to the driver about details, like when it is and when I`m expected to be back at school. Yay, I`m still able to go to TAFE! Imagine that, if I missed out on today because the dodgy school bus was too small. The only bad thing is that I can`t sit with Vie and try to figure out everything that`s going on between us.

They all have to sit on the hot bus with a dodgy air con and listen to each other talk, laugh, yell and overall be loud. Whilst I`m sitting in a sexy Cheve Impala with air-conditioning and amazing company. Yes, I said a Cheve Impala; just like the one off supernatural. Eeeh, I`ve always wanted to ride in one of these! They`re my dream car. I can`t believe, after looking and daydreaming about the car nearly every weekday that I`m finally going to be sitting in it!

“Okay, let`s go, Jess,” he gently beckons me as he starts to walk towards his Impala. Eeeh it`s time. I quickly catch up; eager to sit in the car.

“Do like Impala`s?” Sir asks me with humour in his words, identifying that I like his car because of enthusiasm to get to it.

“Yes, very much. They`re my fav car ever!” I reply in excitement. He does one of his deep, rumbling laughs in response. Gosh, that`s sexy. We cross the road and walk straight up to his car. I can`t help myself but to run my fingers over the smooth black paint job, as I wait for him to unlock the door. When he does, I hesitate to open the door. Once he opens his, then I open mine. I try and copy Dean and Sam and how they glide into their car. I`m not sure how it looked, but It felt sooo good doing it.

After he and I buckle up, he starts the car and the engine roars to life. I shiver at how good it sounds and how it feels, rumbling the whole car beneath me. Ahhh, dream come true.

“Haha, you should see your face. You do love impalas don`t you?” Mr Jacobs laughs/ asks from beside me. I look over at him with a grin covering my face. I probably look like an idiot, but I don’t care. I`m too excited about sitting in his car to care what he thinks. He looks back with humour sparkling in his eyes at my happiness for his car.

“Oh my gosh, yes, yes I do,” I answer, looking away from him and observing the inside of his car. It`s so clean in here. It has the faint scent of sir`s aroma. It`s heaven to me. He pulls out of his parking space and drives down the road, past the school and towards Jarada. After about ten minutes of silence, he breaks it by asking me a question,

“Are you excited about the first day of your course?” he asks, placing a hand gently on my leg, glancing at me then back on the road. Oh gosh, I can`t breathe. I`m that shocked and happy about his hand resting on my leg. His hand`s so big that it starts a few inches away from my knee and ends around my mid-thigh. To make it even better is that, I`m wearing shorts, so his hand is on bare skin; warming it up with his body temperature. I feel goosebumps start to rise where his hand is and hope that he doesn’t notice.

“Yeah I am, I`ve been waiting for ages for today to come, and it finally has,” I reply happily.

“That`s good, don`t get up to mischief,” he jokes and winks at the last part. He takes his hand back and places it on the steering wheel as we come around a corner. We exchange small talk about different things till we reach the place where my course is. He didn`t touch me again either, aww.

We get out of the car and walk inside, a few people stop and gaze at sir`s car. Who can blame them, it`s an amazing car! I spot a guy around my age and catch his eye. He`s really attractive too. He gives me a smile and a polite nod. I feel Mr Jacobs put one of his hands on the small of my back, as he guides me to where I`m supposed to be. I close my eyes for a split second because of how good it feels.

When we enter the building and find where I`m going to spend the day, I thank him for everything he`s done for me today.

“It`s okay Jess, I didn’t mind. So you`re alright if I leave?” he asks kindly.

“Yep, thanks again sir,” I reply with a smile. He returns the smile and adds a wink. With that, he exits the room that I`m in.

“Oh my gosh! Who`s he?” a girl who looks around my age asks with a group of girls around her.

“Haha, he`s my teacher,” I reply kindly. They seem friendly. I hope.

“Wow, he`s so hot. You`re so lucky!” another girl says. The other girls either giggle or agree with her. I look at his retreating figure,

“Yep, he sure is,” Is all I say.

“So, where do you girls come from?” I ask people can come from heaps far.

“We`re all from the same school. It`s only half an hour way, so that`s good. How about you?” one of the girls tells and asks me.

There seems to be no actual leader in this group; that is good. That means that they`re probably chilled, laid back chicks. If so, then I think I`ve made friends already.

“I`m from an hour away, and I`m the only one from my school doing this course,” I reply kindly. We talk together and laugh until it`s time to start the day.

***Four hours later***

The past four hours have gone by so quickly that it feels like I only just got here. I have to leave soon. Otherwise, I`ll miss the bus home from school. I think it`s time to ring Mr Jacobs and ask if he can pick me up. He gave me his number in the car on the way over here for this exact reason. I dial his number into my IPhone and wait for him to pick it up; that`s if he picks up. It rings a couple of times, and then I hear his deep, sexy voice,

“Hello?” he asks into the phone.

“Hey sir, it`s Jess; I was wondering if you're free right now, to pick me up?” I ask politely.

“Hey, Jesse. Has the course finished for the day already?” he asks kindly. He sometimes calls me Jesse instead of Jess or Jessica. He`s strangely the only one that does call me by that name.

“Uh, no, but I got to leave early, so I don’t miss the bus home,” I explain to him.

“Are you having a good time?” he asks curiously.

“Yes, it`s heaps fun, I`ve even made some friends too,” I enthuse into the phone to him.

“Well. If you`re having that much fun, you can stay for the rest of the day. I`ll drive you to your house when it`s done if you want,” he tells me warmly. Would he really do that for me?

“Um, yes. Yes please, that would be great,” I reply cheerfully.

“Sounds good then. Ring me up when it`s over okay?” he tells me.

“Sure will, thank you again, sir,” I say happily. We say our goodbyes, and I hang up and tell my friends; the girls that I met when I first got here, that I can stay for the rest of the time. They have to leave in half an hour then I`ll stay here for another four hours; so I`ll leave here at around 6:00 pm. A late course I know, but it`s heaps of fun so I don’t mind.

Written by Countrygall62
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