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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter eleven

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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I wake up because ‘Overrated’ by Tim McGraw is playing as my wake up alarm for school. I grab my phone as I start singing along, I`ve been in an over-happy, elated mood since Sir had said goodbye. After he had kissed my forehead, he got into his car and drove off, hanging his arm out the window, waving goodbye. I smile to myself as I recall the event.

My parents had asked how my day went when they got home; I told them everything; apart from everything that happened between Mr Jacobs and me, I did include that I had a shower there because it would be hard to say I didn’t, when I`m wearing my teachers clothes. They didn’t think anything of it, why would they? I don’t think many parents worry about their child`s teacher hugging and kissing their student`s foreheads; I`m lucky that mine does.

I look if there are any notifications on the screen, and there is, one from Violet saying,

Hey it`s Vie, I just wanted to tell you that I`m so, so, so sorry for how rude and stubborn I`ve been. I can`t believe that I turned it around on you; I was just so upset at what Jason had done, but I know that that`s no excuse. But will you please, please, please forgive me?

Oh, Vie, of course, I forgive you, you`re my best friend I silently think. I text her back and say exactly that plus more. Gosh, today just got better, I didn’t think that was possible; God I`m so happy that every thing sorted out between us. Maybe I can even tell her about what`s happened between Sir and me. I`ve been dying to let it out and tell someone.

Vie texts me back saying how thrilled she is that I`ve forgiven her and apologized again. I laugh at how pleading she`s being. It`s something that I`ve never heard Vie do. And guess what! She says that her mum has denied the job because she didn’t want to hurt Vie by moving away, so she`s applied for a teaching job closer to home. Vie`s staying!

I rush around and quickly get ready; not wanting to wait until I get on the bus, so I can finally sit with my best friend and talk again! I`m walking up the driveway at the moment singing along to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor. I`ve always had different taste in music than the rest of my friends; rock and country are my fav genres. After about ten minutes of waiting for the bus, it finally comes, and I can`t help but let out a small smile.

We talked non-stop the whole way to school, about what we`ve been up too. I told her what Chris did; she couldn`t believe it. We also talked about that today is the first day of swimming lessons for the year, yay! Remember when I was talking about how good Mr Jacobs looks when he`s shirtless with those defined abs and everything? I get to see that today! I smile without realising it just thinking about it. Vie notices and asks me what`s got me so happy with a smirk.

“Nothing,” I sheepishly reply. She laughs and starts guessing guys names, predicting that a guy is the culprit for my smile. She doesn’t get close to the actual person or reason. Who would think that my crush was a teacher? And it`s not just one of those juvenile schoolgirl crushes. It`s something more than that. It`s so much more powerful than anything I`ve ever felt for a guy. I might even be in love. I know, I know; you`re probably thinking ‘pft as if you would know what love is at your early age’ but is there really an age that you have to be, to be able to know what your heart desires?

We make it to school and sit in our corner like old times. “I missed this,” I sigh contently while leaning back onto my hands; soaking up the sun`s rays.

“Me too, I really am sorry tho,” she replies, eyes darting to me on the last part.

“It`s okay Vie. I understand that you were upset about Jason and moving away, but now that is all over. Now we can sit back, relax and enjoy the sun!” I excitedly tell her, sitting up and swinging my arms drastically in the air when I finish. I hear someone gasp from behind me and quickly turn around to find Mr Jacobs crouch about half a meter away. Oh my god; I nearly just sack whacked him!

My face instantly blushes. Sir must notice this because he laughs, which makes it less embarrassing.

“Oh my gosh, I`m so sorry sir,” I apologise quickly.

“Haha, it`s okay, Jess. Just look behind you before you swing your arms around next time,” he jokes kindly, trying to make this less awkward. It`s not really working, I nearly just hit him where the sun doesn't shine, so yeah; it`s pretty awkward. I smile up at him in a way to show that I appreciate his attempt at saving me. With that, he walks off towards the teacher`s office.

Not long after, the bell rings signalling that it`s time to start the day. I want this day to go as quickly as possible, so swimming comes for a double sport; eeh, can`t wait!

It`s the fourth period, the last period before sport. I`m in wood, so I have Mr Jacobs which is amazing! I`m working on my new project; I finished the whirly gig a while ago. My new assignment is a little stool that`s rectanglar. I`m cutting out the legs for it right now, which is annoying me because all the clamps, vises and bench hooks are taken. So every time I start cutting it slips out of my grip, which causes me to nip my hand and project with the saw`s blade. (A/N All of those are things that are used to hold down/lean wood on so you can cut, chisel, etc. without having to worry about holding it down).

“Argh, stuff this. I give up! I`m waiting for a vise,” I shout to no one in particular whilst placing the saw down, rather hard might I add, onto the bench`s top.

“Careful Jess,” Mr Jacobs scolds from his sudden spot beside me. I hate it when he disciplines me, but I know that he`s a teacher, so of course he`s going too.

“Sorry sir,” I mumble back. In return, he moves closer, so his arm presses into my own. He grabs the piece of wood I was attempting to cut and holds it down firmly against the table. I give him a questioning look.

“Um, what are you doing?” I ask confused.

“Here, I`ve got a hold of it so you can cut it easier. I`ll have a talk to the principle about getting more clamps or vises for you`s,” he tells me kindly whilst keeping his eyes on me the whole time.

“Thanks,” I chirp back.

I grab the saw and once again start on cutting out the leg. I have to angle myself so that I can saw it properly; which only causes me to have to press my body further into Sir, who wasn’t leaning away. I think he was actually leaning in a bit. Maybe it`s just my imagination.

Our position is now, him on the corner of the table, holding down the piece of wood with both hands and me between his arms. His chest is practically leaning on my back, my ass is nearly pressing into his groin too. I`m not sure what it would look like to the other students, but I guess quite sexual. I glance around to see if anyone is watching. Surprisingly, no one. So I get back to work and absolutely love the warm, intimate situation.

I finish cutting not long after. I was trying to lengthen out the job as long as I could without making it obvious. I then reluctantly step out of the cherished, narrow space between his arms. I sigh sadly at the loss of contact and warmth. Just then the bell rings, I smile as I realise that there are only forty minutes until we make our way to the pool now. Yay.

Lunch is going by so slowly, I check the time for what feels like the hundredth time and don’t like what I see, it`s only been a minute since I last checked; though it felt like at least fifteen. I look again a while later and LOVE what I see; the bell is going to go any minute now. I`ve already changed into my swimmers; short, leopard print shorts and a tight, colourful rashi with my bikini underneath, we`re not allowed to wear only bikini`s in this school. I got to say, I look good in these swimmers with the way they hug my thin body in all the right places.

Violet and I make our way to the front of the school and wait for our two sport teachers and the rest of the class to join us. We`re out the front of the office, which has the teacher's office in the same building but different room. We don’t have to wait long before Mr Jacobs walks out of the office building with Ms Annel behind him, talking to him. She says something and places her hand on his arm as she giggles flirtatiously. I get majorly angry at seeing her touch him like that; yeah he is not actually mine and she`s his age but it still pisses me off.

I smile broadly when I see him move out of her arm's reach and walk towards Vie and me. ”Hey Jess, Vie” he greets us kindly.

“Hey sir,” Violet and I say in unison. I decide to further the convo.

“Excited for the first lesson of swimming this summer?” I ask him with a smile playing on my lips.

“Sure am, I haven’t been in a pool for ages, probably since last swimming season here at school!” he laughs. I laugh with him.

“What about you Jess?” he asks kindly.

“Oh my god yes! I`ve been swimming in my pool at home for a while, but it`s not the same without other people,” I explain.

“Lucky girl, I`ll have to come to your place and jump in the pool with you,” he jokes with a smile. Yes, please.

“Haha, yeah,” is all I say, not wanting to hint that I actually mean it. He looks away as more students come. Eventually we`re all here and make the short walk towards the local pool. It`s only about four-hundred meters away; which is good. I can`t be bothered walking too far in this scorching summer weather.

I`m walking in between Violet and Denishqua, the girl I caught with my ex, Chris. It`s a little awkward between us, and she sometimes follows Vie and me around and acts like we`re all best friends. It gets annoying sometimes. I know I`m a bitch for saying that, but it`s true. Vie and I can never talk about personal stuff or things like that; things that we don’t need other ears hearing; aka. Danni`s ears.

“Hey, Jess?” Danni asks, taking my attention.

“Yeah?” I ask curiously.

“We should plan a sleep over sometime soon, just the two of us,” she tells me chirpily, but saying the last part quite confronting, as if she was hinting to Violet that she doesn’t want her around. Well sorry Danni, but Vie`s going nowhere.

“Um, sure. When should we do it?” I ask her, deciding to agree with the idea, so I don`t make her feel unwanted. She can be a good friend. She just needs to cool down a bit.

I`m pretty sure Vie and her don`t like each other, they always act weird, frigid and blunt towards one another. I`m not sure why. It`s as if they`re always fighting for my attention. It`s good to feel wanted, but not like this.

“I`ll figure out when I`m not busy during a weekend, and you can do the same. Then we`ll find a good time; sound good?” she asks friendly.

“Yep, sounds good,” I confirm. I glance at Violet to find her giving me a cautious look. I mouth ‘talk later’ to her, about Danni and me. She quickly nods in return before Danni could see her do so.

Written by Countrygall62
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