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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Five

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"
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I give him a confused look and then go back to drawing. He just lies there watching. His aroma is so intoxicating that it`s really hard to concentrate on my Aztec.

“You`re really good Jess. What sort of drawing is this?” he asks, finally breaking the silence and causing a slight blush to coat my cheeks.

“Thanks, It`s Aztec, well that`s what I call it anyway,” I reply averting his gaze.

“You understand why I gave you a detention right?” he asks with consideration laced through his words.

“Um yeah, for being too close during school hours,” I reply a bit awkward.

“Yes, It`s just. I don’t want to see you get hurt,” he adds with concern. Oh, my god, I can`t believe he just said that, he. My teacher said that he doesn’t want to see me get hurt in a relationship. Swoon.

He clears his throat and gets up from his spot beside me, giving me goose-bumps from where his body warmth left me; ahh nooo. “Detention is nearly over. You can leave early if you want,” he states from above me, a little huskily.

“Um, thanks,” I reply as I rise from my comfy spot on the floor with a sigh. I walk toward the door but turn around to say goodbye to Sir, to find him already looking at me.

“See ya, sir, thanks for the early mark,” I call to him.

“No problem Jess, see ya,” he farewells with one of his drop dead sexy smiles. I turn around and exit the room smiling to myself. Argh, why does he have to be my teacher? Why does it have to be forbidden? Why. Why. Why? This is my one and only wish; to be with Mr Jacobs.

*** The next day at Recess***

“C`mon let`s go,” Violet says from above me, regarding the next subject, double PE. I`m pretty excited about it. I can watch Mr Jacobs for two hours and watch my man too. Haha, I`m joking. I`ll be paying all my attention to sir. Hmm, nar I`ll pay some attention to my man; maybe hehe.

“Yep!” I say as I suddenly jump up with a burst of energy, as Mr Jacobs walks past and glances down at me and smiles. Ahh, sigh. He always makes things better. We walk through the gym doors and take our seats on the carpet, waiting for Sir to address us with the plan for this double. Mr Jacobs walks from out of the side sport shed holding a soccer ball. He drops it to the ground and rests his right foot on it when he makes it to the right spot so that everyone can see his godly figure.

“Okay, so we`re going to start with a game of soccer, and then we can decide what we want to do after that. Right, let`s get the teams together” he informs then puts us into three teams.

“Do we always have to play soccer first?” Violet asks from beside me in a whine.

“Yeah, it`s turned into a year nine and ten tradition,” I laugh though It`s actually half true. It`s legit soccer for the first game every time we do prac. I might actually play this game. I`m feeling quite energetic today.

“You playing Vie?” I ask hyper.

“Nah, can`t be bothered, you?”

“Yep,” I reply, popping the ‘p’.

“Well, I thought I would never have heard you say that you would play soccer,” she states with a laugh.

“Haha, me either,” I reply cheerfully.

Sir asked me if I was playing. When I nodded with a smile, he smiled back and threw a bib to me. I swear his eyes twinkled for a second when I said that I`m playing. Probably just me seeing and hoping for things that aren’t actually there.

I bounce down the steps and take my place in my given team, which is sadly on the same team as Sir. Now there won`t be as much flirting as if he wasn’t. The game starts and my team is on first. We start with the ball. Henry, a guy in my year, kicks it as hard as he can toward the goal. The ball dodges all the opposing teammates and misses the goal by only a metre or so.

I run down to the ball along with a few of my teammates and attempt to get the ball. I reach it and dribble it onto range of the goal, go to kick it and GOAL!! Yes, I actually got a goal; I should play this game more often.

Getting hyped from the sport, I get more game and try to get the ball off the opposing team. I get amongst a few guys fighting to get the ball. I put my foot in to kick it away. Instead, my foot gets caught in the squabble and I fall backwards. I hear a gut wrenching smack! Pain pulsates through my entire skull, and my sight goes blurry. I start to fade into darkness.

“Jess! Jess! Don’t you dare go to sleep on me, come on, stay awake,” is all that I can hear from a familiar soothing voice, causing me to try and do what his words convey. I open my heavy eyes and see Mr Jacobs' piercing eyes drawing me in, causing me to fight to stay conscious.

“Okay,” I mumble and smile; well I think I smiled. I can`t even feel my face so it was probably a scary looking grin. Hope not. I feel everything start to move then two masculine arms wrap around me in bridal style, cloaking me in a warm blanket of safety. I know by the sexy scent that it`s Mr Jacobs. I snuggle my head into his chest and enjoy the proximity before I finally drift off hearing the faint sound of a voice telling me to stay awake then nothing.

***Two hours later***

My eyes flutter open and I wince from the pain that serges throughout my skull, “Ahh, fuck!” I yell at the pain,

“Oh Jess, thank god you’re finally awake. I`ve never seen anyone out for that long. Are you okay?” Mr Jacobs says from beside me concerned. Why is he here? Wait. Where am I? I`m lying in a bed. I must be in the sick bay. Oh, that`s right. I fell and I`m guessing the pain is because I hit my head on the hard floor of the gym.

“Sir?” I ask curiously as I try to fully open my eyes and sit up

“Yeah it`s me, Jessica, now lay down okay? How are you? Do you want me to get the nurse?” he asks. That`s when I notice he`s got a hold of one of my hands. He lightly squeezes it reassuringly when he speaks. He`s sitting in a chair next to my bed.

“You`ve been out for two hours Jess, you hit your head on the floor of the gym and lost consciousness when I was carrying you here. You`re in the sick bay. You can rest here until home time. If you want me to leave, then I can,” he explains slowly to me so I can let the words sink in. He seems a bit distressed as to what has happened to me.

“Please don`t leave, I want some company,” I reply,

“Where`s Vie? Or Chris?” I ask then instantly regret it. I`m laying here with Mr Jacobs holding my hand, and I want to know where my boyfriend is? Or my friend that could ruin this moment, no offense to Vie or anything but this is heaven.

“Violet had to go home, family matters came up. All she wanted to do was to see you. As for Chris, he asked if you were okay then dismissed it when he heard you were going to be okay,” he replies, getting a bit heated when he mentions what Chris did.

“So. He didn’t even want to see me?” I ask a bit disappointed that my boyfriend doesn’t even want to see me after I`ve been unconscious for two hours! At least Sir is kind enough to sit with me.

“Wait. How long have you been here?” I ask, interested in the answer.

“No, he didn’t want to come and see you. In my book, that is not a very nice boyfriend thing to do, especially to you,” He says to me, saying the last part confidently.

“Um thanks,” I answer not sure how to reply to that.

“And I`ve been here since I carried you here. You were quite comfy in my arms you know. You snuggled your head into my chest,” he tells me laughing. His laugh is one of those sexy chest rumbling ones. Swoon.

“Oh, uh sorry,” I awkwardly laugh. It was a good idea at the time to snuggle into him. Now it`s backfired on me.

“Haha, it`s okay Jess. I didn’t mind,” he replies. Argh, he`s so frigging irresistible.

“So, the first time you play soccer in ages, you get tripped and go unconscious for two hours,” he smiles warmly with humour behind his eyes.

I laugh in response and say “Yeah, I won`t be playing that game for a while,” whilst smiling at how much luck I have with soccer.

“Mr Jacobs, you're needed in the staff room,” a young office lady says from the doorway; breaking our held gaze then walks out again. What. No, I`m loving this time with him, and now she comes and says that. Ugh.

“Sorry I can`t stay Jess, I`ll see if I can come back and see you before you leave,” he says then rises from his seat. I expect him to leave the room then. Instead, he leans his tall figure down and kisses the top of my forehead lightly,

“Bye Jess,” he says in a whisper against my forehead then exits, leaving me thinking. Wow, did that just happen?

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