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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Four

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"
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We`re sitting in English and guess what? Our teacher is MrJacobs. Mrs Susan isn`t in today, so he`s taking her classes; lucky us! “Alright, so Mrs Susan left some work for me. I`d rather watch videos and do a find a word. Something about the white Australian policy over reading and writing heaps of boring stuff,” Mr Jacobs states to the class cheerfully. Sometimes he acts so young that I forget he`s a teacher.

A few of us including me giggle at his terms of the work left that`s left over. I`m pretty sure that’s why he`s a sports teacher and occasionally a substitute because he hates theory as much as us. Who can blame him? Most of the lesson goes by quietly until I hear Violet squeal “Haha, stop!” as Jason tickles her. Yes, Jason, he`s here. I mentally scream at him for being such a cunt, acting like nothing happened. Well, I suppose I am sort of the same with not telling her. No actually, he`s doing it because he`s saving his own butt. I`m doing it because I don’t want to hurt her. Ugh, men!

“Uuurgh, this is sooo haaard,” I complain expanding each word as I lean down and rest my forehead on the table.

I suddenly feel the presence of two large, warm hands resting on my shoulders. I slowly raise my head, worried as to whom is behind me. Who would it be, though, my first thought was Jason! But then I realised I was in a classroom full of people including Violet. So he`s ruled out. Um, maybe it`s one of the girls? No two large and manly for any of the females.

Then it hits me. It`s sir! I can smell his scent from a mile away, “Sounds like you need help Jess,” he states kindly with humour laced in his words.

“Haha, yes please,” I answer, trying to be calm and not succumb to his hands on me. Just then the bell rings, ending the lesson and ending the tiny moment with Sir.

I wait for him to move so that I can get up. Instead he tells me, “You can stay behind if you want so I can help you?” he asks from above me then walks over to the door to dismiss his class.

“Yeah thanks, get it done and out of the road,” I answer before he left.

“Are you coming, Jess?” Violet asks curiously as to why I`m still sitting here with all my stuff out.

“Nah Vie, sir's going to help me with my work first, catch ya soon,” I reply. It`s recess, so I can stay here without getting in trouble from another teacher. She says her goodbyes then leaves the room with Jason.

When we`re the last ones, he walks back over and places his hands on my shoulders again. I expect him to stay like that. Instead, he bends over and leans in so close that I can feel his warm breath flutter on the top of my earlobe. “So which question are you stuck on?” he asks huskily and in almost a whisper. My breath hitches in my throat as he speaks. I get goose bumps when I hear him lose control of his voice; over what, though?

“Um. This one,” I say swallowing hard half way through as I point to one of the many questions. He doesn’t move from his intimate position but moves even closer until our cheeks brush against each other. He then moves back quickly like he`s embarrassed by what he did. Oh my, God, I didn’t mind at all! He then pulls up a chair beside me and shuffles over until our legs are touching. He explains all of the questions I was stuck on, then dismissed me kindly.

“Thanks, sir,” I tell him with a genuine smile.

“My pleasure,” he answers with a wink. Did all of that just happen? First the close position, then sitting next to each other for like fifteen minutes, and then a wink. Eeeh! I exit the room and make my way towards Violet on a high. Before I can reach her, though, I notice someone is walking in my direction, I can`t quite make out the figure, though because the sun is shining in my eyes. As the person reaches me, I can now see that it`s Chris.

“Hey Chris, what`s up?” I ask when he falls into step with me.

“Hey, Jess. Um, Can I ask you something?” he stutters nervously, weird. Wonder what it is that`s making him so nervous.

“Sure, what is it?” I ask curiously.

“Um. Do you want to be my girlfriend?” he asks with a bit more authority this time. Wow, that took me by surprise. He wants me to be his girlfriend over Tessa, Lisa or Sarah. Those girls have it all, looks, brains, figures. I`m not bad in all those classes, but I`m still not as good as them. Trust me. My crushes have talked to me about them with me before, about liking my friends and if they like them. Or they have used me for fun for a couple days then asking one of them out. And by used, I don`t mean sex or anything like that. I`m a virgin. Instead, they would talk and flirt with me and even say that they want to ask me out. Then without warning, bam! They`re gone without saying anything. So this is why I`m so surprised. I`ve only ever had two boyfriends. I haven’t even kissed a guy yet.

“Yes Chris, I would like that very much thank you,” I answer his question with a blush coating my cheeks.

“Good, I was hoping you would say yes, it would be a bit awkward if you rejected me,” he laughs.

“Why so soon?” I ask.

“Why so soon what?” he asks, not picking up on what I meant.

“We met yesterday and you`re already asking me out?” I question.

“Well, the answer to that is, because you’re the most beautiful girl here with the most gorgeous figure. Also, your personality is extraordinary,” he states, making me blush even more.

“Oh Chris, thank you!" I say unable to believe what just came out of his mouth.

“And also, I wanted to ask you out as soon as possible so no other guy could,” he states with a smirk. I head over to the girls and he heads over to the boys. I told him that I wanted some time with Violet. He completely understood thankfully. When I reach her, I ask if she wants to come for a walk.

“I`ll come too,” Jason states as he rises from his spot on the ground.

“No. you are not,” I tell him bluntly. He probably thinks I`m going to tell her what he did to me. He quickly sits down again. Ha! That`ll teach you. Violet just gives me a weird look from beside me at my abrupt reaction to her boyfriend.

“You okay Jess,” Violet asks with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah Vie, I`m fine,” I sigh. Then I remember what happened a few minutes ago. How could I forget!?

“Actually; I`m more than fine. I`m fantastic, incredible, amazing,” I add to my blunt answer.

“Um, that was random haha. What`s got you in such a good mood?” she laughs.

“I`ll tell you when we get somewhere quiet,” I smile. We walk away from everyone else. I want her to be the first to know, well apart from Chris and me.

“Okay, we’re here. What is it?” she asks, dying to get the information.

“Okay, okay. I`ll tell you now. I. Have A Boyfriend!” I drag the words out, letting each sink in.

“What!” she squeals, thrilled with the words. I can only laugh at her reaction.

“Who? When? Who?” she questions, haha. She`s so excited that she`s repeating words.

“Haha, It`s Chris!” I tell her, her excitement is contagious, adding to my already hyped up mood. But then I remember what happened with Sir. Did that mean anything or was he being friendly? But what if it was something! Even if it was, it`s forbidden.

“What, when?” she squeals.

“Just then, when I left the classroom he came up to me and asked me out,” I smile.

“You were in that classroom for ages with Sir. What were you`s doing?” she asks curiously of the time that I was away.

“Um, nothing, he just helped me with my leftover questions,” I answer, trying to be casual. I want to tell her what happened between me and Sir SO badly. But what if I`m overreacting and bust my crush or if she thinks I`m a crappy girlfriend for thinking that way about another guy, let alone my teacher! Well, I wasn't even his girlfriend when it happened so that`s not as bad.

“Hmm, is there something you’re not telling me?” she asks with raised eyebrows. Shit, she knows, she knows. What now? No Jess, calm yourself, she doesn’t suspect, she`s just curious. I hope.

“No, you know I always tell you everything Vie,” I tell her though this time I`m lying to her and I hate it! We never keep anything from each other, well what if this whole Mr Jacobs situation is nothing. As much as I wish for nothing more than to be with Sir, I know I can`t.

“Okay, well give me the details, tell me everything from the second he walked up to you,” Violet drives excitedly. We stand there for the rest of lunch, me telling her about what happened and her squealing, laughing and joining in with what she thought of the situation. She`s really happy for me which makes me almost forget about the whole Mr Jacobs thing.

When the bell rings, we have history, which is with Mr Jacobs. Chris and I meet up on the way to the classroom and talk along the way with Violet beside Jason and me beside her. So it`s like a double couple line. We get along so well, I`ve never been this relaxed in a relationship. We don’t have awkward silence; ever, and he`s funny, he makes me laugh without trying. He`s just; amazing.

“Okay, come on in and take your seats,” Mr Jacobs tells the class in front of the door when we all reach the classroom. Chris and I sit beside each other with little space between us, Violet and Jason adjacent to us; also close together. We flirt all lesson and laugh, whilst holding hands. I sometimes glance at Sir and see him looking over at us then looks away when he meets my eyes, hmm. When we finish our work, we can just chill, so we do, he puts his arm around my lower back and I slightly lean into him. We stay like this for only a few seconds,

“Are we interrupting something?” Mr Jacobs asks from behind us. I was so surprised that I nearly swore out loud in front of the teacher.

“Um no, sorry sir,” I say as I shuffle away from Chris and he drops his hand in response. I don’t want sir seeing me with anyone else. Weird, I know; I mean he`s my teacher. I shouldn’t be feeling this way. But I do and really strongly.

“Yes well don`t let it happen again,” he states then walks away. Oh my God, how embarrassing! We still have a lot of the lesson left so I just sit and draw. Nothing in particular, just Aztec stuff. I feel Chris slide his arm back to where it was when Sir scolded us.

“What are you doing?” I ask quietly, not wanting to get into trouble again.

“He won`t notice it`s okay,” Chris tries to reassure me. It`s not working.

“Come on Chris, I don’t want to get into more trouble.” Too late,

“Detention for the both of you this lunch. Separately, Jessica will do it with me and you, Chris will do it with Mr Freidan. And also, move apart, So I know it won`t happen again,” Mr Jacobs says from beside me, looking at me when he mentions my name. Jeez, now it`s even more embarrassing. I shouldn’t even get detention; I was the one telling him we shouldn’t! Well, sir doesn’t know that, so I understand. It will be more time alone with Sir again, so I guess that’s good. I know, I know. I have a boyfriend and he`s my teacher and I`m happy because I have detention with him, but I still like him more than Chris. I like him more than anyone.

I give Chris a glare and silently say "you`re going to pay for this" through my eyes as I get up and move to the chair closest to Violet. He actually looks a little scared and intimidated. Ha, women always have the upper hand. Violet just gives me a sympathetic smile but I know she`s going to have a good laugh about it after class.


I`m sitting in my detention and I am the only student here. Everyone else must be in Mr Freidan`s class. I thought I was just going to sit here and do nothing. I get out my sketchbook and start drawing Aztec again whilst lying on the floor. That only lasted about five minutes, until I felt the presence of Mr Jacobs beside me. I look up in time to see him lower himself to the ground and lie next to me on the floor, so close that I can feel his breath on my neck. What`s he doing?

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