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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Nine

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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The day comes to an end, and it`s time to leave. It didn't get as boring after my friends left as I thought it would, so that`s good. I ring up sir and ask if he can pick me up. He agrees and says that he`s on the way.

I decide to wait for Sir outside. So I leave the building and spot a bench that looks inviting. I start to make my way over then take a seat. After a couple minutes, I spot the Impala and stand up. I take a few steps in the opposite direction I came from and Splash! I trip and fall into a massive puddle full of dirty, cold water. Oh, my God, that did not just happen! I stand up and just stand there motionless in one of those uh, no, moments.

This happened only meters away from where Sir parked his car. I bet, he saw the whole thing too urgh, so embarrassing! I hear the creak of the Impala`s door open and then hear his laugh. Oh no, he did see it.

“Yeah, go ahead; laugh at the poor, cold, dirty girl,” I say, trying to be serious but end up laughing anyway. He starts laughing with me then I think of something,

“Wait! I`ll get the Impala dirty,” I blurt out with what I reckon is a mortified face.

“Haha, is that all you care about, the Impala? It`s okay. It`ll clean-up” he chuckles.

“Bu, but” I start but am cut off by sir`s arm, snaking around my waist and guiding me towards the car. It is sending shivers up and down my spine by the small touch. He opens the door for me and gestures for me to hop in, but I can`t. I`ll get the Impala dirty. He laughs and tells me that it`s okay. I hesitate for a moment longer then slowly step in, sitting up straight like a statue, so I touch as little as possible.

When sir gets in and looks at me, he laughs straight away. I give him a playful glare then tell him to drive. He finishes his laughing session and starts the car.

“I`ll take you to my place. You can have a shower if you want. So your worst nightmare, dirtying an Impala goes away,” he playfully teases.

“Oh my god, yes please!” I answer enthusiastically. We drive for around another ten minutes. He pulls into a driveway, in front of a gorgeous, two-story house. It`s white with a veranda and four large steps leading up to it. It is also surrounded by heaps and heaps of large, tall trees. It looks like a picture from a magazine of a house in the middle of the woods. To make that even more realistic, there are no neighbours for about a kilometre. Their houses are similar to his, but nowhere near as large or brilliant.

He turns off the engine and takes his keys; putting them in his travel bag on the floor of my side. His hand brushes my leg as he does so, causing me to take a sharp breath. He then opens his door and steps out gracefully; which would be hard to do with his, I`m pretty sure 6.9-foot tall figure. Sir then moves around to my side and opens my door.

“Such a gentlemen” I lightly laugh with a playful smile whilst stepping out of the dream car.

“Well I try,” he smirks back, looking down at me. Oh my gosh, his smirk is SO sexy! I find myself staring for longer than I should. I awkwardly look away towards his house; trying to cover the blush that`s softly covering my cheeks.

“I love your house. It`s incredible!” is all I could say as I admire it.

“Thank you, for how much it cost, it better be,” he laughs in response. I never thought about that; how much it cost. It would have been oodles of money. I wonder where he got all the money from; definitely not from a teacher`s salary. I was going to ask how much but then thought it might be a bit intruding, so I decide it`s best not to.

He starts walking towards his front door while fishing through his pocket for I guess his house keys. I follow him up to the porch of the house and watch him as he finally pulls out his keys. He fits them into the lock and turns it until I hear a ‘click’ from the lock. He opens the door and steps aside. He makes a gallant gesture for me to walk into the mansion. I do as he conveys and steps through the doorway. I am instantly hit with a fresh, clean smell.

“Wow” is all I can get out. I`m taken aback by how beautiful it is inside the mansion. It`s wooden floors shine, and the walls are a light shade of blue. There`s a twirly stair case that leads to the top floor. There`s so much more that I can admire about this house but am cut off when Sir places both hands on my shoulders from behind.

“So, you like my house?” he asks sarcastically.

“Uh yeah! It looks like it comes straight out of an old movie,” I reply. My eyes practically pop out of my head as I continue to look around. He gives a chest rumbling chuckle in response, causing me to close my eyes for a brief moment at how bloody sexy that is!

“The guest shower is upstairs, down the right hallway and the second door to the right,” he tells me. I`ve never been good with directions, so I`ve pretty much forgotten what he told me already.

“Sorry, can you please repeat that?” I shyly ask.

“Here, follow me; I`ll show you,” he laughs kindly as he makes his way to the stairs. We make our way up the stairs, with me on his heels; exchanging no words. We reach the top and are greeted by three hallways; one directly forward, one to left and one to the right. There are three or four doors down each one. What could possibly be in each room? He leads me down the right hallway and stops in front of a door.

“Here we are. You can walk on in. You can throw your dirty clothes out the door, and I`ll clean them if you want,” he tells me while gently smiling at me. He then says his goodbyes, and I say my thank yous then he walks off and down another hallway. I`m surprised he knows his way around this joint, that is so big. I walk on in and am amazed at what I take in, a massive bath and a beautiful glass basin with two deep, round glass sinks, unique patterned blinds covering the two windows and even a toilet that looked above average. It`s remarkable; and he said that this was the guest bathroom. I wonder what his main bathroom looked like.

I quickly take off my flannelette and jeans. I throw the clothes out the door as Sir had requested. I step into the shower that I had already warmed up earlier. As I step in, the water scalds my cold body. It feels so good to be out of those cold, dirty clothes. My body quickly became comfortable with the temperature. The shower head had so many different settings, and I chose the most powerful one and enjoyed the pressure on my back. I hear a knock on the bathroom door and realise that I must have been in here for quite a while, relaxing under the massaging pressure nozzle.

I turn off the tap and instantly regret it as the bitter cold wraps around my bare body. I grab a towel and dry myself. Sir must have walked away when he heard the water turn off because I haven’t heard anything else from him. I go to get dressed then realise I have no clothes!

“Shit!” I curse out loud at how stupid I was to forget clothes. How can I forget clothes? I hear a faint chuckle from the other side of the door. He`s there isn’t he, and I bet he knows exactly what I cursed about.

“Can I help you?” I ask him, trying to be stern.

“Well, I was wondering if you would like some clothes. Or would you like to walk out in your birthday suit?” he asks me. I can tell that he would be smirking right now.

“Well, the second option sounds a bit cold,” I reply.

“Well, I don’t know. It sounds pretty good to me,” he replies huskily. Wait what? Did he really just say that! Oh, my god, I can`t believe my teacher just insisted that he would like me walking out there naked. In front of him may I add. I can`t help but smile to myself.

He clears his throat then asks “Am I right to open the door to give you some clothes?” his voice has returned to normal and is kinda blunt. I`m pretty sure he just realised what he said earlier.

“Yeah, your right,” I reply as I tighten the towel that is wrapped around my figure, so I don’t actually end up showing him my B`day suit. He comes on in with a change of clothes in his hand.

“Here you go,” he says to me as he gently places the clothing into my outstretched hands. With that he nods and walks out again; allowing me to change.

Written by Countrygall62
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