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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter one

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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“Hey, ready for PE?” Violet asks as we make our way towards the gymnasium. Violet and I have been best friends for a couple years now, although it feels like a lifetime. We`re pretty much sisters, we call each other sisters, people even sometimes asks us if we`re sisters because we are so close. We may not look the same, but we defiantly act and think he same. She has medium length dark brown hair, brown eyes, curvy figure and is just below average for height. I have long blonde hair, big blue eyes, a smaller curvy figure and are also slightly shorter than most. I am seventeen years old in exactly thirty days, and Violet is nearly eighteen years old, she repeated when she was younger, so she`s a year older than me.

“Yup, ready to sit and do nothing if it`s soccer” I laugh. Soccer at this school is a dangerous sport, if you`re on the field, watch for flying balls that are kicked with no acknowledgment for where they are actually supposed to be aimed, and if you`re sitting on the stage that is right behind one of the goals, the best way to not get hit is to be right up beside the wall, though you still have a major chance of being hit because the boys will attempt at kicking it into the goals, put too much momentum into it and miss the goal.

“Ha-ha same” she returns with a chirpy smile. Jason, her boyfriend comes up from behind and tickles Violet on the belly. She erupts into giggles at the small touch; if you haven`t already picked up that she`s quite ticklish on the belly, you now know. He steps to the other side of Violet and greets me with a friendly smile, I return the favour. I know it sounds a bit like third wheeling, but it`s not. We're all friends, no one is left out. We`ll apart from the kissing, hugging etc. that`s all hers ha-ha. Me I`m single and glad to be, in our small school (about 130 both primary and secondary) there is not much to choose from. And no I`m not being stuck up; there either immature, rude, creepy or just not my type. Jason is good for Violet, he is none of them.

“You girls are so lazy” Jason jokes, though I`m pretty sure he will do the same because Violet will be on the stage.

“What, aren`t you going to sit on the stage with me?” Violet playfully mocks while pushing him away to the side.

“Hmm yeah, think I`ll just chill with you and Jessica” he answers, see I was right and that would be my name; Jessica.

“Hey guys, what do you feel like playing?” our teacher asks as he comes up from behind and stands next to me, he has a tall, masculine build, overwhelming, irresistible scent and in his early twenty`s, twenty-two to be precise; he is the definition of sexiness; Mr Jacobs. Oh, he is SO hot! He is our PDHPE and sport teacher, lucky us year eleven and twelve, we get to see him in all his glory when he plays sport. The best part is when we go to the local pool in the summer; him topless, to die for. I look up and take in his facial features; deep, dark brown eyes, lips curved to perfection that I`m craving to kiss and his messy but silky brown hair that looks like he just got up and ran his fingers through it.

He's been at this school for a year now, and my feelings for him are getting stronger. At first I thought it was just some petty teacher crush that means nothing, but as time passes I realise he`s that perfect guy that I`ve been waiting for, he`s my type. Though I know that it could never happen, but if he wants it to; I`m not declining.

“Basketball!” Jason and I say in unison, we then laugh at our merger. Violet just sadly sighs at the thought of having to run around and play sport; she`s not the most athletic type.

“Haha sounds like basketball then” Mr Jacobs agrees in his deep, sexy voice and his laugh is so melodic. I smile to myself because I`m fortunate enough to be next to something so sexy.

“Yay,” I reply cheerfully in my giddy mood.

We reach the gym and enter; the air conditioners blow my loose hair behind me, like in some movie. I glance behind me to see if everyone else had arrived, no one else yet. As I start to turn around again, I meet sir`s eyes, he gives a gentle smile, I smile back and turn around. My thoughts are wow, did that just happen. I know it`s nothing, but anything from him, even something as small as that, even if it meant nothing to him; it feels incredible, it puts you on a high.

“Jessica!” Violet laughs, breaking my chain of thoughts,

“Ha?” I ask, dumbfounded.

“I said your name like three times” she laughs again.

“Sorry I was… thinking.” I answer, and It`s the truth, I just won`t elaborate as to what it was I was thinking about.

“What was it you wanted to ask?” I question Vie, that`s her nickname.

“Are you playing soccer?”

Soccer, soccer? I thought Jacobs said that we were playing basketball, like come on” I claim, and then spin around to see if he heard me, I didn’t say it that loud and he had ventured in front, outpacing us with his long legs towards the stage and to the gear room.

“What?” Jason asks, curious as to why I had spun around suddenly,

“Nothing” I answer casually; he shook it off and started chatting to Violet about something. I`ve been pretty god at covering up my crush for the past year. Though it`s getting harder as my feelings grow stronger; if only he felt the same, I mean he`s not that much older, it wouldn’t be that bad, would it?

“So, I guess that`s a no then?” Violet asks, lacking an answer to her question.

“Nah, not today”

“When do we ever play soccer?” she issues sarcastically.

“Never, who do think we are; athletes?” I laugh,

“Haha no”. We make it to the stage and take our seats on the top step of three, large platforms with a set of stairs down the centre, all of which are covered with carpet of a medium shade of blue. Everyone else has entered and taken their spots as-well.

“Okay, so we`re going to play a game of soccer to start off with, then a game of basketball” Mr Jacobs declares to the class. Most hoot in approval, then there are the others that don`t care because they won`t get up and play for anything, Violet and I just refuse to play soccer. The teachers don`t even care what we do in the end. We can sit and do nothing all year and they won`t do anything most of the time; so if we can get away with it, they may as well do it if they don’t feel like playing for as long as they can.

The game of soccer lasted for about twenty out of fifty minutes of the lesson, Violet and I nearly got hit a few times due to the boys on the field aiming for Jason. They don’t like him very much, probably because a few of the girls like him, so they most likely don’t like the competition that he brings, even with violet as his girlfriend. Typical males.

We step into the gym floor and wait for the rest of our team to follow suit. There are five players on each side, Violet, Jason and I am on the same team along with one of the best players, a girl a year younger than me; Lisa and wait for it… Mr Jacobs! Yay. Our other teacher for the lesson, Ms Annel does the throw in. Lisa and one of the girls on the other team jump for it, Lisa hits it back and Mr Jacobs catches the rebound. He starts to dribble to the end of the court towards the hoop.

I can`t help but to stand back and watch him. His body is incredible, his muscle tone is perfect, and don`t get me started on those abs. It`s the middle of spring, I can`t wait till we start swimming lessons in the summer, I wonder if they`ve gotten even better, if that`s possible.

He makes it to the other end in no time, he lines up on the three pointer outline and shoots; we watch and wait for the result. The opposing team jumps to stop it but misses. The ball reaches the hoop and swoosh; straight through. The game goes on for the rest of the session, our team won by three points; because of sirs shot actually.

“Woo, we won!” Violet and I say in union when the game ends.

“Haha, good job girls, Jess that last shot was perfect,” Mr Jacobs told us, making my heart flutter at the compliment he gave me, I took the last shot, and as he said it was perfect; nothing but net.

“Thanks, sir” I reply with an innocent smile. He nods and smiles a handsome smile in return.

“Mmm he`s hot,” Lisa says from beside me,

“You can say that again” I return with a dreamy sigh as we both look at his retreating figure; mostly his bum though; he has a nice bum.

We head off to English, ugh hope it`s not a boring lesson. We quickly reach the classroom and file on in; Jason, Violet, Lisa, Heather a girl the same age as Lisa, Sarah-a year older than me, Tessa-my age and I sit down at our table, ready to start the lesson. Our teacher, Mrs Susan was already sitting at her desk waiting for her students. She`s in her mid-forties with shoulder length dark hair, brown eyes and is a happy, cheery teacher; she`s the drama teacher to so I suppose you would have to be a bit enthusiastic In order to be a good one.

“Okay, this lesson we're starting a new topic on the White Australian policy, I`ll come around and hand out these sheets, and we can read through it together, each person can read a paragraph, Okay?” she specified to the class. She then did as she said and walked around to each individual and handed them a sheet, well more than a sheet more like eight stabled together. Well turns out that it was a boring lesson after all, we had to answer heaps of questions about the White Australian policy, but then we got to make posters on big sheets of butcher’s paper about it, so that wasn’t so bad.

The bell rings through the air like a siren signalling danger. Except for us, it`s just signalling that the lessons over and that it`s recess. We all rise from our seats and quickly shove our stuff into our bags again then exit the room. “Sit in our corner?” Violet asks,

“Like you have to ask,” I answer, the corner she is referring to is the corner of a handball square. Our group, which is pretty much all the girls in years nine, ten, eleven and some twelve. We have some tables on our outside basketball quad that we sit in. But Violet, Jason and I usually sit in our corner that is a few meters away.

We reach our spot, and I sit down directly on the corner line with my legs crossed. Jason sat beside me, closer than usual, then Violet in front of me but also still close to her boys so were in a sort of circle. They`ve been together for nearly one month and a half, they seem happy still; hope so, she deserves to be happy. I reach into my bag and pull out the food from my lunch box; Violet and Jason do the same. “Goin to the toilet” Violet informs us as she rose from her position and headed towards the toilet blocks.

Mr Jacobs` walks up from behind me, I didn’t even have to look to know it was him; I could smell his sexy aroma in the slight breeze before his shadow come upon me. I look up to find his tall figure looming over me, “Hey Jess, we have wood tech next and were in the textiles room; would you mind informing the rest of the class?” he asks with a smile then a friendly wink.

“Yep no problem sir” I reply. Wow. I can`t help but look at the back of his outline and let a dreamy sigh out as he walks away. Why does he have to do that to me, doesn`t he know how much that makes my heart nearly explode.

Jason lightly bumps into me playfully with his shoulder, he looks at me with his eyebrows raise, “what? He`s hot!” I answer truthfully.

“Haha and what about me?” he asks as he places a hand on my knee, that`s a weird question and very up-fronting touch for my best friends boyfriend to do. I try to shrug it off and thinks it`s just a friendly gesture.

“Yeah, you’re alright” I laugh awkwardly, trying to be as friendly and normal as possible. He is hot, not as hot as sir, but he`s hot for the students at this school. I stand up, so his hand slips off my knee.

“Watch ya doin?” he asks casually as he looks up at me as if he just didn’t have his hand rested on my knee.

I would have gone out with him I didn’t have a boyfriend when he came; and the day I broke up with mine, they got together. I didn’t plan on going out with him, but I kinda want to. What the hell is wrong with me? That’s my best friend`s boyfriend! Well, I liked him since the first day I seen him; just one of those, hmm I like you. Don’t know you, but I like you. So I liked him before they even got together.

Maybe I`m over reacting, maybe my thoughts were convincing my mind something was up; it`s probably nothing. “Going to get a drink.”

“I`ll come for a walk,” he returns. Great so when I try to walk away he follows; this is getting weird, he`s never acted like this before. I don’t answer but instead turn around and start to walk with Jason right beside me. We reach the bubblers; I bend over to sip the fountain of water; I have the feeling that Jason is watching me, just to be sure when I`m finished I look up and meet his eyes, eyes that weren`t just glimpsing but staring; I was right, but for some reason I can`t look away.

“Hey guys” Violet greets from nowhere as she makes her way up to us, my eyes dart away from his at the sound of her voice as if I had just done something wrong; I didn’t though. Did I?

“Everything okay, you guys seem different.”

“Hey, Vie, nah nothing`s wrong. All good here” god could I have been any more suspicious!

“Haha okay, come on recess will be over soon, then it`s drama for me wood for you, and for Jason; PASS.” Violet shrugs our weird mood off with.

“Kay, comin” Jason and I say in union, we glance at each other one more time before following Violet.

Written by Countrygall62
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