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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Seven

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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I`m sitting in science listening to our teacher; a middle-aged man with a bit of a gut and greying hair. Well, I`m not actually listening but day dreaming about Mr Jacobs. Was he actually going to kiss me? Was I about to actually kiss him there and then? Oh my gosh, I wish I found out so that I wasn’t sitting here all lesson turning over what happened just before I came to this class. I got up with my face burning after we heard the clicking of the teachers heels and said goodbye without making eye contact. He said his goodbye in return then walked towards the teacher`s office.

I`ve played over what happened in deep detail all lesson long, just over and over again. What would have happened if the female teacher didn’t interrupt us or if I wasn’t upset or if I didn’t say something? I know I said before that even his presence wasn’t helping my mood; but oh jeez I take it back, he`s not even here and I`m on a high. So high that I`m not as upset about Violet and as for Chris; he never made me as happy as Sir does. No one does.

Violet`s in this class and is sitting two rows in front of me. Jason was next to her until she went off at him and told him that she knew everything that he did and that she never wants anything to do with him ever again. I don’t blame her. I just hope that she forgives me and we move on from this.

Chris wasn’t in this lesson, and neither is the new girl; that`s if she or he is here today. And if they are, and they're together right now and I run into them, I`ll laugh and tell them hope your happy cause I sure am. I raise my hand and ask if I can go to the toilet, he accepts and lets me go. I walk out and toward the bubblers that are lined up next to each other on a brick wall. Adjacent to them is the toilet buildings. So if you`re there, you can`t be seen unless you`re beside the wall or in front of it.

“Haha, Chris. That tickles.” I hear a girl giggle from behind the toilet buildings and let out a dramatic sigh because I was right. They`re together right now. They didn’t hear me and they haven’t spotted me yet so I take advantage of it and watch to see what they do before I interrupt them. When she told him ‘it tickled’ she was referring to him giving her hickeys on her neck. He then started kissing her neck then making his way up to her lips and kisses them aggressively.

“Hey guys, having fun?” I ask them cheerfully, deciding it`s time to barge in before things got R-rated.

“Jess! I, uh. I can explain,” Chris yelped out of surprise, haha got him.

“Who is she?” the girl asks, stepping away from Chris. Maybe Violet was right; maybe she doesn’t know that I was his girlfriend at the time.

“Hi new girl, I was his girlfriend when he first hooked up with you on your first day and every day after that until I found out what he was doing. Did you know any of this?” I ask with authority in my tone.

“N, No I didn’t, I`m sorry, how could you do that?" She stutters at first but then turns violently towards Chris and yells at him. What she did next was unexpected; she punched him in the face as hard as she could, yeah I said punch. Jeez, I like this chick already. I turn to Chris and see his nose is crooked and blood is pouring out of it.

“Haha, she broke your nose! High five,” I laugh then turn to the girl. She`s a bit weary at first but then caves in and laughs with me, giving me a high five back. He stands there with wide eyes looking back and forth between us whilst holding onto his nose; not believing what is going on.

“Jess, I`m so sorry. I didn’t know, I swear. I wouldn’t have let him near me if I had known. Urgh, I feel so stupid!” she explains to me in a hurry.

“It`s okay, I understand. He`s a cunt,” I reply casually, she laughs in return at my words.

“I`m Denishqua (Den-eesh-qua) by the way,” she tells me.

“Um, wow that`s a unique name,” I reply.

“People call me Danni for short,” she explains.

“Okay, Danni it is and I`m Jessica and as you already know, Jess for short,” I say back.

Chris pushes past us toward the sick bay. “I can`t believe you broke his nose haha! How did you learn to hit like that?” I ask curiously.

“Haha yeah, he deserved it 100% and my brother taught me self-defence; although I use it for other purposes sometimes like you just witnessed,” she answered with a giggle at the end. She seems genuine enough so far. But she`s not Vie, no one could replace her.

We go back to class. Violet is the first person I see. She glances at me then the new girl who follows behind me. She`s not sure where to go, so I tell her to choose whichever seat she wants. She chooses to sit with the other girls in this class. As for me, I walk up to the front and take a seat in the empty chair next to Violet.

“Hey Vie, can we talk?” I ask, not sure what to say to break the tension. She doesn’t answer,

“Vie?” I ask again, and again, no answer. She`s ignoring me, but I didn’t even do anything that bad. All I did was try to protect her from being hurt and now she hates me. I move back to my original seat and sit quietly whilst thinking about sir and TAFE tomorrow (A/N TAFE is a course that my school and other schools in Australia do; it`s where you can go to a TAFE centre once a week and learn about careers and further your education about them. Such as equine studies, retail services, business services, beauty therapy, hospitality and SO much more; it`s really awesome!) It will be my first course, my course is retail services.

No one else is doing this course from this school, just me, which doesn’t bother me, because that means I can focus on the course more and meet new people, gain new friends. I can`t wait, I just hope that, maybe I can sit next to Vie on the bus and try and sort out our friendship before it`s too late.

Written by Countrygall62
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