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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Six

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"
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“Jessica!” Violet screams as she engulfs me into an enormous hug when I sit next to her on the bus. We haven’t seen each other since I got knocked out last week. I went to the doctor, and he told me to stay home for the week and rest up. At school last week, sir didn’t come back either, which sucked! I went back to sleep after an hour or so after Mr Jacobs left, mainly because I was waiting for him to come back. I was woken up an hour after that to get ready to go home. When I got home, I slept even more. So I`m pretty rested and ready for the day.

“Haha, hey Vie,” I reply.

“So! How are you? Are you okay? I`m so, so, so sorry that I couldn’t see you when it happened. I had stuff come up. I`ll make it up to you; I swear,” Vie explained to me in such a rush I`m surprised she pronounced her words properly.

“It`s okay. Mr Jacobs kept me company while I was dying of a killer headache in bed. And no Vie, you have nothing to make up for,” I tell her, understanding that she couldn’t make it. I wonder what came up, though. I`ll ask her later when we`re alone.

“Mr Jacobs, aye,” she smirks at me and nudges my shoulder.

“Haha yes, Vie, Mr Jacobs.”

“Is something illegal going on here?” she jokes raising her eyebrows. Haha, she`s always thought that he likes me and pays more attention to me than anyone else. I wonder if that`s true. Oh, I wish it is.

We reach school and Vie, and I go for a walk somewhere private. “So, what came up last week?" I`m trying to intrude. I just want to make sure every thing's okay,” I ask her kindly.

“Um. Mum wanted me to check out other schools and is thinking of making me go to one, but I don’t want to go Jess. I want to stay here with you and Jason. The teachers here are so laid back and kind that they're our friends too,” she explains to me, her eyes filling up with tears. Her words hurt, and I feel my eyes start to sting; but I can`t. I have to stay strong for her and tell her that every thing's going to be okay. And that`s exactly what I do.

“Vie. Just talk to your mum about how much you don’t want this. Maybe she`ll understand and let you stay here. We`ve been at this school together forever. We`re sisters and fate will not let us be separated. You`ll see.” I try to reason with her.

“But, she`s sent a job application to be a teacher and their considering her as full time. So if she gets this, I have no choice but to move,” She replies.

“What about catching a bus?” I ask getting disheartened by my theories.

“The place is two hours away Jess. She says it`s not possible for me to do the trip twice a day and still keep up with everything else,” she answers, starting to cry silently. I hold her and tell her soothing words until she calms down, and it`s time to go to class. I have to stay strong for her until we know if it`s definite.

“Oh, um. Jess, I have to tell you something,” Vie says; grabbing my arm lightly, and stopping me from walking to class.

“Yeah?” I ask, my eyebrows narrowed curiously.

“Um. Uh. I saw Chris with the new girl. He had his arm over her shoulder and was walking somewhere. I then saw him kiss her, and I mean like a disgusting tongue down each others throat kiss.” she told me sadly, looking at my face for my reaction. What? What?

“What new girl? I`ll rip her head off. Then I`ll rip Chris`s dick off and watch him bleed out. What the fuck? Why the fuck would he do this? I was unconscious for TWO HOURS! And he was playing tongue hockey with someone that he met in a matter of hours?” I half scream/cry as I speak. But no, I will not cry for that cunt.

“When?” I then ask bluntly.

“As soon as he found out that you were unconscious, the new girl came as soon as Sir carried you to the sickbay, but I don’t think that she knew he has a girlfriend.”

“Had,” I spit out.

“Right of course. Had a girlfriend,” she continues bitterly. I`m so glad she told me. Otherwise, I would be with him right now oblivious to what happened and look like an idiot. Wait. That`s what I did to Violet. I didn’t tell her what happened. I have to tell her!

“Vie. Um, I have something to tell you,” I start.

“Yeah?” she asks cautiously.

“Um. Jason came on to me a couple weeks ago. He had his arms around my waist then on my butt and was saying things he shouldn’t of. I`m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just didn’t want to hurt you but now after you telling me that I realise it was the wrong thing to do. Do you forgive me?”

“What!? Did you let him? Is that why you`s didn’t want to tell me because you have feelings for each other?” Whoa, did not expect that, especially from my best friend. I`m so shocked that I don’t even know how to answer that.

“Whoa Vie, didn’t expect that. No, I do not have feelings for your boyfriend. I was on my way to tell you what happened when he said we shouldn’t because it would hurt you. We were the only ones that knew about it so we thought, what she doesn’t know won`t hurt her,” I try to reason with her.

“Whatever, maybe I should tell mum that I want to move away,” is all she had said before she walked away towards class. I would have told her sooner if I knew she would react like this. Urgh, what a day this is starting out to be.

I sit outside at a table and rest my head on the top, not bothering to go to class and see Chris, Violet or Jason. “Jess, what are doing out here?” a familiar voice asks. It`s Mr Jacobs.

“Just getting away from drama,” I reply, raising my head.

“Oh, okay, how are you from last week? I`m sorry that I didn’t get to see you after I had left. A meeting came up,” he asks and explains to me kindly.

“It`s okay. I didn’t expect you to come back,” I reply bluntly whilst resting my head on my arms that lie on the table top. Even his presence isn’t helping my mood right now. I`m too upset about everything that has happened in a matter of fewer than ten minutes.

“What do you mean Jess?” he asks whilst taking a seat beside me.

“I know you have more important things to do than be around me. No one wants to be with me. I`m like nothing to everyone,” I say, referring to Chris and Violet mainly. I really shouldn’t be whining so much in front of Mr Jacobs. Who have I been kidding? As if Mr Jacobs would like me, me, a school girl that finds out she got cheated on and then defriended in moments. It`s all in my head.

All I want to do is lie in bed and cry into my pillow. I want to cry right here and now, but I won`t in front of Sir, even if I`m nothing to him.

“Why would you say that Jess? What about Violet and Chris? And I know that you`re not nothing to me,” he states boldly. Well, there is one good thing out of today. I look up at him. I( tell myself maybe he does like you, there has to be something good come out of this. I have to keep positive. It`s who I am, and it`s who I`m staying.

“Thanks, I don’t really know why I said that. I`m Just upset and saying things I don’t actually mean I guess,” I reply; looking into his eyes, and getting lost as I speak. For some reason, I start to lean in and so does he. We both pull back as fast as possible when we hear the click of a teacher’s heel on the cement path, and look into each other's eyes; exchanging so many words and emotions.


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