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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Ten

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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I look at the clothes that are placed in my hands and already know that they`re his because of the masculine scent that fills my nostrils. Ahh. They smell so good! I put on the clothing and have to roll up the shirt sleeves and pant legs because he`s so much taller than me. I revel in his scent by shoving the sleeves into my face once more before I walk out of the bathroom. I walk down stairs to meet Sir at the bottom; he must have heard my footsteps.

“How was your shower? And how do the clothes fit, they`re the smallest I could find so hopefully there not too large” he tells me whilst looking at the clothing; I walk up to him, closing the few feet between us.

“Yeah they`re fine, I rolled them up, so they fit better and amazing!” I explain as I reach him. The shirt is a little too large; showing some cleavage; Sir seems to notice this as his eyes flick to my breasts then back to my face. Typical male aye?

“Haha yeah it is a great house,” he says as he looks around the joint.

“You can say that again,” I add.

“Um, sorry for what I had implied before. It was inappropriate,” he tells me while keeping his eyes on the floor; I know that he`s talking about what he said about me being naked, and he would like it.

“Oh. Um. It`s okay,” I reply flatly; disappointed that he had apologized for what he had said, but I know that he has to; he`s a teacher, that`s why I`m surprised that he had said it in the first place; though I`m satisfied that he had.

“Well I best be getting you home before it`s too late; you were in the shower for about half an hour,” he laughs, moving on from the awkward silence that led after he had apologised. Me being in the shower for that long doesn’t surprise me, I usually have like, hour long showers or baths.

We make our way through the front door, and Sir holds the top of it whilst beckoning for me to go first, just like when we entered. I walk underneath his arm and get a waft of his manly aroma mixed in with a faint scent of sweat; which makes him smell even sexier. If that`s even possible. I walk onto the porch and look back at Sir; making eye contact. He gives me a smile then winks at me before closing the door a behind him then locking it.

I make my way to the Chevy Impala and look through the window; I can see a wet patch and some dirt on the passenger`s seat. Oh no, I dirtied the Chevy. Sir must have seen my horrified face because all I could hear was loud laughing from outside the driver`s side. I look in his direction and glare as a response.

“Haha, it`s okay Jess. It`s just a car,” he tells me trying to reason with me, and no way does it work.

“Just a car. Just a car! It is the car. This is the type of car that they used in the best show ever. Do you know what show that is?” I mock. He just smiles at me from my outburst.

“Of a matter of fact, yes; I do know what show. Supernatural, and yes I agree, it is the best show going,” he replies with a wink. He loves supernatural! This makes him sooo much more attractive; ahh, he`s a dream. I just wish that he was closer to my age and not my teacher.

“Well, then you must know why this is such a big deal that it`s dirty!” I say, trying to drill it into his head.

“Okay, okay. I get it,” he replies with a smile, before opening his door and jumping in. I go to do the same but then remember the seat is dirty; I`ll get his clothes dirty.

“You comin?” sir laughs through the now open window.

“Uh, it`s dirty, and I`ll get your clothes dirty” I reply frankly. He nods his head in response then looks behind him at the backseat; pulls out a plain jacket and sits it on the chair for me. I jump in and sit on it whilst thanking him.

We drive off and towards my home in a comfortable silence, leaving each other to be in their own thoughts. As for me, there about Sir; like always. I think about what he had said before from outside the bathroom and what he meant by it, does he like me? I know that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I found out over Facebook when me and a couple other friends were stalking his page, mainly because he`s so hot. Was he hinting that he liked me or just that he likes my body? Argh, I`m so confused!

I glance over at him and watch as he focuses on the road ahead, so content and relaxed. I love you is all I can think. I just wish that he thought the same way and if this romance wasn’t so forbidden; he`s eight years older and my teacher. It could never work out.

I look away and back onto the road from outside the passenger's window deep in thought until he asked me something.

“Did you have fun today?”

“Yes, it was awesome. I learnt heaps and made heaps of friends too” I explain excitedly.

“Oh yeah, you told me over the phone haha. That`s good to hear Jess, you`ve always been open and sociable. It`s one of the main things I like about you,” he tells me; eyes on the road the whole time, but I can see a smile playing on his lips. His words make me feel warm inside, and I can feel a blush come over my face.

“Thank you,” is all I can kindly say in return. He nods in response and asks what we did in the course; I explain what I did throughout the day and answered more of his questions. We talked for the rest of the ride, and I ask him why he had to go to Jarada in such a hurry,

“The truth is that I had to get fitted for a suit and today was the only time I could get in before the big day,” he tells me with joy in his words. The big day. What big day; Is he getting married!? Does he actually have a girlfriend?

“Uh, for what?” I ask trying to stay calm, but my words get caught and come out choked. I blush instantly from how it sounded.

“My older brother`s wedding. It`s next week” he replies happily. Oh, I feel stupid.

“And you waited until today to get your clothes?” I laugh.

“Well, I got fitted. I still got to go back and pick them up once they`re custom made,” he replies with a sheepish smile.

“Haha, you better before it`s too late,” I chirpily reply; he laughs and agrees with me. We ride the rest of the way with little talk, but it were never an awkward silence when it was quiet; it`s what I mainly enjoy about his company, it`s always comfortable.

“Are your parent`s home?” he asks casually.

“Nah, they went to some dinner thing with mum`s sister and her sister's partner,” I reply.

Sir pulls into my driveway and down to my house that is about half a k away because I live on a little farm. He pulls up in front of the main entry gate and turns off the engine. I thank him and open the door then gracefully step out. Ahh, I`ll never get over doing that. He does the same then walks over to my side and takes me by surprise when he wraps his two warm, masculine arms around me; engulfing me in a hug. I snuggle my head and arms into his chest and enjoy the proximity, not daring to ask why in case he pulls away.

After about a minute, he pulls away and smiles down at me. I smile back at him.

“Goodbye Jess,” he says then leans down and kisses my forehead gently. I close my eyes at how good it feels.

“Goodbye sir,” I whisper when he pulls away.

Written by Countrygall62
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