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Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter Three

"Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?"

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‘Caw, Caw’ the birds call from the top of my driveway as I wait for the bus that is running late. I hear the rumble of the vehicle before it comes into sight, “finally” I say aloud. I start to walk towards it then jump on when it comes to a halt. The trip is long, but not boring; Violet and I talked and laughed the whole way there, she seems to be in a better mood than yesterday arvo thankfully.

We finally pull up at the school and empty the seats. We walk up to our spot, and I notice someone there that I don`t recognise, I can only see the back of his head, but he looks hot! His body is so defined for his age, and I guess he`s about my age. He has dark brown hair that falls in a slight curl at the bottom that shapes around the top of his jawline. “Who`s that?” Violet asks following my sight I guess.

“My thoughts exactly” I reply in a dreamy voice.

We make our way up to him and the other boys that he is talking to. He turns around at our presence. He is hot; dark brown eyes with specks of light brown through them, distinct but soft lips and a perfectly defined jawline.

“Hey, new guy; my name's Violet, and this is Jessica” Violet greets him kindly. She`s never been shy around blokes though I am around most.

“Hey, nice name Jessica. Mine's Chris,” he informs us politely.

“Thank you, I like yours too,” I reply to his compliment with a friendly smile.

“What year are you two in?” he asks curiously.

“Both year nine, you?” I also ask curious, wouldn’t mind having this hottie in my class, he might even take my mind off Mr Jacobs; lol jokes, no one could do that.

“Year nine too, lucky me,” he smirks looking at me.

“Same here,” I reply with a flirty smile. No, I`m not a slut, I just enjoy this fella`s attention, and he seems quite easy to talk too as well. We stand around and talk about what classes we have for the day and who`s in what electives. I have legit, all three with him; Ag, Music, and Wood. Lucky me.

We head off to our first class; maths, ugh; worst subject ever! Except for when we play sports, if we behaved for the five lessons before it, we get a whole lesson of gym. Wait, is that today? Aaand if we play sports; I get to watch Mr Jacobs. He takes us for the sports lessons. Please, please, please be today; I need my fill of Jacobs. If not, the new guy will have to be eye candy for the lesson; still not as hot as sir, though.

We line up in front of the classroom, waiting for Mr Freidan. “Gosh, I hope this is our sports lesson,” I whine to Violet.

“Me too, not in the mood for maths,” she responds.

“When is anyone, ever in the mood for maths?” I say, scrunching up my nose at the word maths.

“Never,” she simply replies.

“No one sane at least,” she adds.

“Alright, let’s go, guys, did you forget today was the gym lesson?” Mr Jacobs asks sarcastically from behind us. He knows that at least one of us would never forget the day we get out of maths. His sudden appearance caused Tess to jump back in fright and yelp. We all have a giggle at her reaction. Violet and I grin at each other because we get out of maths. Little word's needed with a best friend like Vie. She`ll just chill on the stage. As for me, I`ll play so I can get close to Sir, yum. And it`s even better because Jason didn’t turn up today; don’t need to see that piece of shit.

As we walk towards the gym, Chris comes from the group of boys in the back and stands beside me, “So what type of sports is this school into?” he asks casually.

“Well mainly soccer and basketball, but I don’t play soccer,” I clarify for him.

“Why not; I don’t mind watching a pretty lady run around after a ball,” he winks at me. Not sure how to take that, so I just shrug it off.

“Riiight. What about you, what sports do you play?” I ask carelessly.

“Hmm, mainly soccer; don’t mind basketball.”

“Wel, you`ll fit in well around here then”, I laugh.

We enter the gym, and I walk in front with Violet and leave him behind to wait for the other boys to catch up. We sit on the stage with the other girls who are by the sounds of it, gossiping about Chris. How I know is because I overheard them saying ‘new guy.’ Unless there is another new hot guy (has to be hot because that’s the only type my friends would talk about) today, then it has to be him. “Sooo, what ya`s talking about?” I ask sarcastically with a smirk on my face.

“New guy, you seem to be pretty close, hah, hah,” Lisa jokes while nudging me on the shoulder.

“Haha, not what you think Lis. Well, not yet at least.” I wink at them with a mischievous grin.

“Haha, so naughty Jess,” Heather laughs.

“You got to admit he`s hot, though,” I grin at them.

“Who`s hot Jessica,” a distinct, low male voice speaks from above me. Okay, that`s awkward… Mr Jacobs.

“Um, no one, you must have misheard me,” I try to convince him. He is the last person I want to overhear me call someone else hot because he is the definition of hot and no one can convert what I think.

“Yes I`m sure,” he says sarcastically. As he walks away, I can`t help but burst out laughing along with all the other girls.

“Haha, and yes he is hot, along with Mr Jacobs!” Lisa says while we all turn to look at the sexy beast.

“Oh hell to the yes!” I enhance with my head tilted to the right, watching him walk towards the gear shed.

“Alright, we're going to play basketball this lesson, any complaints?” Mr Jacobs announces to the class when he makes it back to the center with a basketball, a few of the boys yell out protests.

“No? Okay, let`s get started,” Sir continues, ignoring the objections of the few individuals. I can`t help but let out a small, almost un-audible giggle at his ignorance, it`s sexy.

I take in his figure as we wait to be put into our teams. Then my eyes catch another figure that runs in front of him. It`s Chris, he got chosen for his team already. I keep gazing for a little, absorbing all his features. Mr Jacobs points to me, grabbing my attention and says “team two.” There are three teams all together, and he is on team one, Chris on team three.

Mr Jacobs put Violet and me on the same team because he knows there`s no use in trying to separate us. We`ll just either refuse to play or just go on the same team anyway. So he`s learnt that we win; sounds bratty yes, but come on, gotta have my bestie on the same team. “Alright, let`s do this,” I announce to Violet, as I jump up and clap my hands together.

“Argh, do I haaave toooo,” she complains as she slowly raises herself from her spot on the blue carpet.

“Yeeees,” I laugh as I mimic her.

“Fine,” she says like a little kid that isn’t allowed chocolate.

“Ata girl,” she gives a small laugh in response to my vocabulary; well I am an Aussie after all.

We make our way down the stairs, and I can feel a pair of eyes on me. I take a glance around and notice that I`m right; they're Chris`s. Instead of looking away he gives me a smile then a flirty wink. Wow, I am LOVING this attention. I`ve never gotten this much interest from a guy that doesn’t give it to all the girls. He seems only to be paying attention to me, and I`ll say it again; loving the attention. I think I might have a crush on him already. To show him I approve of his interest I give a flirty smile back.

I turn to find Mr Jacobs and catch his eye before he turns away. He seems to have an emotion I haven’t seen on him before. It almost looked like hurt. I feel like I`m betraying him, even though we aren`t even a thing; as much as I want that to happen. Why do I have such an eager desire to be In a forbidden romance? It`s my drug, and all I want is a dose. We get started, and it`s my team VS team one, Mr Jacobs team, yay. We do the jump ball, and our team smacks it backwards, it`s coming straight for me, and I can see Mr Jacobs running from his side and in pursuit for the basketball. The ball`s so close now, but sir's much taller than me, so I know I have to jump to catch it just in time before he does with his tall figure. I make the leap and, YES I got it. I land from my small jump and run straight into Mr Jacobs` chest. Oh, my.

“Um…sorry,” I laugh at our silly crash with a slight blush covering my cheeks.

“Haha, no it`s my fault, sorry Jess,” he replies. I hope he doesn’t realise the blush coating my face

“All good,” I smile back. I realise I still have the ball and start to dribble it down the court and relish in the close proximity of Mr Jacobs as he follows me down, attempting to get the ball.

I stop and go to pass it to Violet but before I can, a figure blocks my view. As you can guess, it`s sir, no complaints here that’s for sure. I can`t help but grin at the intimacy. He comes closer and towers over the front of me, so close that his chest is inches from my face. Oh my God, this is why I love being on the opposite team than him. I decide what to do and half throw, half roll the ball to what I hope is still Violet. I can`t really see past the sexy teacher. Thankfully it was Violet. It went straight to her actually. I give myself a ‘not bad Jess’ look while I watched Violet dribble it further and reach the hoop.

She stopped and readied herself for her throw, some of the opponents attempting to interfere the shot. She jumps trying to become higher than one of the boys in front of her and releases the ball. It bounces on the ring, rolls around a couple times and then bounces out. Hmm, better luck next time Vie, “Points for suspense!” I yell/laugh out to her from the middle of the court. Everyone laughs at my words.

“Haha thanks, Jess” she replies with a big grin. I gave her a nod and a big smile in return.

We finish the game with team one VS team two and in the end their team one by two points. Close call, but yet again saved by Mr Jacobs. We`re sitting on the blue carpet watching the game. Well, I`m watching sir and Violet is on her phone talking to guess who, Jason. I give a frown as I notice but then replace it with a happy smile as I go back to watching Mr Jacobs. He`s versus Chris`s team so that I can view both of them. Sounds a bit creepy I know, but who doesn’t appreciate the sight of a couple stunning men.

I didn’t play the next round because I couldn’t be bothered. Yes I know, more time with Jacob I`m missing out on, but I just can`t make the effort to get up. So I`ll just sit here and watch. The girls formed their team because there was the perfect amount left over from those who don’t` want to play. Sir switched teams so that he could play the round. As you can tell he loves basketball. It`s the girls team VS his all-boys team and don`t just assume that the guys will win because they're guys. The girls at this school are just as good as the blokes.

The game starts with the jump ball like always and the girls get it, I expect Sir to be on the girl with the ball, Lisa in seconds. Except he stays behind and waits down his end for the rebound. Hmm, maybe he`s tired from the lesson. Most of the game goes by, and I realise he`s not tired. He`s running around; dribbling, catching and throwing the ball without even a bead of sweat or a huff from the nearly thirty minute game. I watch to see if he gets in the other girl's personal space, I watch and wait, and he doesn’t. Not once does he get as intimate with them as he did with me.

Written by Countrygall62
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