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Cloud Cuckoo Land

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Author's Notes

"So... haven't written poetry i forever, but this is what i've been doing lately - writing songs. one of these days i'll even record it and, if it doesn't suck, share it. :)"

Carousel spinning round and round

Painted horses guard the killing ground

Houdini’s ghost lends a helping hand

Save your prayers for Superman

Charcoal skies and hornet’s nests

Soldiers dressed in their Sunday best

Behind them plays a marching band

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land


Mirrors reflect a blood red sea

The lion tamer sips his tea

Ribbon dancers comes undone

Burning under an electric sun

Organ grinder plays a funeral dirge

To wild applause as the clowns converge

Ringmaster waves his velvet hand

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land


Dreams for sale every Saturday

Half priced popcorn at the matinee

One eyed rabbit lurks behind the door

Selling memories of a secret war


Lost girls waiting for the midnight show  

Curtains part as the cameras roll

Under the spotlight, center stage

Skeleton dances in a skintight cage


And as the orchestra plays on…

We dance to the same old song


Sky parade floats above the crowds

Glowing bright above the clouds

Scarecrow plays an ancient song

And claps as the madcap sings along

Ferris wheel lighting up the night

Carnival barker dressed in white

Kissing ghosts beneath the stands

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land


Lollipop lovers in perfumed tents

Feasting on remembered scents

Hendrix wails on saxophone

Playing Captain Marvel home

Round and round on the merry go round

Horse’s hooves drowning out the sound

Of Peter Pan’s psychedelic band

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land


Dreams for sale every Saturday

Madness at the matinee

One eyed jack puts on his cloak

And disappears in a puff of smoke


Lights go dim, the music stops

Stage crew gathers up the props

The curtain closed, the crowds depart

Lost girls counting up the broken hearts


And as the orchestra plays on…

We dance to the same old song


Little Bo Peep in too deep

Dreaming of electric sheep

Last seen in the twilight zone

Chilling out on methadone

Tiger Lilly superstar

Hanging out in Dali’s car

Turning on with Timothy Leary

Blew her mind on quantum theory

Tinkerbell lost her way

Fell off the shelf DOA

Laid to rest upon a bed of stones

Glitter girls picking at her bones

Mary Mary quite contrary

Married an apothecary

Peter Pan broke up the band

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land


Written by sprite
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