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Our songs category is for those songwriters, lyricists and composers among us to showcase their musical talent. From happy, love inspired tunes, to soul-searching break-up songs, this is the place to submit your original music.

Submissions may be lyrics only or include an audio version of the song. You may also submit instrumental arrangements with an accompanying written description of the story behind your music.

Carousel spinning round and round Painted horses guard the killing ground Houdini’s ghost lends a helping hand Save your prayers for Superman Charcoal skies and hornet’s nests Soldiers dressed in their Sunday best Behind them plays a marching band We...

redwriter 1 year ago

Christmas Whoopee

Father's major Christmas Worry

A lot of tinsel Kids wanting more Queues at the check-outs In every store What is the reason? Another season Another Christmas   Dad is defensive He knows the sign It's all expensive, The gifts, the wine. But Mom's not stopping She's gone out shoppin...

You find so many people are bruisingBut you, you are mostly amusingI like the way you love.You do it like a foxglove.I like the way you dance.You do it like a stance.You find so many people are runnyBut you, you are mostly funnyI love the way your ha...


Seriously random poem/song with possible double meanings? Even I'm confused. ..

Drip drop plop Raindrops on the rooftop Drip Drip Drop I just wanna flop Right into bed Cover up my head Close my ears to the things you said Somebody take my fears- Put them in a box…   X...x...x... Metal on metal Wait for the knives to settle And t...

Anonymous 3 years ago

There's no kisses with the dishes anymore

My future country and western song?

In which I imagine these could be the lyrics of my first country and western song. Enjoy, please!   There’s no kisses with the dishes anymore, No hugs when I am mopping up the floor, She has no feeling for me anymore down below, I feel married to my...

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Anonymous 3 years ago

Did you guys remember?On October 2, 2009, two years after the engagement, a beautiful girl was hit hard by a car accident, and her brain was severely damaged. Only two years old after her recovery and she can not take care of her life completely. But...

anthonychansa 4 years ago

Table for two

I wrote this 2 years back, hope you will enjoy it

Table for two Rise of the fallenSleeping off dreams that were stolenSanta late for work,Santa down and snoring.Everybody needs a break sometimes,A reality check sometimes. But the reality checks keep bouncing…..So I’m swallowing wrong pillsHoping thi...

Everybody's gone out againEveryone has left me hereAlone am I to trudge on throughThoughts and lonely fearThey know not what they play withA composite soul of dreadIf only someone welcomed meAs if they were one of the deadOh, but what's this?Yet anot...

Anonymous 4 years ago

Hiding Under

A song about vampires and vampire killers.

Sweet nevereternal friendwe`ll burn no morethis is not the end Hiding underwe`ll escape the huntHiding underdoing what we want Vampire Never coming out at daythe thirst doesn`t lastlooking for victims preynow we`re cruising past Hiding underwe`ll esc...