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A Paradise and A Gift

final installment of my 3 part series. Enjoy

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The sound of the alarm clock woke me as I groggily rolled over to turn it off. I took that deep morning breath that you only get from a good night sleep as I took in the scent of Amy’s perfume once again. She had her hand on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. This made her wake up as she looked me in the eyes and smiled as I gazed back at her. It had been over a year since we were attacked at the abandoned cabin and after a long few days of traveling. We finally made it over the border and into the United States. I won’t say where we are, but I will say we managed to get to a warm place where we wouldn’t be bothered again or at least not by anyone our own age.

Amy leaned in and kissed me on the cheek before she rested her head on my shoulder. We spent most of the morning just chatting and spending the time together before getting out of bed. I went to the door in my boxers and walked out onto the deck to take in the fresh sea air and the light of the full moon that was high in the sky. I leaned over the deck look down at the sand on the beach and just think how great my life has become.

Just then Amy walked up with two cups of tea in her new bright red bikini she just got. The moonlit night shined across the beach in a warm glow that felt like it pierced into my very soul. The water was still, like a mirror as the stars reflected off the sparkling liquid. I held Amy close to me and looked down into her eyes which had never stopped glowing bright red since she killed and drank the people hunting us. Even her personality changed, what once was this shy girl I worked with was now this sexy supernatural nightwalker who was proud to be who she was.

Later that night, when the moon was at its highest and the sun had completely disappeared, I found myself packing food into a basket as Amy made sandwiches. Tonight was special, and we were going to celebrate on the beach.

We laid out on the sand with a blanket we took from the cabin. It was kind of ratty but served as a special memory where Amy and I first became a couple. The place was deserted and the only place to live was our home. The closest place that was even visible was an assortment of houses on the other side of the lake. We were on a small island off the coast of PEI that we had built with our own hands over the course of last summer. It was tough to say the least but we had made quite the little place for ourselves. Amy laid back on the blanket and bathed in the moonlight as she rolled over into my arms. We stared out over the lake at the glittering lights off the coast of the houses still lit up across the lake.

Through everything that happened, the craziness at the mall, the near death experience at the cabin and finally settling down in our handmade paradise on earth by the shoreline. I reflected back on the past events as Amy took another sip of her tea then reveled in the moonlight as the crimson bikini glowed with her eyes and snow white skin. I smiled at her and asked how this could get any better.

With that she smiled and took my hand and put it on her stomach. “I know how, Daddy”


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