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Supernatural Stories

Supernatural stories include themes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, myths, paranormal activity and ghosts.

Spine-tingling, chilling tales can revolve entirely around mythical characters or depict non-human creatures interacting with mortals in everyday life.

Across Andiron's silhouette straddling feet listening to the house tuberculosis cold embers in the dark's sweet peas leaping from the pod on no man's sod on the floorboards where now lay frost listening to Mama sing, "When I reach the city where all my lo...

Príšera Vnútri

Surely, the most devastating of all monsters is that which comes from within?

The two young girls played vivaciously in the cool water by the glade. As they splashed and frolicked, their laughter echoed around the mountain valley. The surrounding trees, comprising primarily of larch, beech, and spruce - and, of course, oak – gently...

Cold in this studio, sweet hypothermia with rigor's cummerbund. Curling around me coldly misty shadow, touching. Rising to the moonlight a little death-chilling. Laying me down in a land of dreams, spilling the skeins. Naked in my darkest dreams collabora...

Monsters I have created under my bed of twilight's annihilation to be fed meat-based ground bait called chum of dark's pickle herring marinated in rum for me and my boogie banded gadroon wafting dead's perfumery bloom of twilight's annihilation to be fed

Giving my regards to the thin man in my dreams, twilight spills, like a plumage of dark ink spreading forming a slick sticking to the night's memoirs and periwinkle sky. Draped in black, like a crow leaving no token playing Aces to one eye jacks with deat...

Paying dues to the fortuneteller listening to your breath from speakers in my mind like whispers in a teacup taking refuge inside your dreams "Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood!" behind the shadow takers with your personalized keychain in everything that...

With gothic melodies, peat's dark hole listing to twilight's pale shade of the saplings chaffed wheat and pallid hours, soundless tweet a tempest within my ominous sagaciously winging your soul, cold blows the midnight songs lurking the beast, in my am in...

Among the dead, we are curious. We are haunted. You scream for ice cream, and we scream out of loneliness. Walking the halls of death leaving no footprints or shadows. At times tossed out with the trash, once scented, now lost. As ghosts, we have no pedig...

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The Hootie Hoot and I, my gall set me free in moral decay as the carrion's filet, squandering away with death's bitter aftertaste rising with decadence yeast, cloistered with my goiter as if a requiem for an oyster, the Hootie Hoot and I

Empty Nest

Staring down the same wall of darkness

Birdie’s son left in the Spring. She rarely saw him in that last six months he’d lived there anyway. He'd worked full time at Domino’s, came home after midnight, went straight into his room in the basement. She heard the TV. She heard the trips to the fri...


Red Shoes

A short slice of Mod with a supernatural twist

I’ve got my headphones on and the music’s blasting round my mind, courtesy of the wonders of Spotify, as I stand in the shop and look at the clothes. I’m listening to a Small Faces show from 1966 in Belgium, newly discovered they’re saying. It’s the earli...