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A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 10

Tags: serious

There's some action going on. Mainly fighting and many deaths.

Chapter 10: The Final Trial

The man who ordered Alex’s capture approached his loyal servant. A green haired vampire with only one arm and one eye stepped from the shadows.

"Seeker, it’s time. Bring the others together and take Vladimir’s precious treasure back to him."

The man kneeled.

"As you wish, but I thought you needed the red-head?"

"It will no longer matter. His role is about to end."

Mars and Luka assembled their comrades, discussing the possibilities and assigning tasks. Vladimir and Daniel joined them.

"Taylor, have the citizens been evacuated?"

"Yes, Vladimir, my father’s taking care of it as we speak."

Mars and Heaven ran up to Vladimir.

"Someone is here. And he’s not friendly."

Suddenly, a chilling laugh rang through the cemetery.

"Thanks for the compliment."

Daniel pointed to the roof of the grave keeper's storage house.

"Up there!"

The entire group watched the figure, all on guard.

"You, the blonde with the other red-head, catch."

The figure threw a large object into the air. Vladimir reacted, jumping for it.


He caught the limp body of his descendant, landing beside Daniel.

"Where is Legend?"

The man smiled. "You should focus more on your surroundings!"

Vladimir grabbed Daniel.

"Mars cover Alex. Everyone, remember your positions and objective!"

Hundreds of rogue vampires surrounded them. The fight had begun.

One by one, vampires from both sides lunged at each other, aiming to kill.

“Don’t let them overpower you! Take them down then help someone else!”, Vladimir yelled above the screams and hisses.

Vladimir stayed beside Daniel, slicing down any of the enemy vampires that got near. Daniel stayed close behind Vladimir, but not too close that he hindered his movements.

“Let me help!”, Daniel called out.

“Absolutely not. Just stay close. I will not lose anyone else. Not anymore!”

Vladimir jumped up, performing a small corkscrew spin, slicing the neck of another vampire.

“I will kill them before they take anything more precious to me!”

Mars was a good few meters away from Vladimirs’ position. With Alex unconscious in his arms, he was slightly unable to use his full strength.

“Damn it! I need help!”

(There is too many coming at me! I can’t continue this without injuring Alex in the process.)

Four more of the other sides’ vampires charged him. Mars moved around in a circle, trying to think of a plan to protect Alex, while killing the enemy. His thoughts distracted him, as all four jumped him, knocking Alex a few feet away.


They pinned Mars down, digging their fangs into his flesh.


Mars’ scream carried throughout the graveyard, catching his companions’ attention.

Luka, Taylor, and Heaven reacted immediately. They quickly took out their foes, heading for Mars’ location.


They rushed the group, splitting them up. Mars got up to his knees, holding his right arm.

“Mars, can you still fight?”, Heaven yelled with fury and concern.

“I’m fine! I need time to get Alex!”

“On it!”

Heaven covered Mars as he ran towards Alex’s unconscious body, scooping him back up in his arms.

“Got him! Head back to Vladimir!”

Their foes fell with a single slash to the throat, letting them get back to their friend.

Vladimir fended of the onslaught, keeping his descendent safe. Although, his stamina was starting to wear down.

“Please, let me help! You can’t do this by yourself, even though you have so much more strength than me.”

Vladimir focused on the fight.

“I cannot let you do that. I won’t let you fall prey to them like what they did to my wife. Like what I did to Alex.”

Daniel stood still.

“You…you turned my son into a vampire? Wait, we can talk about this later! Like it or not,” Daniel said forcefully, raising an axe, “I’m helping!”

He swung the axe at an oncoming vampire, cutting of the head. An instant death. Vladimir stared in shock, though not for long.

“Okay. But, if you get hurt even once, I am going to move you away from this fight.”

“Fine with me. I just can’t stand not doing anything when someone’s in trouble. The mindset of a firefighter.”

They took on more and more vampires that came after them. Mars, Heaven, Taylor, and Luka joined them.

“Vladimir, you okay?”

“I am fine. Is Alex still with you?”

“Yeah, although I did drop him once. Please forgive me.”

“It does not matter as long as he’s here now.”

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