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In the Cemetery, Part 10

"The Prom and afterwards."

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When Lorelei got home she told her Mom that she had been asked to the prom and that she accepted. Her Mom was very surprised as her daughter had made it clear that she was going alone. 'This young man must be very special person,' her Mother thought to herself.

That night as Lorelei had a dream and she knew she was dreaming because she found herself in the cemetery. She walked toward the cottage when the lady she had seen there appeared and spoke to her.

"Good Evening," Alexandra greeted.

"Good Evening to you Madam," Lorelei responded.

"You may call me Alexandra."

"My name is Lorelei."

"Lorelei, Vincent is a good friend of mine, please treat him kindly."

"I will."

"Thank you," she answered and her image began to fade.

"Will I ever be able to speak to you?" Lorelei questioned.

"You are speaking to me now."

"I mean when I am awake."

"We shall see," and then she vanished.

That same evening when Vince told his parents he had asked a girl to the senior prom their excitement was boundless. They had often worried about their son and his preoccupation with this strange hobby. At his Father's suggestion, Vince rented a limousine. It was something that was not done often as it was very expensive back then.

Vince visited a local tux rental shop and was sized for a rental. The salesman was surprised that Vince did not opt for one of the colored tuxes that were all the rage for prom this year and wanted plain black one.

The final exams were not very hard and Vince breezed through them. So it was a proud day for Vince as he walked across the stage one week later to accepted his diploma, get his hand shake from the principal and then flip the tassel on his head piece which indicated that he had graduated.

The prom weekend was finally here. His limo pulled to the curb at the agreed upon time to pick up Lorelei up at her parents house. Her Mother let him in and they chatted while they waited for Lorelei to finish dressing. About half an hour later she descended the staircase and Vince was sure his mouth hung open at the sight.

She was stunning in a long black evening gown with slits up both sides. He then presented her with a corsage and they stood patiently as Mom took about a dozen pictures.

When they were in the back of the limo and en route to the party center she leaned over and gave him a long passionate kiss.

"What was that for?"

She told him that she had met Alexandra in her dreams and that she requested she treat him well.

"That is great," Vince responded with a smile.


"Yes, it's like we both have a secret that no one would believe."

"Do you think she is here? "

"No, she only appears if I call her."

"Then let's give her a break for awhile."

They arrived at he party center and checked in and then stood in line for the traditional prom picture before finding their table. By some miracle they were seated with those that they considered friends. All commented on what a great looking couple they made. It seemed that everyone was on their best behavior and Lorelei was even asked to dance by a few of the jocks and tough guys, but she politely refused.

"They made my life miserable for three years with name calling and rumors and now they want to dance. I know what they want but they ain't getting any free feels on me," she told Vincent and the other at the table. They all nodded in agreement with her statement.

Later when they shared a slow dance she whispered that only he was allowed to cop all the feels he wanted and Vince could only smile as his heart soared. It was around 10:00 PM that Lorelei mentioned that she was bored and suggested to Vince that they leave.

"Where to then?"

"How about the groundskeeper's cottage? It is a beautiful warm night."

So the limo dropped them at Vince's parents house and he went inside and filled a small cooler with some Cokes while Lorelei waited in his vehicle. About twenty minutes later he was opening the door to the cottage and lit some candles before he broke out two bottles of Coke and they took a seat on the couch.

They talked politely until Lorelei posed a question.

"Vince, would you like to kiss me?"

"Very much."

"So when are you going to?"

Vince placed his bottle on the end table then slid over and gently embraced Lorelei and placed his lips on hers, and she reciprocated. He was unsure how long that they had been enjoying each others kisses when without warning Lorelei stood up and turned to face him. She emitted an ecstatic moan and her eyes seemed to vanish and were replaced by two glowing orbs.

"Good Evening, Vincent," Lorelei said in Alexandra's voice.

"Alexandra? What have you done to Lorelei?"

"That what she secretly wished for."

"To be you?"

"To allow us to be with you."

She then sat back down and embraced Vince. Her kisses were even more passionate than he remembered in the dreams he had of her while in the hospital. After awhile she stood again and took him by the hand and took him out into the warm night. They sat on the first stone bench they came upon and resumed kissing.

Lorelei stood up again and allowed the evening gown to slid off her shoulders and then clad only in her long slip she embraced Vincent again and they resumed kissing.

"Vince, I want you to make love to us."

"Is that what she wants?"

"Very much."

She lay back on the stone bench and allowed Vince to make love to her.

"That was the best," Lorelei whispered.

"You allowed Alexandra to inhabit your body?"

"That's what she and I wanted and it cannot be done very often."

The night air began to became cooler and after Lorelei redressed they went back inside the cottage for awhile and as he promised, he had her home by midnight.

Now there are usually all kinds of scheduled activities for the graduating class, but Vince and Lorelei wanted no part of them. He picked her up early and took her to breakfast and then they caught an early matinee. Later they rode through the park and spent time at Lovers Lane.

As Lorelei had to work on Sunday he dropped her off early. Then after church on Sunday, Vince went back to the cemetery and after getting his step ladder he headed to the Di Winter mausoleum. He stood on the ladder and grabbed the frame of the door plague and pulled on it.

Written by The_Count
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