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In the Cemetery. Part 7

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Vince is attacked and rescued by a ghost

His attackers laughed as they went through his wallet and when they found it contained less than ten dollars they became angry and looked around for Vince.

"Maybe the faggot keeps his money his shoe," one stated.

"Lets find out, I think he crawled that way," the second one answered.

"Where you hiding you corpse fucker?" the third one shouted and they all laughed.

"Hey, I found him, he crawled inside one of these mausoleum thingies and closed the gate," one yelled.

"Aw, is da little baby hiding?" the second thug mimicked. 

"You asshole, that gate won't save you," the leader said as he placed his hands on the gates to pull it open.

That's when they saw a sight that caused their bowels and bladder to let loose. They saw a spirit rise from within the stone coffin on the floor. It let out a shriek that froze them in their tracks it then it raised its hands and charged them and in the blink of an eye it was standing before them.

"Be gone from this place and never return," It screamed in a voice so loud and terrible they almost went deaf.

The group ran and it wasn't easy with their jeans soaked in urine and feces. They leaped the fence tearing their clothing and flesh on the tops of the fence before landing with a thud on the sidewalk and disappearing into the night.

Vince tried to sit up and discovered he couldn't. He managed to flip onto his stomach and managed to raise his head. His mouth tasted the coppery taste of blood and his head hurt very bad. When his one eye focused he saw the spirit standing over him. It was an elderly well dressed male. The image was solid white and Vince could see through it but was in too much pain to be frightened.

"Am I dead?"

"No dear boy, but you are seriously injured."

Who are you?

"Permit me to introduce myself, Zachariah Di Winter at your service."

Vince was unable to respond with only one word as it hurt too much to talk.

"You are the one that fixed my rocker?"


"Was the payment adequate?"


"Please don't fret as I have summoned help." In the blink of an eye Alexandra was at his side and he was surprised to see tears in her eyes.

"Please let us out," she requested of Di Winter. When Vince opened his eye again he was outside laying on the steps of the mausoleum.

"Please stay here, don't try to move and stay awake," Alexandra pleaded.

She vanished and he heard Di Winters voice in his head.

"If want the treasure it will be my pleasure. All you must do is solve the clue. Switch my name from front to back and it will provide the entrance that you lack. Stand on the threshold and reach the key keeping one foot on Earth and one with me." 

Vince saw flashing headlights and the red and blue lights of approaching emergency vehicles. The next thing he knew Paramedics were next to him and beginning their examination and assessment of his injuries . He answered the best he could as their voices and the crackling of the radios were almost overwhelming.

Vince was placed on a backboard to isolate his spine and a collar was attached around his neck to prevent movement. He was placed on a gurney and then the back of the rescue squad. He bit back his pain and described his attackers to the police officer present in the back of the unit.

As the squad continued their assessment and began attaching the tubes to pump fluid and pain medication into his system he managed to focus his one working eye and he saw Alexandra standing at the foot of his stretcher.

"Rest now my beloved, you will be fine."

Vince finally passed out from the pain. When he awoke he was in a strange place. It looked like the cemetery but it was bright and new. There was a momentary flash of light and then Alexandra was standing in front of him. She placed her arms around his neck and placed her lips on his, and he felt it.

He placed his arms around her and he felt her firm body as he pulled her closer to his. It was a kiss filled with a passion he had never experienced. Then he remembered that she was a ghost.

"How is this possible?" he questioned.

"You are in a coma and therefor not subject to the laws of nature."

Vince then caressed her arms and face, she moaned with delight. She took his right hand and kissed it and then lightly placed it on her breast and Vince gingerly caressed it. She stepped back and slid her gown off he shoulders and it fluttered slowly to the ground.

He marveled at the beauty of her alabaster body as he divested himself of his clothing. He caressed her breasts and arms again. She then laid down on the grass and he joined her. It grass was soft and warm, not unlike a bed. She then invited him inside and they made love for what seemed like hours and as she prepared to finish she stared into his eyes with her blue ones glistening so bright they hurt and she called his name over and over.

"Vince? Vince? Are you with us?"

He woke up and was in a hospital bed. The tubes were still attached to his arms and bags of fluid continued heir steady drip into his body. He could only open one eye and saw a nurse was standing over him shining a light in his good eye. She left and returned quickly with a Doctor on her heels.

"You gave us quite a scare." The physician stated checking the bandages and tubes.

"Was I out?"

"Yes, for about 2 days."

"How bad am I?"

"You will make a full recovery, but it will take time."

"I still hurt."

"The morphine pump will help, the button is on your hand."

Vince pressed it and soon drifted off. He awoke back in the strange cemetery and Alexandra was there waiting for him, they embraced and kissed again. She allowed him to undress her and they made love again. While laying there she covered his naked body with her gown and kissed his forehead.

"Rest now beloved, I will be waiting for you," she whispered.

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