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Nightly By Jade and Jen

When you hear a whistle in the wind or feel a chill up your spine, it is us. The Nightly


We are many.

You can't see us for what we are. But we are here. Waiting in the shadows.

Now that you understand we are different you can pretend you know how we are, who we are, and how we live. But you will never truly get it.

We are different from each other but we are all bound by blood and heritage, so know we are different and accept that you will never know us truly but we will allow you to believe you know us.

We are beautiful.

We are many.

We are alone.

We are together.

We are odd.

We are special.

We are the Nightly.

Chapter 1

Scarlet POV

I stared blankly out the window of my English class looking at the small colony of ants travelling with what seemed like a banana. My teacher Coach Nell's man-like voice shook me out of my imaginary daze.

"Miss Winters, will you please answer my question?" It seemed more like a demand than a question.

I put on a sly smile, I love to do this to teachers that think they are smarter than me.

"From our very first encounter with Hamlet, he is consumed by grief and obsessed with death. Although he is dressed in black to signify his mourning, his emotions run deeper than his appearance or words can convey. The depth of Hamlet's emotional turmoil can be measured against the high spirits displayed by the rest of the court. Hamlet is pained to think that everyone has managed to forget his father so quickly - especially his mother, Gertrude. Within a month of her husband's death, Gertrude has married her brother-in-law. Hamlet cannot comprehend his mother's actions, and considers them to be an act of treachery."

The coach's mouth began hang open in awe, but I wasn't done with her.

"Hamlet idealizes his father in death and describes him as 'so excellent a king' in his 'O that this too too solid flesh would melt' speech in Act 1 scene 2. It is therefore impossible for the new king, Claudius, to live up to Hamlet's expectations. In the same scene, he pleads with Hamlet to think upon him as a father.

"When we see a different Hamlet return from exile in Act 5 his emotional turmoil has been replaced by perspective, and his anxiety replaced by cool rationality. By the final scene, Hamlet has come to the realization that killing Claudius is his destiny:

There's a divinity that shapes our ends, 

Rough-hew them how we will.

Perhaps Hamlet's new-found confidence in fate is little more than a form of self-justification; a way to rationally and morally distance himself from the murder he is about to commit. Hamlet's psychological subtlety emerged in a time before the concept of psychology had been invented - a truly remarkable feat by Shakespeare."

I tilted my head in mock innocence and looked around the room to see everyone just like the teacher. Except for my coven The Blood Ravens, they all had a look of satisfaction on their faces.

The coach straightened as a few in the class held back a snicker.

"That's right. Maybe you should teach the class, Mrs. Winters?" Her voice was irritated and mocking.

"I could do it better than you," I muttered but intentionally did it loud enough for her to hear me.

"What did you say?" she asked, appalled at my boldness. When you have lived for 2,000 years you stop caring, because you will probably kill their offspring's offspring when you come back in 30 years.

"I said I can do a better job then you ever could, and make it much more interesting. Now move aside with your fucking lady mustache, and let me show you."

I sashayed to the desk at the front of the class as her mouth hung open as did many's in the class did.

I took my black trench coat off to reveal my outfit and I let my Raven and Ruby hair out and intensified my emerald green eyes.

I could hear gasps — some in disgust (from girls), some in awe at my figure (boys duh and some girls) and wolf whistles.

"Okay class I'll make you a deal. If you get all three of my questions right we can go into the lunch court yard and just hang out. Deal?"

Everyone murmured in agreement.

"Ms. Winters, you can't do that," the coach protested. I just sent her a glare and continued.

I hate when people underestimate me. But I hate it even more when they set restrictions on me.

"Okay class,what color is my shirt?"

Everyone snickered and shouted red.

"Good, now, what story are we reading?"


"Last question. Am I an awesome teacher?"

"That's an opinion. You cant answer that!" She yelled at us. This is becoming tiresome.

I looked into her eyes and gripped her mind. It wasn't hard. It never is but she was especially feeble minded.

"Irene Nell," I spoke to her in dramatized syllable "Sit down and be quite. Do me a favor and stay after class." She obeyed.

I turned back and faced the students "Class?"


"Good you all are dismissed to the court yard." I said triumphant.

As people left, my coven stops.

"Aren't you coming?" James called, but I was almost to fixed on the coaches pulsing neck, trying to break my hold, to notice.

"No I'll catch up."

"Are you sure?" he pressed. I was too far gone to try and be polite.

"NO! Get out." I scream. The coven, Maria, Logan, Vlad (I know), James, Gazell, Mimi, Kylie, and Trevor, all file out carefully.

I turn back to the teacher.

I suddenly saw a figure next to me, and I knew who it was.

"Do you always have to do this to me?" I asked.

"Scarlet, you know you have to. I'm just here to speed the process along," she said with an evil smirk as she swung her long brown hair.

"Leave Jazmine." I begged squeezing my eyes closed.

"You can't ignore the burning forever," she said in a soft whisper, coming closer to me, whimpering directly in my ear. My eyes flung open and felt my animal instinct take over.

"I'm really not sorry about this," I smile at the thought of her being drained dry. I walk over to her and clutch her neck tight in my hand and sink my fangs into her. Yeah I'm a vampire if your too slow to keep up.

Her rich blood flooded my throat. It was a little bitter for my taste. She had a heart condition and she would have died a painful death in less than three months. I saved her that trouble.

Too bad.

I finally pulled away and turned from the body.

"Should have never messed with me." I mutter to myself

I suddenly catch wiff of something.

Wolf! I hissed internally. My instincts kicked in again. It's our territory and I run, making sure no one sees.

My Coven was already onto my plan and were taking the route around the school. When we got there James was holding a squirming girl in his arms.

"Get off of me you leech!"

She wore a light blue hoodie with some big logo on the front, with a pair of black skinny jeans. Her hair was stringy and a deep brown easily mistaken for black and her eyes were blue, almost silver. I searched her mind for her name. Emily.

She had a shy aura about her. I would have thought she wasn't a threat if I hadn't noticed something that almost made my heart skip a beat.

She is next in line for Luna. Of the Black River Pack. Shit.

Emily POV

It was my first day at Ellendale High School. I was nervous to say the least. I knew I was the next Luna to the Black River pack but I wasn't even quite sure how to BE a Luna. My wolf was screaming that I couldn't do it already. Positive much?

Even being a Werewolf was new for me. I had just shifted for the first time no more than a week ago. Lemme tell ya, It was the worst pain I've ever felt. I could barely fucking breathe. So yeah. No shifting for me, thanks.

I felt a bit of a pull to the courtyard so I followed my feet around the back of the school where I saw a group of vamps. I narrowed my eyes and whispered "tags". Above each of the peoples head there were two labels. One said what species and the other said whether they were mated.

'VAMPIRES' Veronica (My wolf) yelled at me.

"Yeah I figured that out, dipshit." I said back irritably.

Before I knew what was happening, a particularly large Vampire had me in his arms about a foot off the ground and I was struggling to get free. I couldn't turn around to sink my fangs into his neck for a kill-shot.

"Now listen here you bitch. This is my Coven's territory and you'd better lay off."

Speak of the leaches and the leaches shall appear because the whole gang stood in front of me.


I felt a bit of a sting in the back of my head and I knew my eyes were turning bright silver and Veronica was trying to get the fuck out, and hard. But I had to contain myself or there would be war.

Then I saw that Jackson was behind him in his wolf form. He was one of the biggest wolves in the Black River Pack. He was my mate and alpha of the fourth-largest pack in North America. Weeeell not full mate... That's why I wasn't Luna yet. He was black with his front left paw white. I was opposite. White with a black right front paw. I gave a small nod. 

"LET HER GO, YOU ASSHOLE." Alpha voice. Never fails. The Vampire flinched and his grip loosened. He was either the leader or the second because he didn't let go. "NOW!"

That time I dropped to the ground and hit my knee cause I fail at life.

Authors note: Sorry I fail so hard at writing and details and all that lovely shit. So BAI NOW!

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