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Romantic Interlude in the Haunted House

She wanted a tour, but it turned out to be much more than I expected...

Her name was Tina, she worked in our data processing division. She always looked and conducted herself as the total professional who was dedicated to her job. Some dubbed her a cold fish, but I always felt they had read her wrong. As it always seemed that we had our lunch at the same time I attempted to break the ice by starting a conversation and to my delight she responded. Finally after a few weeks of polite conversation in the lunchroom I got up the nerve to ask her out and she accepted.

I soon discovered that beneath her calm and reserved exterior beat the heart of a vampire/Gothic lover. When I related my background on the stage and the haunted house project we began to have long conversations about vampire books and movies. We soon began to date on a regular basis.

It was while returning from a local restaurant one evening that we passed the old house that was used as our haunted attraction. I pointed it out to her and to my surprise she expressed a desire to see inside. I explained that it had been boarded up and secured for the Winter and it would probably take me a half an hour just to open it. I went on to explain it would be very cold inside as this house was just a shell with no running water or heat. 

"You have no idea what these places do to me," she said in a breathy whisper.

Feeling a tuning fork in my heart at her statement I promised that next weekend I would open it up for her. So on Thursday of that week I headed to the house after work and went through the long and lengthy process of opening it up. The power was still on to keep the alarm active so I didn't have to fumble around in the dark. I made sure the floors were debris free and then checked to see if all the lights and sound system were still working, to my delight they were.

I located an old candelabra that was used as a room prop and filled it with some tall candles I had recently purchased. I then sealed it up until Friday. Dinner was great as usual and while driving home from the restaurant I said nothing until we were approaching the house and I pulled into the driveway of the old mansion.

"Well, are you ready?" I asked.

Her eyes were wide and her breathing got heavy as she managed to softly hiss a " Yes". I then made her wait in the car while I reopened it and turned on the running lights, sound effects and lit the candles.

I ushered her inside sealing the door behind us and then commenced to take her on a tour. She was getting very excited despite the lack of actors in the rooms which were now bathed in the red and blue running lights and the occasional strobe. She listened to the sound effects of chains, moans, footsteps, pipe organ music and my narration of what the room was and what she would have seen under operating conditions.

We wound our way through the house ending up in the Dracula room. The walls were done in a castle wall motif, complete with French Doors and a 4 poster bed. The candles flickered in the candelabra throwing long shadows on the wall added to the dark and Gothic appearance. I watched as she walked around the room seemingly mesmerized as she listened to the pipe organ music.

She turned and walked toward me with what I thought was another question, but suddenly grabbed me and placed her hot lips on mine and gently slipped her tongue in my mouth. She broke the kiss long enough to whispered, "This is what I wanted to do last week".

She backed her way to the bed while maintaining eye contact as she slowly undid her long topcoat, letting it slide off her shoulders to reveal a black satin bra, panties and a black satin garter belt all of which held black seamed thigh highs.

I was speechless and can only surmise that whilst waiting for me to unlock the house she had doffed her dress and stashed it in the car.

"Do you have your Dracula cape here?"

"It's in the car".

"Go get it".

I almost tore the door off the hinges in my haste to get outside.

Upon my return she bade me to strip and wear only the cape. The sudden sensation of the cold satin against my warm skin, caused me to get more excited than I had been in a long time. A moan escaped her lips as she was enveloped in the same cold satiny cloth as I gently laid on top of her.

"Bite me first, bite me first."

So I lowered my lips to her neck and gently bit her .That was all the foreplay that was needed.

The sensations and sounds of her nylon clad legs rubbing up and down my back through my cloak were beyond my expectations .We made love for about an hour accompanied by the eerie sound effects, and Toccata and Fugue in D minor played on the organ, her moans at times overwhelmed the background noises. 

As we drifted back to our bodies the cold finally got to us and we decided it was time to go. I redressed and went through the long process of sealing the house while she waited in the car. She shivered all the way home, though I suspect not from the cold. 

She was kissing my neck, ears and hands almost causing me to skid off the road more than once. Upon reaching her apartment we took turns showering and enjoyed wine afterwards.

She asked for a revisit to the house and I agreed. She promised that next time would be all about me.

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