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The Strange White Man 33

Carpenter was stunned into silence at the sight before him. This monk that was the acknowledged foremost expert on the supernatural in the USA stood there with a slight smile on his face and allowing Carpenter to see his fang teeth. Brother Sebastian was one of the undead.

Carpenter was at a loss for words and that had not happened to him in a long time. The monk sensing his minor confusion bade him to take a seat and reached for the bottle of brandy and poured them each a generous portion. The amber liquid would not intoxicate him and the slightly burning taste was pleasing to him. Carpenters mind was whirling with a hundred questions.

 "Are you really a monk?" Carpenter finally asked.


"How did you make it through seminary school and remain today without detection?"

"Quite simple. The seminary is quite large, old and dark with only candles to light our paths. Since most of the studying was done inside it has not an issue and I am sure you discovered we are not repelled by the sign of the cross.

"But you travel to lecture?"

"Yes, but only at night. Any daytime lectures are done at the seminary."

"How long have you been there?"

"About twenty years."

"Don't the others question your not aging?

"I always have a supply of theatrical makeup in my quarters that I use it as needed. When I judge I have stayed at one place and in one identity too long I arrange to die and move to another place and start all over again.

"You said something earlier about praying for the souls of Vincent and Faraday because of the terrible deeds they performed?"

"Yes I did."

"I do not understand."

"They have probably killed more innocent people than they could possible imagine. Any person that did not respond to their questions or acted strangely was believed to be in league with the undead. It never occurred to then that the person being questioned suffered mental illness or the inability to speak. They always assumed the worst and killed them."

Carpenter had more questions but withheld them and asked about the journal.

"You said you can translate the writing?"

"Most of it, some parts are in an ancient text that will required more time."

"What have you learned so far?"

"This journal has been passed down from one of the earliest hunters to him and addresses the differences in our kind."


"I am sure you have seen them. The animated corpses that haunt graveyards."

"Yes, I have encountered them."

"To them you are the enemy as you chose to live among the living and that you have not killed those you fed upon. They run shrieking at the sign of the cross and they cannot touch or look upon them while they pose no threat to you. Have you never wondered why you have your intellect intact and they barley speak?"

"Yes I have."

"There was no one to help them on that first night of rebirth to the dark life as I did and I am sure you that you had. What the hunters do not know is that if the creator is evil so to will the offspring be. They are also ignorant of the fact that with each new creation the virus that makes us what we are become weaker." 

"I don't remember having any help and if I did I am sure that memory has faded."

"You had help and something that significant does not fade from memory, its just buried in your memories. So tell me is the young lady one of your offspring's?"

"Yes, she was a victim at first and then become my live in assistant. She was brutally murdered by a pair of thugs and I found her with the last spark of life left in her and she begged me to make her what I was."

"Is she the only one you have created?"


"You were then on her first night when she awoke?"


"The mere act of talking to her and escorting her back to surroundings that she knew kept her from becoming one of those mindless corpses."

"It just seemed like the correct thing to do."

"And you were correct in doing so, and believe it or not one day she will be stronger than you and probably already possess some gifts that you do not."

"There is much she has to learn."

"Yes, and you will teach her as you were taught."

"I wish I could remember."

"I can help you if you are willing."



"I have heard of it. It's a new science and it has been debunked by many."

"I have seen it done and studied it since its introduction to the public, it is quite real and it works."

" So when do we begin?"

"Not just yet, there are a few passages I have not yet translated."

Carpenter then told the monk about the hunter named Stiles and what had occurred since he had crossed their paths.

"An intelligent hunter, that is not good. Relax my son, we will find a way to defeat him together."

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