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The Strange White Man 42

As soon as Felsar fell asleep the Prince left the wizards lair and headed into the secret passage ways. The chance encounter with Princess Lynette had filled his heart with the desire to see her again. Maybe if he could get her to listen and not scream they could talk as he missed her.

As he moved he was surprised at how well he could see in the absence of light. The sounds he had heard that first time with Felsar had finally been explained, it was the scurrying of the rats fleeing as he approached. He found the secret entrance to his room with ease thanks to and X he scrapped into the wall with a piece of coal and he knew that she was in the room just a little further down the hallway.

He found the secret door to the room that she occupied and opened the door just a crack so he could look around before he entered. He wanted to make sure he knew where the hidden door opener was before he entered and closed the door behind him lest he have to make a hasty retreat.

Even in sleep her beauty was beyond compare he thought to himself as he slowly and noiselessly approached the bed. He softly called her name and to his surprise she opened her eyes and looked at him and the Prince was ready to run in case she let out another scream, but she didn't.

"Prince Karl? Is that really you?" she asked in a soft voice.

"Yes my Princess, it is I," he responded softly.

"They told me you were dead," she said as she sat up.

"I am dead," he responded.

"But that is not possible as I can see you."

"Believe my Princess, it is possible," he answered.

The Prince sat on the edge of the bed and she reached out to touch him and upon feeling solid flesh she threw herself in his arms.

"You are so cold," she said as she released him.

"That cannot be helped."

Then there came a sharp knocking on her door accompanied by her Fathers voice, "Daughter are you well?"

In the time it took for her to turn her head toward the door the Prince had vanished just as her Father stormed into the room accompianed by two guards.They commenced to search the cavernous room.

"One of the guards summoned me, he said he heard voices," her Father stated.

"He must be hearing things brought on by too many tankards of ale. As you can see I am alone," the Princess responded.

"Forgive me for disturbing you," her Father apologized and exited.

Lynette had just laid her head back down when the Prince appeared at her side again. She hugged him tightly and ignored the cold feeling of his cheek against hers. He whispered in her ear to keep her voice low lest the guards hear them and she nodded.

"Can you tell me what happened to you?" she asked.

"That would take some doing," he responded.

"When I saw you in the chapel you had blood on your face."

"If I cry I will shed blood tears and I was weeping at the coffins of my beloved parents," he responded.

"I loved your parents dearly and I miss them."

"They loved you also."

"Will I see you again?" she questioned.

"Yes, but you must swear to tell no one,"

"I promise."

He bade her to have a good sleep as he gently kissed her on the forehead. He waited until she turned her back toward him before he disappeared into the passageways. He stopped at every torch holder that bore the markings of being a door and placed his ear against the cold stone and concentrated, he was amazed at what he could hear.

He heard snoring in most of the rooms and in one he heard the soft moaning of one of the ladies-in-waiting as she entertained some unknown lover. He discovered a door that took him outside the castle and another that took him to the treasure room. Finally he made his way back to the wizards lair.

"Good morning," the wizard greeted.

"Is it morning already?" the Prince asked.

"Aye it is. Do you not feel tired?

The Prince had not thought about it but did feel tired. Felsar explained that it was one of the conditions of this new existence.

"During the daylight hours you will sleep to avoid the rays of the Sun which could destroy you," the wizard intoned.

That information saddened the Prince as he loved the out of doors.He then told Felsar of his night and the wizard was pleased by his exploring but not of him seeing the Princess again and that they talked.

"If she tells anyone and they believe her it could cause trouble."

"She will tell no one. Could they really find this place?" he asked.

"Not too likely as most of them are dullards," Felsar said with a slight smile, "Now go to sleep while I make an appearance and see what is happening outside of these walls."

Awake," he heard a voice command and soon found himself back in his rail car.

"No, put me back under," he asked the Monk.

He was informed that it's was almost sunrise and Carpenter bid a hasty retreat back to his ranch and the arms of his beloved Holly. He told her of what he had seen in his memories and Holly felt sorry for him.

"You must have loved to risk discovery," she said in his ear.

Carpenter did not respond immediately as he did not wish to say the wrong words and hurt her feelings. He did love the Princess very much and it caused his heart to ache being separated from her. He wrapped Holly in his arms and they settled down for sleep.

"She is in my past, you are my present," he finally said.

Holly leaned over to kiss him and then drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile the Monk was poring over some tombs that he requested from his library at home and cross referencing the information with the books he had brought with him. He had to check and double check what he read as this information was vital and he was beginning to feel tired.

If what he read was true, this could change everything they knew about their kind.

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