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The Strange White Man Chapter 35

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It took about a week for Carpenters private railcar to be returned and parked on the siding and he was most pleased. As comfortable as he was in the old monastery he preferred the safety of his car and Brother Sebastian had no problems continuing their discussions there.

The oldest journals proved a real challenge for the Monk as he was unable to immediately recognize the language. He was forced to go through the weighty tombs in the university and monastery's libraries .

"It seems to be instructions for some kind of concoction, for what purpose I am unsure of."

"How old are you my friend?" Carpenter inquired.

" I am over 700 years old. And you?"

"About 400."

"We have seen so many wonderful things in our time have we not?"

"We have indeed."

 "Tell me more about the hypnosis," Carpenter asked one evening.

"It's quite simple, I simply reawaken memories in your subconscious."

"Is that possible? As you said a few nights ago that we have seen many wondrous things in our time. Can we really remember them all?"

"Yes I do. Not in exact detail."

"What do you mean not in exact detail?"

" The month, day and time, no. If we really concentrate we can probably remember the year. This is all in theory of course as our minds are very strong. I'm sure you have the ability to place suggestions in the minds of mortals?"

"Yes, I do."

"Someone had to teach that to you."

 "Then let us try it."

"It will not be an easy task and you have to totally trust and believe that I will allow no harm to come to you while in this state."

"You shared your biggest secret with me and trusted that I would tell no one, so I will trust you."

 The Monk made sure Carpenter was seated comfortably in his plush chair and asked him to stare at a candle he had lit after extinguishing all the other lights.

"Stare deep into the flame and allow your mind to slip backwards to a time long past. Breathe as you have been taught to relax yourself and listen to my voice. Imagine the years as pages in a book and flip them backwards."

Carpenter stared into the flame and listened to the Monks voice and willed himself to relax. Shortly he felt himself moving backwards in time.

Meanwhile back in Sinking Wells: Stiles had allowed his hair to grow long and did not bother to shave and it did a lot to disguise his face. He outfitted himself in the oldest clothes he could find. There were a few of the womenfolk that came out to retrieve their laundry left hanging on the line only to discover some items were missing. It their place was paper money or a small pouch of gold dust.

He took a job at a local stable and soon became known to all the cowboys. One day he was watching them throwing their lasso's and expressed and interest in learning that skill.

"It ain't all that hard," one told him.

"It ain't?"

"Naw, and for the price of a shot and a beer I'll show ya ."

So Stiles began to learn how to throw a lasso. He practiced everyday in between his duties and his target was a an old stump about five feet tall.

"Ya need a bigger target if in you plan on roping cattle," he was told.

"No, this will suite me just fine."

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