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The Strange White man Part 12

As Holly sat and sipped on her champagne she was amazed at how her hearing and vision had expanded. She could see the cards of the poker player that sat with his back to her and he was better than half way across the room. She heard the scurrying of a mouse that had exited his hole to grab a dropped piece of food and his hasty retreat back home. She could hear the moaning of one of the saloon girls upstairs entertaining a client.

Most of all she heard the Carlson brothers in the corner talking about her. She recalled the beating she received at their hands and the sexual assault that followed and how they laughed when she begged them to stop and eventually shot her and she grew angry.

Then she felt a momentary pain in her gums and then two sharp points pressing against her lower lip. She discretely and lady like stuck the tip of her small finger in the corner of her mouth and felt the sharp tip of one of her fangs and she was in a panic.

She quickly paid her bill and said her good byes before she hurried outside and mounted her horse and rode non-stop back to the ranch. Carpenter was in the house doing research and she flew into his arms and was in a state of such hysterics that it was an effort to calm her down so he could understand her problem.

"You became angry and when you do your system will go on high alert and ready your most lethal weapon," he responded in a soothing voice.

"What if someone would have see them?"

"Most mortals go through life with their eyes closed and they will blame their eyes playing tricks on them. As soon as you realize that you are angry and begin to calm down they will retract."

"I better learn to keep calm."

"I can teach you that. Remember you must be forever on guard in this new form. If you sweat, you will sweat blood and if you cry you will shed blood tears and that is not so easily explained away."

She then told him about seeing the Carlton brothers and the conversation they were having about her.

"And now you want revenge?"


"Forget them they are not worth the effort."

"I will not forget them. They beat me, raped me and killed me and their first thought upon seeing me was to do it all over again," she responded her voice raising an octave.

"If they had acted surprised as seeing you and said nothing and slunk out of the bar would you be so anxious to extract your revenge?"

"No I would not."

"Very good, " Carpenter said smiling, "now allow me to make a suggestion then."

They talked until just before sunrise. He then wrote a note and placed it in an envelope and ran it to the bunkhouse and placed it in the old cooks hand and was assured that it would be placed in the ramrods hands at breakfast. He then returned to the ranch house where they pulled the heavy drapes and continued talked until after sunrise. They then laid down on the bed together and soon slept.

The Carlton brothers rode out to the ranch just after Noon. And just like the last time they had visited they didn't see any of the ranch hands around so they began to ride toward the house. They had reached the house and were preparing to dismount when Marcus appeared at the door of the barn, he had a rifle trained on them.

"Can I help you gents? "

"We are friends of Miss Holly and dropped by to pay our respects," Slim lied.

"She ain't here, now git."

"You're being right unfriendly Mister," Kyle responded and his hand slowly dropped toward his holster.

"Git I said."

Kyle's hand had almost reached the butt of his pistol when he heard another click and turned his head to see Bear Claw Clem pointing a rifle at his hand.

"If in I was you I wouldn't be moving that hand any further," Bear Claw said in a low voice.

"Miss Holly will be back tonight and you can see her at the Cactus Flower Saloon," Marcus responded.

The brothers wheeled their mounts around and headed back to town. They were not happy about being run off but they knew where she'd be tonight and they would bide their time.

It was about 8:00 PM when they saw Miss Holly arrive from their table in the corner, she looked lovely as ever. She took her seat at the bar and ordered drinks all around. They sat and watched as Holly laughed and joked with the bartender and the other saloon girls and polished off glass after glass of the bubbly wine.

Finally around 11:00 PM she staggered toward the hotel side of the bar and got a room and wobbled up the stairs and was unaware that Slim was following her. He paused at the top of the stairs and saw her enter one of the rooms before he went to the doorway of the bar and summoned his brother and together they crept up the stairs. Slim entered the room while Lyle stood guard..

He saw that she was naked and on her back on the bed and her alabaster body gleamed in the moonlight coming through the window. He shook her awake and she attempted to cover herself with a sheet as she got up and tried to run toward the window.

Slim came up behind her and placed one hand over her mouth and ripped the sheet away with the other. He rubbed his hand over her body and was shocked at how cool it was on this despite the heat of this June night. She stopped struggling and turned to face him. His eyes were glued to her breasts and he began to shed his clothing and then placed his lips on her and his hands on her breasts.

He felt her hand slid up his body and down his arms to his wrists. He then heard a cracking sound and a flash of unbearable pain coursed through his body. He tried to pull away put Holly held him in a grip of iron and her mouth on his prevented him from howling in agony.

She released him and he saw that his hands were hanging from the wrists and he was unable to move even when he looked her in the face and saw that her eyes were red rimmed and the long teeth in her open mouth. She fastened herself to his neck and drank deeply and he collapsed to the floor.

She went to the door and opened it a crack and saw Kyle's face.

"It's your turn, sweetie," she crooned to him.

Kyle entered and when he saw the blood and his brothers body he drew his weapon and fired all six shorts and point blank range. When the smoke cleared he saw that she was still standing and smiling at him with six holes in her breasts and stomach.

She hissed at him as his bowels released and he was unable to move. She raised the pistol she had taken from Slim's holster and shot him in the groin removing his manhood and he collapsed on the floor writhing in agony and howling in pain. She allowed him to savor the pain before she shot him between the eyes.

She then grabbed her dress and shoes and went out window where she walked unafraid along the edge until reaching the window of the room next to hers. It was unoccupied so she entered, redressed and flopped down face first on the bed.

The gunshots and yelling brought the owner running while another went for the sheriff.

They kicked open the door of the room and a few gagged at the scene before them.

"Holy Mary Mother of God," the sheriff intoned.

"Where is Holly?" the owner asked the desk clerk

"I don't know, this is the room I gave her."

The desk clerk checked the room next to the one he gave her and found her.

"She must have been so drunk that she went into the wrong room," he told the sheriff.

"Good thing too or she might be dead," the sheriff responded.

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