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The Strange White Man Part 18

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It was only Carpenters snake-like speed that saved Stiles from having his throat ripped out by Holly, that and Stiles reaction of pushing his chair backward as she lunged. Carpenter had grabbed her in mid air and pulled her into him. To those that happened to be watching it looked as through he merely placed his hand on her waist and wrist and pulled her into his arms.

He whispered for her to remain calm and relax and not move or speak. Holly was ashamed at her the loss of her composure and silently wept. Carpenter then placed his free hand on the back of her head and it would appear to be an attempt to comfort her. In reality it was done so the cloth of his jacket would absorb any trace of blood tears from her face.

While the sight and smell of fresh human blood did not effect him, it proved too much for Holly who was but a newborn to the dark life. The commotion attracted a lot of attention and someone mentioned that the Sheriff had been sent for.

Stiles was pleased and sought to use it to his advantage, but under estimated an opponent that had millenniums of experience in distraction and misdirection.

"What's going on here?" the Sheriff asked as he entered the backroom.

Before Stiles could speak Carpenter raised his voice and placed an outraged look on his face as he spoke.

"What is wrong with you Sir? Do you enjoy scaring young ladies?"

"What did he do?" the Sheriff inquired.

He cut open his arm with and showed the wound dripping with blood to the lady."

The Sheriff surveyed the scene and tried to piece together what had happened. Stiles was on his back on the floor still partly seated in his chair.

"It looked like she lept across the table," one of the card players stated.

"She did," Stiles interjected.

"No, she was trying to get out of the room because this man decide to cut himself and show off his wound, she merely tripped," Carpenter responded and stared at the man and concentrated. He forced the image of Holly falling and not leaping.

"So did she fall or leap?" the Sheriff questioned the bystander.

"Its as he says. She was trying to get out of the room and fell," the witness now stated.

The Sheriff noticed Stiles's rolled up sleeves and grabbed him by the exposed arm and turned it over revealing a long cut on the underside that was still bleeding slightly. He now had his attention fully on Stiles and forgot Carpenter and Holly.

"Mister, there is something wrong with you," he said as he grabbed Stiles off the floor and holding the uncut arm behind his back and marched him in the direction of the jail.

Carpenter asked for some water and he wet his handkerchief and wiped her her face. To those watching it looked like an effort to revive her but reality it was to ensure that there was no trace of blood tears on her cheeks.

He then scooped her up in his arms and carried her outside. Carpenter kept the charade going by having one of the onlookers steady her while he mounted his steed. They then gently lifted her up to his arms. One of the men untied Holly's horse and handed the reigns to Carpenter.

He thanked them all and bid them a good evening. As they rode past the Sheriffs office he came to the door and asked Carpenter if he wanted him to send the doctor around.

"If she isn't better by tomorrow I will send for him," Carpenter responded.

As they slowly rode out of town Holly began to cry again at her actions and Carpenter let her. This would be a long lasting lesson.

"This one is clever and we must avoid him for the time being. I thought he was going to brandish a crucifix, garlic flower or wolfs bane believing they would affect us. I had no idea he would go through such extremes."

Back at the jail the doctor had been summoned by the Sheriff to tend to Stiles wound. It was not a deep cut so a simple wrapping would do.

"Just what were you trying to prove?" the Sheriff asked

"That this Mr. Carpenter is a creature of the night, a vampire."

The Sheriff and the doctor shared amused looks.

"The sight of blood usually drives them into a frenzy, but not this time."

"All you did was scare that poor girl half out of her wits."

"No, I revealed her for what she is."

"I thought you said Carpenter was a, whats that word again,oh yes vampire".

"Its seems that only she is."

"I'm gonna give you a piece of advice, you leave Carpenter and Holly alone. Holly's been in this town since she was sixteen and the only thing wrong with her is she ain't sleeping in my bed."

With that the Sheriff threw back his head and laughed and the doctor joined him.In between theri laughter they told Stile he was free to leave as no charges had been filed.

"Idiots, I will prove it to all of them," Stiles said aloud as he headed back to his hotel room.

Written by The_Count
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