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The Strange White man Part 2

"Chief Puma tells Red Owl about the visit"

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A new day dawned and the village came to life. Everyone had a task to perform and they fell to it. The scouts returned and informed the Chief that the buffalo herd was heading this way, and that was good news indeed. Then after a meagre breakfast the Chief went in search of his friend Red Owl, he was found in his tepee.

The Chief sat and faced his friend and spoke to him in low tones.

"What now passes between us must not be retold to anyone," the Chief stated.

"What has happened?"

"The white man visited me last night"

"In a vision?"

"No, he appeared at the door to the great lodge."

"That is not possible, he would have been heard or seen."

"He walked up on me and I heard nothing."

"Your guards must have been asleep".

"They were not."

Now Red Owl became concerned. No white man was ever allowed to visit the village. When the Great White Father sent men to negotiate treaties they met in the open or outside the soldiers fort, but never in the village.

"What happened?"

"We smoked and talked."

"He speaks our language?"

"Yes, as though he was a Lakota born."

"Did you tell him of our concerns."

The Chief then told his friend of the conversation he had with the strange white man, and that he was invited back to the village tonight for more talk.

"This time you will meet with him," the Chief said.
"As you wish."

The Moon had not fully risen when the Chief appeared at his friend's side. Red Owl woke up immediately as the Chief entered, he did not have to be touched or called. He dressed quickly and joined his friend outside and together they walked to the meeting lodge.

"He is here?" Red Owl questioned.

"Not as of yet."

They were about to enter the lodge when the man stepped out of the shadows and greeted them.

Red Owl could not believe this. He had not heard, seen or smelled anything, and yet this white man was here in front of them. The three men took a seat inside and once again, Chief Puma lit a pipe and it was passed around.

Red Owl asked the man how he was called.

"I have been called many names by many men, you may address me as you wish."

"The Chief has told you of our burial grounds and that the people worry about you living so close."

"I have told your Chief I will not disturb the dead and they will not disturb me."

Red Owl was becoming insulted. He had powerful magic at his disposal and conducted many sacred ceremonies at the burial grounds. So the fact that this white man was not concerned was an insult to his power.

The white man's smooth face looked weary and then he spoke, "I just wish to live in peace."

"Then live in peace, we will not disturb you," Chief Puma said.

"Then I in turn will not bother you."

He stood and bade them good sleep and was out the door in the wink of an eye, the Chief and medicine man were right on his heels. Again as it happened last night, there was no sound or detected movement. The horses and dogs were quiet and his guards still at their posts heard nothing.

"Nothing to say?," the Chief questioned.

"I believe you were correct to order that no one bothers this white man."

"You felt it too, a strange power."

"Yes, it disturbs me."

"We shall call him Walks-Like-The-Wind."

The following day the women and children had begun the task of packing up the village to move closer to the place where the buffalo stopped to graze. It was a trek of maybe a few hours until they reached the place and the village was set up again and the hunters began to ready themselves.

During the walk they passed within a mile of the ranch house of the white man. There was no sign of activity, no cattle or horses or ranch hands. Angry Horse's face took on a serious look and he spoke in low tones to his friends.

"Why is such a great Chief as Puma afraid to kill this white man?"

"Puma is wise and must have his reasons," Lone Eagle answered.

"Who are we to question it?" Scar responded.

Angry Horse said no more. He decided to ignore his Chief's command and after the hunt to visit this white man at night.

Written by The_Count
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