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The Strange White Man Part 25

How it happened

Let us turn back the clock to the point in time where the Sheriff tackled Stiles to the ground and Holly ran up the alley, as you may have guessed it was not Holly but rather Lafayette in disguise .Upon reaching the back of the building he found Carpenter waiting. He then flopped over Carpenters shoulder and whispered that he was set.

Carpenter then leapt straight up and caught the windowsill of a second story hotel room with one hand while assisting his friend through the window and into the room with his free hand. Holly was standing just inside the window to waiting to assist him. She was clad in her underwear and had just finished removing the last of the Cousin Jasper makeup.

Lafayette quickly undressed and Holly donned the outfit that he had worn. After double checking her face to ensure there were no traces of the stage make up she quickly applied her everyday makeup. She then went to the window and dropped soundlessly to the alley and took up her hiding place behind the stack of boxes.

Carpenter then made his way downstairs while Lafayette applied the Cousin Jasper make up and then donned the outfit that Holly had worn into town. Carpenter had just reached the bottom of the stairs when one the townsfolk informed him that the sheriff ordered him to fetch him as there was a problem in the alley. He quickly followed the man outside and soon Holly was in his arms with her head buried in his chest.

"How long are you going to allow this person to torment my girlfriend?" Carpenter asked in an outraged voice.

"This was the final straw, he is leaving town tomorrow morning."

Stiles was escorted to his hotel room where he was allowed to pack his belongings. He was then taken to jailhouse and placed in a cell and awaited the doctor who had been summoned to clean and dress his wound. As the doctor worked the Sheriff sent his deputy to the train station to purchase a ticket.

The deputy returned just as the doctor had finished and handed the ticket to his boss. The ticket was then tossed to the single occupant of the cell. He picked it up and stared at it.

"You will be on the 10:00 AM train and I never want to see you in this town again," the Sheriff growled at Stiles.

"You can't do that."

"Yes I can and just did."

"The territorial governor will hear of this."

"Fine, you make sure you tell him the reason I booted you out of town. By the way if you mention that vampire story to him he will probably have you locked away in an insane asylum."

Meanwhile the trio had moved to the Silver Fox saloon and took a table where they celebrated the victory over Stiles.

"You should not be bothered for a while as everyone saw what happened," Lafayette informed them.

"I am in your debt," Carpenter informed him as he placed a leather bag filled with gold pieces in front of him.

"There is no need for that."

"You did say there would be a bill for your laundry services?"

"I will probably leave the day after tomorrow."

"As you wish."

Holly looked sad at that point as she had come to like Lafayette. He was handsome and talented and was the only man that blushed whenever he saw her in her undergarments. Finally sleep began to overtake Lafayette and he took his leave and headed back to the ranch. Carpenter would spend the rest of the evening playing cards and Holly would visit with her friends.

Lafayette had not been asleep long when he dreamed he was being watched. He woke up to find a nude Holly staring down at him and before he could speak she slid under the covers next to him and passionately embraced him. She was quite stunning and her body was silky smooth and cool to the touch.

"Miss Holly what are you doing?

"Something I wanted to do when I first met you."

"Carpenter would be most upset if he saw this."

"He doesn't care about me."

"Yes he does."

"How do you figure?"

"He made you what he is, if he didn't care he'd have let you die."

"I need a little more."

"Tell him how you feel."

Holly exited the bed feeling unwanted and on the verge of tears .Lafayette sensed her disrepair and followed her.

"If you were with anyone else I would have surrendered to your charms."

That statement caused her to smile and she embraced and kissed him again before redressing and heading back out into the night.

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