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The Strange White man Part 8

One minute she was alone with her thoughts and the next Carpenter was standing in the room not two feet away from her and her feelings at the sight of him were a mix of attraction and revulsion .

"Have you done as I asked?" he questioned.

She opened the carpet bag that was full of money and he smiled.

"You have done well."

"Thank you."

"Have you considered my offer?"

"I have."

"I will need an answer and soon."

"If I say no will you kill me?"

"No my dear I will not, providing you keep my secret."

"I need time to think."

"Think about what? Do you really wish to spend your life as a saloon girl serving drinks and being pawed by drunken cowboys?"

"Not really."

"Accept my offer and you will be wealthy beyond you imagination."

"It's the conditions that concern me."

"The conditions are simple. Between the daylight hours you are not to leave the ranch, you do not have to stay inside the house just on the grounds to keep watch over the house and my secrets."

"That's all?"

"That is it. Come sundown you can go into town and see your friends, drink, gamble and take a lover if you desire one, but you shall be back here before sunrise."

"What about this?" she asked as she opened her collar to reveal the slight indentations in her neck.

"That was unfortunate, but your bullet caused me to begin to loose a lot of blood and it had to be replaced quickly."

"You wouldn't do it again?"

"Only if you offered, but we will talk more about this when we get back home."

Carpenter then handed her a wad of cash. "We will go to the restaurant and then the casino and I will stay with you long enough for people to see us together, then I will leave and you may spend the night as you wish."

Holly buttoned her collar and after doubling checking her appearance they left the room. They sat in the restaurant, where Holly actually dined while Carpenter sipped on a brandy. They then went to the cities newest casino, that allowed ladies in and to gamble escorted or alone.

Finally around 2:00 AM sleep caught up with her and she retired for the evening and Carpenter went out into the night.

"Hello handsome," a very pretty streetwalker hailed him.

"Good evening," he responded.

"Something I can do for you?"

"Yes, I believe there is."

At her insistence Carpenter followed her to a room in a cheap hotel where the desk clerk did not give them a second look. Once in the room she gave him a show by slowly undressing and when she finished she approached him and wrapped her arms around him. She kissed him long and passionately and then it happened. In the blink of an eye a man flew into the room and plunged a dagger into Carpenter's back and they were both shocked when he didn't fall to the floor.

He spun around and faced the male, the last thing he would see was Carpenter's face full of rage as he sunk his teeth in his throat. He then turned on the female, her face was white with fear and she was shaking with fear.

"What are you?" she screamed.

He gave no reply and sunk his teeth in her neck he then exited out the window and after scanning the street he dropped noiselessly to the ground. He then went over to the Broken Spur saloon and located Texas Jack and he pleased to to see him.

"Can you leave for home tomorrow around noon?" Carpenter questioned.

"Any cargo?'

"No just a few suitcases, a large trunk and Miss Holly."

"Tell her to be ready."

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