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Things Change

Part 2 of The Incident plz rate and comment at the bottom.

Part 2

It was around midnight, and I found myself out for a walk in the cool summer air. It had been a month since the heist at the store and I could tell Amy was still having trouble accepting what had happened, but who wouldn't? She wasn’t the only one, I still had no idea what happened to me and now I couldn’t stop thinking about all that blood. My senses sharpened to the point I could hear someone’s heartbeat from over a city block away. Sometimes my fangs would hurt or come out on their own like they begged to be released. It was through sheer willpower that I resisted, but I didn’t know how much longer I could.

I got back to our abandoned cabin in a provincial park to find that Amy was still in the same place as she had been two weeks before, lying down on her side and facing the back of the couch. I couldn’t help but notice she had eaten part of the PB&J that I left for her before I went out. I sat down on the other end of the couch and a big dust cloud exploded from it. I coughed a little and tried to make it into a joke but Amy couldn’t laugh, she had barely even spoken two words to me since we got here and I started to feel like she hated me.

With what I had, I was very limited in ways to get her to speak to me or even acknowledge my existence but I had to at least try. I started with the usual of board games but she said they were boring. Next I tried if she wanted to read a book with me but she just asked me what the point was because she was already living a horror story.

I felt my heart sink as she turned slightly to give me an angry glare then go back to lying on the couch. At that moment, I felt as if my relationship with her was over before it had already begun. I wanted to save her life but in the end I feel that I may have made a bad situation worse. I decided it was best to just leave her and go to bed; I got her a blanket and a fresh pillow before I went into my room and closed the door. I waited just outside long enough to hear Amy begin to cry and that is what confirmed it to me that she was truly in an emotional hell, and I put her there.

It was a few days later and the air was getting colder. I went out in the forest again to find firewood when I heard crackling in the nearby bushes. It was midday but I still had to be careful and besides, maybe it was something other then the food we brought or the old canned food in the cupboards we found. It wasn’t pleasant, but I’m sure that Amy would forgive me if it meant having some real food for once or at least I hope she would eventually.

I came to the spot I heard the noise and slowly crept my way amongst the bushes. What I saw horrified me as it was a team of men in camouflaged clothing and holding the most cliché anti-vampire weapons they could have gotten including garlic, wooden stakes and a cross. I would have almost pitied them if it wasn’t for the fact that they had machetes and they could still hurt Amy. I escaped without them noticing me and made my way back to the cabin as fast as I could go to get Amy and leave.

I started to think of how they could have found us and where did we slip up to leave a trail for them to follow when it hit me — the store about half a mile down the road where I bought some of our food. It had to have been when I pulled my hood down for a second to read a price tag, but apparently it was all they needed and now they were scouting the area to find us.

I made my way back to the lodge and found Amy was up and sitting at the kitchen table with her eyes bloodshot red like she had been crying. She told me to sit down so we could talk but as you know this was not the best time to have an in depth conversation. We started to argue and she scolded me for forcing her to do things, which was obvious she had something more important on her mind. She began to cry and I told her that we had to leave because there were people coming after us. I looked her in the eyes and for the first time in my life and without even realizing, I said those three little words that change every relationship forever. At that moment she looked up at me with both terror and surprise as what I was saying finally sunk into her chaotic mind but it was too late.

There was a crash at the window and a metal canister started to bounce then roll near us before releasing a smoke that made it hard to see or smell what was around us. It was tear gas and they were trying to smoke us out. Next a man with a shotgun broke down the door and screaming that we were there.

“You idiot! You brought them right to us!” Amy yelled at me and with that I was horrified. She was right, I did lead them right to us and now we were trapped like rats.

For so long I had buried my bloodlust deep inside me and satisfied it in ways that prevented me from drinking a human being but now I found myself cornered like an animal with no escape. I gave into my desire and extended my fangs to the point of exposing them, my new claws sharpened and became like little daggers as I charged at them. I told Amy to hide but she was shuddering with a blank stare, unable to move from her spot. I yelled at her to run again but it drew my attention away for a moment too long and I was pierced through the stomach with a machete dipped in holy water. I could feel it burn like acid and the blade pierced my internal organs to the point that I was not sure if I would make it out of this alive. With that, I looked over at Amy and once again she gave one loud scream as I fell to the ground. They started to move toward her but with the acid weapon I was impaled on, I could not move to do anything about it. I looked up to find the man who plunged the machete into my abdomen, laughing as he pulled out a revolver.

His attention was drawn to one of his comrades who now had Amy down on her knees with her hands held behind her back. I could see the fear in her eyes and the tears that started to run down her face as the man pushed her to the ground and began to remove her clothes.

“No! Please No! I don’t want this! Please don’t I’m begging you!” Amy pleaded hoarsely.

I wanted to move, I wanted to save her again like I had before but the blade was deeply in my abdomen and the holy water was spreading through my system like a poison, immobilizing my body and preventing me from moving. My life was fading, I could barely collect the strength to talk so I gave up and used what I could to muster my dying words.

“HEY!” I yelled getting everyone to shut the hell up, before continuing:

“Amy, I’m sorry I got you into this, I’m sorry I turned you and now putting your life in danger again. I wish things were different, if I could go back and change it I would have kept my distance since the incident. I would have tried harder to get you medical help instead of making your life into this. So if you can find it in your heart to forgive me then please, but I just want you to know… Amy, I love you!” I said as tears began to form and my voice crack.

The whole room went silent or at least I think it did as I slowly closed my eyes. The only thing left that I could hear was the sound of their heartbeats, however there was one strange thing that occurred. The heartbeats slowed down and stopped one by one leaving only the faint scent of Amy’s favorite perfume and the feel of the machete being removed from my stomach. Next I felt a pair of lips being pressed against mine, and blood running into my mouth.

My strength began to return, and my injuries started to heal as I opened my eyes to see Amy. I was shocked but not as much as what horrified me to see next. Amy’s hands and mouth were covered in blood, fresh blood and her eyes were glowing bright red like mine had only a month before. Her fangs glistened in the faint light of the moon before she gave a smile then slowly stroked her hand from my forehead and down onto my cheek to rest. Then she got closer to me as her glowing red eyes almost hypnotized me into a state that turned this frightening event into an innocent moment between a man and a woman. She pressed her body against mine and kissed me deeply before pulling away.

“I love you too,” Amy said, smiling and brimming in her new found glory.

With that, things between us changed. The only thought that crossed my mind was if that was really Amy talking or something else?

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