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Amber Part 21

Bruce stayed at Amber's house for quite a while going over the answers they would need if questioned about the story she told. Neither one was well adept at telling lies so this would take some effort on their parts to be believable.

Amber retrieved the calendar from her room and they went over it week by week. From the time she returned home from Greece to the day she found out that she was pregnant. They had to pick a time in between those dates that they hooked up and had the sex that got her pregnant.

If questioned about Stravos taking her virginity she agreed to admit to it. If it was not brought up it's probably because they would assume that Bruce was the one responsible. More than once Bruce's face showed signs of frustration and Amber became concerned.

"Bruce, I never wanted this to happen," she told him.

"Yeah I know."

"It doesn't change the way I feel about you. Does it change the way you feel about me?" she asked.

"Of course not," he answered and leaned over to place a kiss on her lips.

Bruce suddenly looked at his watch and realized he was due at work. He gave her another kiss and headed out the door just as her Mom's car pulled up the driveway. Mom entered from the attached garage loaded down with bags, she had stropped and picked up Chinese food for dinner so she didn't have to worry about cooking.

"Dad's home early. Something must be up?" she commented as she placed the large paper bag on the table.

"Yeah, its been a strange day," Amber commented.

"Care to share it with me?" Mom asked.

"After dinner," Amber responded and left the room.

Lana headed to the bedroom to change and found her husband sitting in the room he used as an office, working on an estimate for a client. She entered and gave him a kiss.

"According to our daughter its been a strange day and that's why you're home early," she commented.

"You don't know the half of it," he responded absently.

"I would like to know," she stated.

"After dinner."

"That's the same answer she gave me."

"It's a good answer, trust me," he responded as he continued his calculations.

After changing out of her business suit Mom headed back to the kitchen pausing to knock on Amber's door to tell her it was dinnertime.

"I'm not hungry," came the response.

"Amber, you have to eat something."

"I said I was not hungry," came the response again.

Once in the kitchen Lana questioned her husband on the events of the day as he was emptying the bags of the waxed containers of Chinese food. He told her how his answering service had contacted him saying there was a situation at Amber's school that required his presence. He then postponed the meeting he was holding and left his office to head there.

Upon his arrival he discovered that Amber had been called from class and was already in the office waiting for him. Once in the principal's office they were introduced to a Mr. Drakos who was the security chief for the villas they had stayed at in Greece.

We were informed that one of the local cabana boys named Stravos was claiming that he was the father of Amber's child. It seems that the Stravos boy now wanted to do right by her. He wanted Amber to move to Greece so he could support her, or we could assist him in coming to America.

"That's when our little girl dropped the bomb," Dad said scooping out a generous portion of Kung Pow chicken.

"Meaning what?" Mom asked.

"Meaning that she told the Principal and this Drakos character that while Stravos had been her first man that the baby was Bruce's."

"Oh dear. I saw Bruce leaving as I pulled in. Is everything all right with them?" Lana asked.

"Not sure, but I think so. He was contacted and informed that he didn't have to drive Amber home and that I needed to see him. He was told about everything that had happened and he seemed to take it pretty well."

"Well that explains her lack of an appetite," Lana commented.

"I left them alone so they could talk and plan for the non-stop questions that were coming. It seems before he left school one of Bruce's female friends hugged and kissed him in the hallway and expressed her happiness for them."

"How did she find out so fast?" Mom asked.

"Like I told Amber, school walls have ears."

About an hour later Mom knocked on Amber's door and was invited in. Amber was sitting in the dark hugging one of her beloved stuffed animals.

"Are you OK, Honey?" Mom inquired.

"No, I never wanted any of this to come out. I didn't tell Dad the whole story. I wanted to but he said not today."

"Can you tell me?" Lana asked.

"What's to tell. I met this handsome guy while in Greece that I thought really cared about me and I got stupid and got pregnant," Amber responded in a quiet voice.

"We knew you got pregnant in Greece, you just never said by who," Mom responded.

"I was embarrassed. Back at home I met a nice boy that overlooks the fact I am carrying someone else's child and still falls in love with me and I with him," Amber continued.

"He is a nice boy and Dad and I were happy you did," Mom answered.

"Now since most of our friends believe that he was the one that got me pregnant despite the fact that we never said anything to confirm or deny it we decided not to say anything and let them believe what they wanted. The curiosity had just begun to die down and then this happens," Amber responded, on the verge of tears.

"Why say anything at all?" Mom questioned.

"Because I didn't want it to get out I let some brief encounter knock me up. I want them to believe that it was this nice looking boy from school," Amber responded.

"How is Bruce taking all this?"

"Pretty good I think as he agreed to go along with it," Amber answered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Right after classes had ended for the day the news began to spread like wildfire among the students and no one seemed at all surprised. They all knew that there was a reason that Bruce was treating her so well and now they had proof positive, he had fathered Amber's baby.

Why they kept it to themselves their friends wondered aloud to each other. It was still hard to believe that sweet, naive and innocent Amber had sex before she was married. Hell, she used to blush whenever the topic was brought up in mixed company.

Well, they must have had their reasons for keeping it quiet but that was all over. The truth was finally out.

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