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Young Adult Stories

The focus of young adult fiction is primarily on a protagonist aged between twelve and sixteen rather than an adult.

The main character faces the usual challenges consistent with their age group; emotions, first love, peer pressure, divorce and family relationships. Stories can cover the entire range of fiction genres.


These are my se7en deadly sins

LAST Friday night, I put my PRIDE aside, And embarked on a 7-day GLUTEN-free diet, For improvement of lifestyle, I hoped and sheepishly AGREED, I went to the mirror and shaved my beard to change my SLOTHFUL look, Now full of confidence and optimism, I ENV...

When a Stupid Wish Becomes True

What happens if a stupid wish becomes true

Back when I was in high school, there was a boy who was two years younger than me. He liked to tell on everyone. I never understood his motivation. Maybe he thought telling on people was funny, or made him powerful, or maybe he just thought being a male v...

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Shadows and Streets-Chapter 1

A wealthy girl, with an unlikely team, sets out to find her fiancé in New York.

Sarvanez shifted in her chair. The corset pinched into her waist and it was every bit as uncomfortable as it looked. How do the women here wear these every single day? She thought to herself, feeling irritated. Still, in being a good visitor, she had agre...


The County Fair -Chapter 1

After being laid off from her job, Songul decides to join the county fair.

Songul’s head spun under the glare of the different colored lights. She had only been to a county fair one other time in her life, and that was when she was a kid. Still, after being laid off from a job she had worked at for a while, it was refreshing to...

The Last Summer Before Life

Responsible Glenn is on the edge of adulthood, but can his mother handle letting him go?

The red bathing suit stood out from all the others, its modest cut being a departure from the scant bikinis dominating the poolside. I noticed the girl wearing it from under an umbrella. She moved with ease in and out of the water, shoulders glistening wi...


The Spring Dance

I want to go with Rocky, not nerd boy

Study hall… last class of the day before what is supposed to be a relaxing weekend restoring another car he had just bought. However, the relaxing weekend would only happen if Jim finished his history report before the bell rang, and now that just did not...