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Amber Part 3

It was just a little after 1: 00 pm that Bruce parked in the street in front of Amber's house. He sat in his car for a moment and pondered the reasons her parents wanted to meet him. Maybe the rumors of him being the cause of her condition had reached their ears and that wouldn't be a good thing.

Well he was here so he might well get this over with. He exited his vehicle walked up the drive and knocked on the side door, Amber's mom opened the door and admitted him. Bruce could immediately see where Amber got her looks from as she was very attractive. She was tall and blond and in great shape, she was an older version of his newest friend.

"You must be Bruce? I'm Lana, Amber's mother."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Conway."

"Please, call me Lana. Amber went to the store with her dad and they should be back soon."

Bruce was escorted down a few stairs into what was the family room or rec room. The mantle above the fireplace was lined with trophies for ice skating and there were numerous framed pictures of Lana in her stunning skating outfits. He also recognized that these were not taken at a community ice rink.

"You were a professional skater?"

"Yes, since I graduated high school. I then spent ten years on the road with the Ice Capades. I still skate any chance I get, that's how I keep my figure."

"Well it worked because you look great."

When she smiled at him Bruce felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment.

"Smooth move idiot," he scolded himself, "tell the mom how great she looks."

There were many pictures of Amber when she was younger in what looked like modeling poses.

"Is that Amber?"

"Yes, taken when she was entering her teens. She won many beauty contests but had no desire to pursue a career in modeling."

Any further comments were interrupted by the arrival of Amber and her father descending the stairs.

"I hope mom wasn't boring you with the family history," Amber said giving me a hug.

"No she wasn't."

"This is my father, John," she said in the way of an introduction.

The man extended his hand and it totally enveloped his. He was easily 6'2" and built like a linebacker. He gave Bruce a polite smile.

When the ladies ascended the stairs to get some soft drinks John invited Bruce to have a seat.

"I have only one question for you and I hope you answer truthfully."

"I will."

"Did you get my daughter pregnant?"

"No sir."

He looked Bruce dead in the eye searching for some sign of deception but saw none.

"So you heard the rumors too?"

"Yes I have."

"We heard them also."

"Amber claims in happened in Greece. Do you know?"

"No sir, she never told me."

"She never told you?

"No sir."

"But Amber likes you."

"I like her too, but she doesn't tell me everything."

"Did you know she stayed home from school today because you called and said you weren't going?"

Bruce's response was cut off by the sound of someone coming down the stairs.

When Amber reached the bottom and saw Bruce sitting on the couch she turned her head and called up the stairs.

"It's OK mom, he's still alive."

She handed her dad a Coke and then gave one to Bruce before she settled down next to him.

"Amber says you drive now. Do you plan on driving to school?"

"Yes, I already have an assigned parking space."

"Do you plan on driving my daughter?"

"Daddy," Amber said in shock and embarrassment.

"I was planning to ask her."

Amber turned and smiled, " Really?"

"Yes really."

"The gossip is really going to go into high speed if you do."

"I really don't care."

Amber's dad checked his watch and suddenly stood up.

"It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you stop by again," he said as he exited leaving Bruce and Amber alone.

Amber suddenly leaned into him and placed her warm lips on his. There was a brief touching of her tongue against his before she slowly ended the kiss.

"I have wanted to do that for weeks," she shyly admitted.

Bruce just sat there delighted and was speechless.

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