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Amber Part 36

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After breakfast on Sunday Amber did a quick count of her ready cash, she had more than enough for her needs. She then spent a few hours online searching for a cab service and found one to suit her schedule.

Later in the afternoon she contacted Aunt Helen and advised her that she would visit the dress shop on Monday. Her parents expressed apprehension at her taking a cab with an infant, but Amber remained steadfast on her decision.

"You both have done so much for me already and I am quite capable of taking a cab," she informed them.

After her parents left for work she packed Lea's diaper bag, dressed herself and then waited for the cab to arrive, she didn't have to wait long. After securing Lea's car seat they headed to Blace bridal and formal, the shop Helen told her about.

The driver was a very pleasant older gent and handed Amber a business card before he backed out of her driveway.

"When you're ready to return home just call that cell and I'll be there in twenty minutes or less."

Amber was both shocked and pleased when they arrived and found Aunt Helen already standing by her car in the lot.

"I figured an extra set of eyes wouldn't hurt," Helen added as she greeted Amber with a hug and slung the diaper bag over her shoulder and walked with her to the front door.

"Good morning," the pretty saleslady said, "Is there something I can help you find?"

"Yes there is, but first let Blace know that Helen Cranston is here."

The sales lady picked up the phone and in less than a minute an older well dressed male exited from the back with a large smile on his face. He gave Helen a long hug and then fixed his eyes on Amber.

"And this must be the young lady you told me about?" he asked.

"This is Amber and she needs an absolute knockout dress for a prom."

"You are awful young to be graduating," Blace commented.

"She's not. She is attending one with the man of her dreams," Helen responded.

"Well she has come to the right place," Blace answered.

"I'm calling in your marker," Helen informed him.

"Good enough," he responded and escorted them back to a private fitting room where there were three dozen stunning gowns on hangers. Helen took a seat and placed Lea's carrier on the chair next to hers as Amber looked at the gowns, she discovered that the lowest price one was about six hundred dollars.

That's when her eyes fell on one that was perfect, but it had a four hundred dollar price tag. She turned to Helen who along with Blace were playing with Lea.

"You find something you like?" Blace asked,

"Yes, but it's so expensive."

They both smiled at her and then Blace stood up and approached her.

"Young lady, Helen has called in a marker I gave her. It's a practice that you youngsters have not embraced as of yet. It means that money and time are no concern to me."

Amber took the dress off the rack and he directed her to a changing room. She exited a few minutes later and both adults could only stare as it looked stunning on her. Blace asked her to step up in the raised round platform and began to pin the dress in certain areas.

"When is the prom?" Blace asked,


"OK, now take it off slowly."

Amber returned to the dressing room ans handed the garment through the curtain. Blace handed her a plain white robe and then headed to the sewing machine.

"Wow, you look great. Whatever kind of diet and exercise program you're on really works," Helen commented when Amber returned to her seat.

"That's my sister's doing, she is a world class body builder and knows hundreds of exercises. The rest was my jogging and avoiding junk food."

They were served tea and cookies by the saleslady while they waited. They chatted about the future and what it could hold for her. About an hour later Blace returned with the garment across his arms and handed it to Amber to try on, she headed to the changing room.

She emerged a few seconds later and the gown fit her like a glove.

"Do you need shoes?" Blace asked.

"No, shoes I got," Amber responded.

She was told to remove the gown and get dressed. Blace took it and after giving it a quick steam treatment to knock out any wrinkles he double wrapped in a clear plastic. Amber gave him a hug and thanked him. Aunt Helen also gave him a hug and also a kiss on the cheek.

"We are even? Blace asked.

"Yes, the marker is now filled," she responded.

Amber's parents were not sure how to feel about a relative stranger buying their Daughter such an expensive garment. She told them about Helen calling in marker and they understood. During her video chat with Bruce that night she told him about the killer dress she got. He told her that she didn't need to spend a lot of cash, any one of her dresses would have sufficed.

Amber did not tell him about his Aunt Helen calling in a marker, she was sworn to secrecy about it.

"I want to look good for you. Is that a crime?" she questioned.

"No, but you always look good to me. " he answered.

Finally, Saturday arrived and the daylight hours could not pass by quick enough for Amber. As dusk began to fall, she headed to the shower and began the long process of making herself look fantastic. It was about 8:00 pm that her parents called up to let her know her date was here.

Bruce's jaw hung open when she entered the living room, she looked that good. Her parents took a dozen pictures of them before they departed. Bruce's car had been washed and waxed and it looked good.

"We have to stop by my house and show my folks. They are leaving for tonight and want to see us," he told her as she went to get her coat.

Bruce's parents could not believe how great she looked and what a great looking couple they made together. His parents also took a dozen pictures before they left. They reached the banquet hall in record time and found a decent parking space. A they walked slowly toward the entrance arm in arm Bruce's eyes never left her. She stopped outside the door where she gave him a long lingering kiss and he returned it.

Once inside and registered no one could believe how great Amber looked for someone that just had a kid. All of her friends gathered around them and marveled at her shape and dress. After posing for the traditional prom picture, they sat with his friends and their dates.

Amber was asked to dance by a number of men and she refused. All her dances were reserved for Bruce she told them and he swelled with pride when he heard it. It was during their first slow dance that Amber could no longer contain her happiness and shed tears of joy.

She was in the arms of the man she loved wearing a fantastic dress. The months of exercising and diet had paid off and she got her figure back in time for the prom, she couldn't be happier. Bruce questioned her flow of tears and she could only smile in response.

"I am happy, is that OK. I have been dreaming about this since the day you asked me," she responded.

They returned to their table and she saw that Bruce was looking a little pale and nervous, she questioned him about it.

"You've really been dreaming about this? he asked.

"Yes," she responded with a touch of wariness.

"Did your dreams include this?" he asked.

Before Amber could blink Bruce was on one knee, in his hand was a black velvet box. Inside the box was a stunning engagement ring.

"Amber Conway. will you marry me?" he asked.

Amber began to cry and dropped to her knees. She extended her hand so Bruce could slide the ring on her finger and then she hugged and kissed him and said yes at least a dozen times.

All their friends at the table offered their congratulations. Soon everyone in the hall knew that Bruce had proposed to Amber and she had said yes. The girls were happy and jealous, the boys were upset that she was now offically off the market.

It was around 9:30 PM that Amber said she was tired and wanted to leave. They made their goodbyes to all and were soon in his car.

"Can we stop at your place?" she asked shyly.

Bruce was more than happy to oblige..

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