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Amber Part 4

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As Bruce drove home he was on cloud nine, he had just been kissed by Amber. It was not a closed mouthed kiss, but a warm full one that featured just the hint of tongue. No one would believe him if he told his buds, but he wasn't about to do that.

Later that night Amber thought about her actions. Why did she kiss him? Was it her hormones being out of wack due to her pregnancy? No, it was more than that. Was it a test to see how many people he would tell? No, he was not one of those types.

Was she attracted to him? Could be. He made her feel pretty the way she used to feel. He talked to her about real things and he made her laugh. She would think about this more, but right now sleep was overtaking her.

That brief kiss seemed to have had a great effect on her and she talked a lot more when they were together during lunch and study hall. Bruce learned over the course of the next two weeks that Amber was only four months pregnant. It was due to her slender shape and stature that it looked more.

Amber still spent time with the lady friends, those that had not abandoned her. They were with her from homeroom to lunch, where she hooked up with Bruce and spent her afternoon with him as he was in all her classes.

The curiosity about who the father of her child was had subsided for the moment when most realized that she and Bruce didn't really talk until this year. Of course it all started up again when Bruce began to drive her to school and they wanted to know what their relationship was.

"He's a friend," was her standard answer.

When he was questioned on why he was driving her to school when she was able to catch the bus, his response was given in an English accent if he was in a good mood.

"I cannot have the mother of my child taking the bus, it is simply not done."

"Can't you be serious," they usually responded.


 If he was not in a good mood then the responses varied from annoyance to outright vulgar.

"She lives close" 

"What's the big deal of me giving her a ride?"

"None of your fucking business."

It was during lunch on a Friday a few weeks later that Amber noticed that he was less talkative, so she asked him what was on his mind.

"I want to ask you something, but I am a little nervous."

Amber's insides contracted. Was he going to ask about what had happened in Greece? Was she wrong in believing that he was no better than the other boys that wanted all the juicy details?

"Go ahead and ask," she responded hesitantly.

She noticed that his cheeks reddened and his voice stammered, "I wanted to ask you out, dinner and a movie."

Her smile lit up the room, "You mean a date?"

"Yeah, if that's OK."

"Of course its OK."

"I was thinking Saturday around 6."

"I'll be ready."

"Any movie you wanna see?"

"Your choice."

The bell rang signalizing the end of lunch and the beginning of the afternoon classes. Art, drama and study hall followed and before she knew it she was being picked up on the curb for the short ride home. He pulled into her drive and stopped by the side door.

"See you around 6:00PM tomorrow."

"I'll be ready."

Her mom and dad were already home as they worked a four day week. They saw the big smile on her face and the twinkle was back in her eyes. She gave them both hugs.

"Good day at school?" dad questioned.

"For me, you might not be happy."


"Bruce asked me on a date."

Her dad smiled inwardly as he had not seen his daughter this happy in quite a while.

" A date?"

" Yeah, dinner and a movie date."

Amber's mom was just as excited as she was.

"We will find you something perfect to wear."

"Mom, what I have on is fine."

"For school, but not for a date. In a few months you will be living in your pregnancy clothes full time, so while you still have a shape we will find you something better."

"I don't know if that's a good idea," her dad said in a voice that had the faintest hint of disapproval.

"Why not? Its not like I'm likely to wind up pregnant."

Dad's laughter filled the room as the ladies departed.

Written by The_Count
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