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Amber Part 6

On the ride home from the movies Amber sat as close to Bruce as she could. At every traffic signal she kissed him for as long as the signal lasted, more than once the car behind them had to sound their horn to let them know it was time to move on.

Feeling bold he stopped his car in the lot of an ice cream stand that was closed for the season. After putting the car in park and turning off the lights he was able to swivel in his seat and finally embrace her. They continued to kiss and she even allowed his free hand to stroke her nylon covered legs.

Between the kisses and the gentle caressing of her leg Amber actually began to feel good about herself, she felt attractive and desirable again. Bruce only stopped because he didn't want to bring her home late and face the wrath of her Dad.

 It was about 11:00 pm sharp when he pulled in her driveway. They kissed one last time before he got out and opened the passenger door for her.

"Do you want to come in?"

"Naw, it's late and I better get home."

"OK, I'll see you on Monday then."

They bade each other good night and Amber went inside and found her parents in the rec room. Mom was reading and Dad was watching an old movie.

"Waiting up for me?" she questioned.

"No, we just weren't sleepy."


 "So how was the date?" Mom asked.

"It was wonderful. He took me to the Argentine steak house for dinner and then we saw Skyfall at the Metroplex theater."

"The Argentine? Not a cheap place," Dad answered.

"No its not and he even reserved us a table by the fireplace."

Amber babbled on about how great the dinner was and how exciting the movie was, her parents merely smiled at each other as she did. It had been a few months since she was this excited and talkative about anything and they took it as a good thing

She talked until she felt sleepy and then bid her parents good night. Alone in her room she examined these new feelings for Bruce. She never really knew him and it was not due to her ignoring him, they just hung with a different group of friends.

 They shared a table in art class and that's how they became casual friends. It was after the first time he helped her that she really began to talk to him at length and became friends. Tonight's date changed everything and she was confused by the things she felt for him. 

Bruce too was feeling confused about his feelings for her. He had helped her out that first day because she was struggling and most of her friends had abandoned her. Tonight changed everything for him also and he cursed himself for telling her how he really felt, and he was certain would drive a wedge between them.

On Sunday afternoon Amber surprised him by calling.

"What's up?" he queried.

"Nothing on this end. I just called to say hello. Is that OK?"


"I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed our date."

" Does that mean if I asked you out again you would say yes?"

"Yes, but no more fancy restaurants. I would be happy at the local diner."


 The weeks passed and soon it was the week of Halloween. Amber's parents had an invite to the yearly Halloween party sponsored by a civic group they belonged to. It was held in the ballroom of the Hilton about an hour away. That meant they would spend the night as her Dad would not drink and drive.

"I don't suppose you want to attend?," her Dad asked.

"No not really. I prefer to stay at home and pass out candy."

"Maybe your boyfriend would like to come over. You can order a pizza and watch movies"

"Daddy, he's not my boyfriend."


"Yes, really."

"He's a boy is he not?"


"He's also a friend if I am not mistaken."

"Yes, he is a friend."

" Like it or not he's your boyfriend."

 "He probably has plans."

"Just ask him," her Mom interjected.

"Hell, he can even crash on the couch if he wants to and his parents have no problem with it."

"Why would he want to do that and why would you even suggest it?"

"I would feel better if there was someone else here with you in case of a medical emergency."

"Daddy, I'm not due for another five months."

Just the same it would make me feel better."

"OK, I'll ask him."

"I will even call his parents if he needs me to."

So on Tuesday of that week Amber broached the question of Halloween night while at lunch.

"Naw, I made no plans. I've been invited to a couple of parties but that's about it."

She asked him about coming over and helping to hand out candy. She then mentioned about him staying to watch movies and order a pizza.

"Dad said you can sleep on the couch if you want to?"

"I would love to."

Now Bruce's parents at the beginning of this new friendship also had their concerns, but once he assured them that he was not the father they seemed satisfied. Well his Mom was, but Dad still had concerns and questions. His Mom had told his Dad to butt out.

"We raised him to be the way he is. He's not doing anything wrong, he's just helping this young lady through a difficult time."

Dad spoke to Bruce one evening while watching the highlights of the previous week's college football game and Mom was occupied elsewhere..

"Mom says that you are just helping out this girl."

"Yeah. Is there anything wrong with that? You are always saying that the biggest problem with people today is they don't want to get involved or help.

"That is very true."

 "So I'm just helping her out."

"You like her?"

"Yeah, she's pretty, funny and smart."

"You know all the accusations of you being the father are laughable."


 "Yes, a year ago she didn't know you existed."

"Yes she did. We have some of the same classes together."

" But she never went out with you or spent time alone with you."

"I never asked."

"And why was that?"

Bruce had no answer.

"I'll tell you why, because she was dating the jocks and hanging around all the popular students."

"No she wasn't. She never dated any of them."

Dad noted that his son had raised his voice and had taken a defensive attitude towards his friend. Yup, his boy was standing at the threshold of being in love only he didn't know it.

"Son, if you're happy with her and she is with you that's all that matters."

"Then why bring it up?"

"I just want to make sure that she is not using you as a crutch that will be discarded after her baby is born."

"She wouldn't do that."

"Oh really? You are that certain?"

"Yes I am."

Yup, his boy was becoming a man and was falling in love at the same time.

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