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Leather and Chrome Angel, Part 1

"Based on a true story."
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Fear clutched at Brittany's heart as she walked home. She would casually glance behind her when she used the excuse of flipping her hair back out of her face and saw that the old car still following her.

The after school pep rally was a huge success and she had volunteered to stay afterwards to help with the clean up. When she exited the school almost two hours after the rally had ended the parking lot was almost deserted. She had called her parents to tell them where she was so they wouldn't worry and now she wished she had accepted their offer for a ride. She had declined because she loved to walk and it was a beautiful Spring day.

She was about one block away from school when the car that had been parked on a side street started up and followed her. As she walked she cursed herself for not bringing a change of clothes and had decided to wear her cheerleader uniform all day.

The car had slowly passed her a few times and the driver's stare made her cringe as there was something so creepy about it. She almost screamed out loud when he passed her the third time she saw that he only had one hand on the wheel and the other in his lap and what he was doing. She waited until he passed again and then cut down the side street.

She looked for a pay phone and didn't see one. She thought about running but decided against it as she didn't know where to run to. She and her dad had driven this way many times, it was the oldest section of town built in the early 50's. The houses were older but they were well maintained and the residents were either senior citizens or young working class folks. Panic began to set in as she looked wildly around.

Then she saw it. The Broken Spoke bar. It was a biker bar and the clubhouse for the Main Ave Maniacs, a local motorcycle club and there were about a dozen motorcycles parked against the curb. When she saw the car pull to the curb about four houses behind her she waited until the driver was distracted and went into the front doors of the bar.

The inside smelled like cigarette smoke, beer, fried food and cheap perfume. Her arrival caused heads to swivel in her directions because as it's not everyday that a teenage cheerleader resplendent in her blue and white uniform visits.

She went to the bar and approached the biggest man there. He was huge, taller and broader than her father and his massive arms were covered in tattoos and his wrists were adorned with spiked gauntlets. The name on his leather vest said Rhino.

"Excuse me, are you in charge?" she asked fighting back tears.

"What can a do for ya, little lady ?" the behemoth responded in a deep but kind voice.

"There has been a car following me since I left school and he keeps passing me and staring and I am afraid."

At once a dozen riders approached her and she lost the battle of tears and started crying. A slim gray haired man pushed his way through the mob of bodies.

"Will you jerk-offs back off and give the lady some breathing room," he said as he pushed the throng of men back.

Rhino picked her up and sat her on a stool.

"Honey, I'm Chains and I am in charge. Tell me again what this guy is doing?" he said speaking in low tones. Before she could start he was joined by a very pretty woman who pushed him back.

"You back off asshole, you're probably scaring her."

The woman was very pretty but as tough looking as one of the guys and she introduced herself as Marcie. Brittany retold her story and she saw anger cross the faces of every person listening. Then the man called Chains turned his head and yelled.


At once two younger males appeared next to him.

"Go outside and see if you spot this perverted son-of- bitch and invite him in for a drink", he ordered.

The men disappeared out a side door and the pretty woman pushed the big behemoth of his stool and sat next to her and give a glass of ginger ale. Her tears finally stopped.

"Why did you think of coming in here? Didn't your parents warn you that we are a bunch of uncouth and rowdy fuck ups and society outcasts?" Rhino questioned.

"No, he said you were all tough guys that no one messed with."

About two minutes later the prospects returned with the driver of the car between them. His arms were twisted behind him and held in place my these big guys. At the sight of him she cringed and grabbed Rhino arm.

"That's him," she screamed and began to cry again and buried her face in Rhino's vest and he placed his arm around her in a protective gesture.

"So ya like following little girls and pleasuring yourself ?" Chains asked with his face inches from this strangers face.

"No, I know her and we are playing hide and seek," the weird man responded.

 Brittany twisted in Rhino's arm and screamed,"That's a lie, I don't know him."

"Relax sweetie, we know he's full of shit. Boys take this piece of shit outside and educate him." Chains ordered.

As the man was pulled out the side door, Chains handed her a phone and told her to call the police and then her family. Her shrill voice on the phone brought the cops in record time. The first on the scene was a plain clothes detective and an older tough looking uniformed Sargent .

"Hey Chains, Hey Marcie," they said in the way of a greeting before the detective sat down next to her.

He then asked her what had happened and she retold the story again. Some uniform officers came in with the male in handcuffs and she noticed that his face was swollen and bleeding in spots.

"What happened to him?" the Sargent asked.

"He tried to run from your officers and he tripped," one of the prospects responded.

"Look at his face," the Sargent asked getting red in the face.

"He tripped hard," the other prospect replied.

"Tsk, tsk, you are so clumsy," the Sargent replied back with smile.

"We can't seem to find his vehicle, he claims he took a bus," one of the uniform officers stated.

"I'll show you where it is," Brittany responded and she took them outside and pointed out to the vehicle.

Her parents arrived shortly afterward and she flew into their arms, now shedding tears of relief. The license plate on the vehicle came back to a known sex offender and the male was promptly arrested. She bid her saviors goodbye and was taken to the police station where she wrote out all that happened.

About two days later Brittany appeared in the bar again bearing a large disposal roaster pan filled to the top with chocolate chip cookies and she presented it to Chains.

"These are made from scratch not store bought. I know it ain't much, but I'm too young to buy liquor," she said, smiling.

"It's more than enough," Chains responded and he gave her a hug.

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