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Rebirth Part 3

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So the next day Tina registered for the contest and was informed that because she was under eighteen that her parents would have to sign off the entry form. She informed her parents of her intentions at dinner that evening and was surprised when her Dad reached grabbed the parent permission form and signed immediately.

He then offered to pay for whatever she needed because. In truth he was happy that his little girl was happy, happier than he had seen her in a long time and he wanted to do what he could to support her.

Her brother too was overjoyed when she called him. He gave her the names of people to help her as contest time drew near. So Tina set a new goal for herself and she and Val worked out side by side with Kat watching them. They lifted twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Different body parts at each workout. She was barley able to peddle her bike home and once there it was an effort to get undressed for bed as her muscles were in pain. Many a night she just flopped into bed still in her workout clothes and was asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

The days passed and slowly a new form was forged due to her dedication.The intense pain she experienced at the beginning lessened as her body got use to the punishment and she was able to concentrate on the movements.

Soon the bulking phase had passed and now it was time for the cutting phase.These exercises were designed to bring out the true definition of her muscle groups. Water intake was limited as were certain foods in order to leech all the water out of her muscles until the day of the show. Kat had trained a dozen people and they always won so Val and Tina followed her instructions to the letter.

Then she was instructed on how to stand, smile, beam confidence and how to pose. Holding each pose for sixty seconds and a smooth transition to the next pose. There were mandatory poses that were done before anyone arrived in the auditorium and when most of the judging was done.

The evening was for compulsory poses done for the audience. She now had to purchase a few posing suites so she contacted the people her brother had provided the numbers for.

They of course held her brother in such high esteem that she got the very expensive suites for next to nothing. It was the week before the contest and there was a special posing show for any and all gym members after the gym had closed.

The males and females were trotted out one at a time and the owner called out the poses just like they would during the judging. She had never been more nervous in her life as she waited behind the screen to be called out and actually felt sick to her stomach.

She recalled Kat's instruction of beaming confidence and smiling and that's what she did. Tina took her place in the posing area and went through the mandatory poses and over the blood hammering in her ears she heard cheering and whistling. She couldn't believe it, they were cheering her on. The owner came over and gave her a hug and told her that she was ready.

Tina didn't sleep well that night as she was nervous and before she knew it 5:00 AM rolled around and she had to get up shower and get ready for the six hour car ride. Val and Kat arrived at 5:30 AM to collect Tina. Tina's father slipped Kat one hundred dollars to help with the cost of fuel and the room. The cooler of healthy snacks was packed and they departed.

They arrived and checked in and all promptly took a nap rising in plenty of to shower, style their hair and do make up before heading to the auditorium. They checked in and were assigned a number that was affixed to their suit and then headed back stage. They staked out a corner of the large room and then proceed to pump up. That's the act of high repetition and low weight exercises designed to send blood into the muscles.

She donned her posing suite and looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a suite that was smaller than any bikini she had ever seen and doubt crept into her face and it was an effort to vanish it. Then came the oiling up. Her body was covered by a thin coat of baby oil designed to make her skin glisten under the lights. The organizer called contestants by weight class and Tina took her place in a long line.

Finally after what seem liked hours she was called to center stage. The judges faces hidden by the bright lights helped calm her and then the mandatory poses were called. All the days and evenings had come down to this moment and she recalled all the lessons. She finished and took her place in the wings to watch Val pose, she was beyond great.

There was time to return to the hotel before the Evening show and rest. This time when they returned they place was packed and Tina heard the shouts and whistles from the audience as they entered. There was electricity in the air that she fed off of because she became excited.

Now when she and the group she was a member of were called out there were cheers and whistles accompanying their arrival on the stage. Now there was no one calling out what muscle to show, she ran through all her poses. There were some girls there her age but not in the same shape. As instructed by Val she got close to them to give the judges a better chance of comparison.

Then it was over. She stood in a long line and waited. They called the third place winner and it wasn't her. They called the second place winner and again her name was not called. When the announced the first place winner and called her name she almost fainted. She got a crown, a large trophy and a dozen roses.

Val also placed first. Then the photographers and reporters representing various magazines appeared and so did Kat wearing a business suite. Exclusives photos and interviews went to the highest bidder and Kat handled all the arrangements. Many of the magazine photographers had set up their equipment right there so all the girls had to do was stand in front of the camera.

Now Tina understood why so many posing suites were needed and she donned a different one for each magazine. Back at their hotel they visited the rooms rented out by the other magazines for more photographs and qustions.

They didn't get back to their room until later that evening and despite the lateness of the hour she called her parents to tell them that she won. Then for the first time in months the girls splurged on pizza while Kat went over the deals she had cut.

Free supplements, suites, belts would be arriving soon. The checks she collected for the exclusive interviews were shown to Val and Tina and she had them sign them so she could deposit then and then she issued check from her account to the girls.

They were so charged up that sleep escaped them and they decided to checkout and drive home that night.

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