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Forum FAQ

  • Where can I find the forum rules?

    All the forum guidelines may be found here.

  • Which type of pictures are allowed and where?

    Please make sure pictures in your profile page, the forums and avatars are PG rated.

  • What are we allowed to show in the signature area?

    Signatures are restricted to 10 lines of text to keep the site clean looking and fast loading. Images can be up to 500 (w) x 150 (h) px in dimension. Please keep signature images below 75kb out of courtesy to people on slower connections.

  • Why don't my links work, and why can't I post images?

    You need to make 20 posts before you can post links and images, it's a preventative measure to help tackle spammers.

  • Are there any subjects which are not allowed to be discussed?

    Yes. Do not post anything racist in nature, the same applies to religious matters. Hate speech of any kind is forbidden. Do not post, link or make available anything obscene, indecent, violent, gory, or illegal. Do not use insulting or denigrating personal attacks against other members, nor make inflammatory posts obviously intended to start a fight, get a reaction, or cause problems (flaming).

  • How do I post pictures on the forums?

    There are two ways to post a picture in the forum. Firstly, if you click on this image you can submit a url to an image hosted somewhere on the internet. Note This hot linking of an image may not always work, if the host of the image has blocked access from other sites.

    Once you have posted at least 20 replies in the forum, there is a new button available to you . This button will allow you to upload an image from your computer onto our servers.

  • How do I post a youtube video?

    After you click on Post reply, at the top of the text box you will see a small youtube button. Click that, and enter the youtube embed code.

  • How can I be notified when an interesting thread has been added to?

    At the top of each thread on the right hand side there is a button called Options. If you click that, there is an option to Watch this Topic. An email will be sent to you when new posts are made. The same procedure will enable you to unwatch a topic.

Profile FAQ

Chat Room FAQ

  • How do I find the Chat Rooms?

    There is a link to the Chat Rooms in the left hand side navigation section of the site, as well as the red header bar.

  • What are the chat room rules?

    The chat room rules and code of conduct can be found here.

  • How do I create a room?

    At the bottom right of the chat room page, you will see a section where you can create your own room.

  • Why can't I access some rooms?

    It is likely that the chat room creator has set it up as a private room, indicated by a lock icon. This is normally for friends only. Publicly accessible rooms will not have a lock icon next to them.

  • Someone is persistently harrassing me, what can I do?

    There is an option in the chat rooms to block anyone you like. The chat rooms are supposed to be self managed, we are not here to hold people's hands. However, if you have a serious issue with someone in chat, make sure you take a screenshot and send it to us when reporting the offender. Without this evidence as proof, it's impossible for us to take someone's word over anothers on the basis of what may or may not have been said. If it's a minor issue, please just block the person and be done with it. This site will help those who don't know how to take a screenshot: