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On boulevards of broken dreams where the sidewalk ends touched again by memories only to end as a fantasy with a broken heart and wrinkle nose from the incense, I suppose, knowing how this symphony ends on boulevards of broken dreams

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When the world is at odds look at smiles from a tea box it doesn't cost but a penny but worth much more and can cure a broken smile with soft whispers from the heart and a kiss in the floating mist when the world is at odds When your soul is at odds seek...

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Memories of conversations and a penny's worth of sawdust. Is there a heaven? Mom said there was. With unicorns and porch swings. She would take me in her arms and hug me. Touching my cheek with her tears as she passed, with a penny's worth of sawdust in h...

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I love to write when my muse listens quietly. My words at times seem confusing but there is always tomorrow. I own a small book and coffee shop that I spend time at. I detest liars and fools and those who play silly mind games. I like to talk with people who enjoy life to it's fullest.