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As a writer, I've dabbled in a few different genres at this point, but I enjoy modern satire, edgy psychological drama, intelligent chick-lit and character-focused pieces.

As a person, I'm an outgoing blonde that loves all the thrills and spills of life. I'm fascinated with the darker side of the human condition that often evolves while indulging the glam side of our social constructs. This kind of 'ugly pretty' often finds its way into my stories. I've walked the line between the two and after much practice, I'm now grounded enough to keep to the sunny side.

Primarily I'm just looking to share writing, and network with other people that love to play with words. And yes, I am also a member of the 'other site' as Dancing Doll. Feel free to add me if you like!

You can also follow me on Twitter @AshleighLake or find me on Facebook.

Dirty martinis, psychopaths, ballet slippers, emotional meltdowns, margaritas, hot showers, white sheets, people-watching, scary movies, scandalous secrets, gray matter, sexy bitches, clever arguments, nights you can't remember, clean sweat, triple-espresso, evil-plotting, biological impulse, Christmas morning, plane crashes, vintage postcards, revenge, chocolate cupcakes, thunderstorms, evolution and revolution, sour cherries, dark sunglasses, clean slates.

Favorite Movies
I love conceptual films and ones with complex character studies, dark undertones, and ones that blur the line between hero and villain. Some of my all time favourites are: Match Point, The Talented Mr Ripley, Candy (australian indie fim), The Killer Within, Pulp Fiction, Hostel, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Kill Bill, Jaws, Closer, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Cabin Fever, Blood Diamond, Crash, Black Swan, American Psycho.

Favorite Music
I have varied musical tastes. Indie, alt. rock, some grunge rock, progressive house, electronica, trance, 'Hollywood Sadcore', glam pop, instrumental/classical. Lana Del Rey has been my obsession for a few years now.
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American Lullaby: Chapter One

In a fast-paced city of unforgiving social predators, two masters of the game collide...

She had the most beautiful profile, almost like a deer sniffing the wind, picking up the scent of gunpowder and tobacco and wondering from what direction the bullet might come. In the beginning he likened it to a natural instinct in him that made him want...