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It was in the madness of lust that I found my purest moment. In the raw melting of orgasm I found Death and defied her. It was then I reached the Divine, while agonizing amidst spasms, it was then I learnt I was yours and yet I was...

Beesting 1 year ago

Heart-Break City – A Fuel Story

It's Valentines Day and while love is in the air, heart break is in the water. Who will drink it...?

12th of February – Season 2 By the time the sun started to rise and throw light through the curtains, Lorrain January had been up for hours already. She hadn’t been able to sleep a wink and she knew why. It was the g...

He just moves, walks and smiles, goes about chores and many tasks, he eats so well at such fine sites, leads a handsome life, wears fine clothes, walks in great shoes, he is a god in bed, no doubt about that. n...

Anonymous 3 years ago

The Italian Model

The object of lust.

I enter the crowded room but see only one.   Her small frame  is dressed in red and black with just a splash of silver. Her  presence dominates the room but motions only to me."    As I approach, I sense her passion and move...

I feel the flush taking overWarm heat radiating from my cheeksNeck is on fire nowAs I feel your piercing eyes on meI need to leave nowBut I'm unable to move my feetFor your gaze is severely unnerving I can't help but stare...

At times, the heat was so intenseWe smoked right through the internetI dreamed of lightning when we touchedA laser’s gaze, the burn of lustNo matter what went on in lifeYou filled my mind, our limbs entwinedAnd not with love th...

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A Burden in Disguise

My first attempt at a poem that isn't written in rhymed couplets, hope it's okay.

I see you on his arm, You’re perfect and I’m jealous. I need you, I want you, He must come to some harm. I caught him alone, In a dark alley. One shot did it, He didn’t even moan.

Pirate 6 years ago

Candy, Honey And Whipped Cream

A poem of lust and love

Coated in candy, honey and whipped cream Kindled fires of flesh, lost in a dream Of the act, the players came The stadium darkened, ready for the game She, a goblet, of clay or pure gold He, a bamboo straw, in b...

Blood_Black_Rose 6 years ago

The Cost Of Love

Lovey Dovey stuff

When one heart seeks another it cannot hide. Wanting, needing, longing for its partner. When two hearts collide the feelings cannot be denied. Two beat as one and the one beats for it's other. Nothing feels like the pounding joy of lo...

Blood_Black_Rose 6 years ago


Just another poem

My heart flutters at the thought of you. My mind wanders of you while I seek the stars. My dreams are filled with your presence. I want you, I need you but I don't love you. My body aches for yours. As yours does for mine.