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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


Have always enjoyed writing but ventured away from it some 20 years ago. A friend has inspired me to write again, you know who you are Missy x

Formula 1, holidays, reading, going to the movies

Favorite Books
To Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper Lee (Ground breaking & memorable)

April Fool's Day - Bryce Courtenay (Heart breaking true story)

Let's Go Play at the Adams' - Mendal W. Johnson (For the effect it's had on people & the discussions/debates that have ensued countless times)

Favorite Authors
Bryce Courtenay

Favorite Movies
After the Promise

Last of the Mohicans

Favorite Music
Adam Lambert

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What Hurts The Most

It hurts growing up, but at least I had the chance

We are all born into this world Free from preconception A simple blank canvas To sketch life’s future uponProgression through childhood And into your teens These extraordinary moments Add colour to the canvasThat instance when your so-called best friend S...

I Barely Know Her I barely know her I’d never seen her face I barely know her But my tears are for herShe’s a friend of a friend Drinks and laughs one night out Later a facebook friend For future wild nights outA facebook status update Announces the worst...