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2 weeks ago
United States


My sister, Rose, and I are sharing this account, but you'll see the information for me on my pfp.
Sarah: I write romance and Post-Apocalyptic books. I've been married since 2019.
Rose: I write poems.

Writing, coding

Favorite Books
Ashfall trilogy

Favorite Authors
Mike Mullin, Laura Ingalls Wilder

Favorite Movies
The Last Days, In Time

Favorite TV Shows
Jericho, Dark Angel, SuperNatural, Charmed

Favorite Music
Shawn Mendes, FLOW
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Diamond Ring

Does he love me, or am I just a friend?

When your friend Gives you a Diamond ring, You wonder, “Does he love Me or is he  Just being nice?” You decide not To ask, and Just find out By yourself.   After a while, You realize he Loves you so You received the Diamond ring out Of love, you Used to s...


It's summer, new season, new life.

Summer is a time For new changes For new chances   Then, after a while You realize you want To spend your life With someone New, even though He's older and  You've only really Known him for  A few years.   But, summer is a time For new changes For new cha...

The Last World - Part One

Two people, one life

To be or not to be that is the question, that ran through my brain. Could it be vaguely obvious killing myself because of this hell land? What I was implying was that Mother Nature decided to throw a tantrum which was primarily to cause an unavoidable dea...