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I'm an amateur filmmaker who enjoys writing and acting.
The stories I write are scripts chronicling the survival of a bunch of individuals against the end times of the zombie menace.


Favorite Books
Anything by Stephen King
Anything by Edgar Allan Poe
Anything by Robert Kirkman

Favorite Authors
Stephan King
Edgar Allan Poe
Robert Kirkman

Favorite Movies
Anything by Tarantino

Favorite TV Shows
Walking Dead
Whose Line is it Anyway?

Favorite Music
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Dead on the Horizon: Chapter 1 - Sweet Dreams

With the dead rising from their graves, we follow four survivors and see how they survive the terror

Dead on the Horizon Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams Written by Jerred D. Adams GHOST VO: If you are hearing this, you’re still alive. The cities have been overrun, I repeat stay away from the cities. I thought I could hold up in my house but it proved to be fatal...