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Over 90 days ago
United States


I am a southern gal. Love to read, write and talk to my friends. I write a lot of poetry. Just returned to that. Finally have a reason.

My kids are 3 of the most important people in my life. I love to cook. Love to read. Football season is a must in the house!!!

Favorite Books
The Harry Potter series, lame I know...and of course the Twilight saga

Favorite Authors
Danielle Steele, Dean Koontz

Favorite Movies
What Dreams May Come, Men of Honor, Remember The Titans...

Favorite Music
I listen to just about everything. Love my country though.
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Poetry cannot express,It’s just a little thing I do, But once again I’m using it To convey my thoughts to you. Simple words cannot come close To the bond between you and me,But take one look into my eyes And surely there you’ll see. This heart is filled w...

No more tearsThat fall like rainWe have both cried enoughTo go insane.Laughter and joy,The future has toldCan be ours againTo have and to hold.Faith’s in my heart,Love and hope tooNot only for me, But also for you.If you need my strengthIt’s yours for the...

I imagine you here, here by my side, You know all my secrets, I’ve nothing to hide. My feelings are real, my love for you true, All that I have reminds me of you. Moonlight and roses, satin and lace, Soft gentle breezes caressing your face. Your piercing...